Love is our new reality

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“Go With Flow” – Final Pre-RV Plea – Wednesday – April 12, 2017

“Go With Flow” – Final Pre-RV Plea – Wednesday – April 12, 2017

Received via email at 12:34 AM EDT for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles


In searching my memory for when I first understood everything man made was false engineered or created in the complete opposite of God’s Will, I honestly can’t remember the date.

Yet I know it happened, perhaps before I arrived in form, as I have known this fact since I was a small child.

Decades later, I’m still waiting on the majority of mankind to accept a universal transition from fear to love.

But tonight I lay in wait no more.

It is wonderful to finally see my heart manifest into form, yet my thought adjusters have always told me that beauty would eventually evolve and replace man’s blight … i.e. God’s Rebellion would be made to surrender to God’s Prophecy.

Imagine living your entire life in the complete opposite direction of current man made logic. With every step you take going against mass consciousness, moving right when everyone else insisted on going left.

This just defies logic and actually spits right in logic’s face.

To move counter or against society, against your family, against your home town, against religion, against physics, against the preservation of time and acquisition of money seems suicidal to me now, but that has been my life … to live in constant opposition of man made culture, education, science, medicine and media.

It was freakin’ exhausting… like running upstream without end, against the flow.

As a result, I was always viewed as highly controversial or incredibly difficult, and still am obviously to some (LOL) yet rarely if ever praised for my good deeds, words or acts.


Then the GCR/RV presented itself to my psyche in the summer of 2006, and I saw an opportunity to finally get into alignment with the universe and “go with flow.”

I knew in my gut the financial table top was turning over and I had better get myself, my family and my community on the right side of God’s Will, as well as bring as many as I could with me.

But as you well know, few had the ears to hear, eyes to see, let alone hearts open enough to assist or recruit others.

Thankfully God brought me a select few who protected and encouraged me along the way. You know who you are… mahalo nui loa to you all.

You are my post RV ohana.

Together, we all accepted this bizarre reality for removing original sin, whereby black would become white, and white black, all by God’s decree.

Think about that? Does that make any logical sense? Yet what choice did we have? How could we not serve blindly? It was our calling. It was fate. It was divine covenant. And it was all brutally hard.


Turns out, this is why I bought ZIM, not to hedge other assets before some permanent financial table top was flipped over, but rather to assist in the rebirth of man’s eternal truth.

Holy macaroni!

We are the harmonic bridge from one dimension to another… peacefully, gracefully and abundantly.

Talk about being blessed and highly favored beyond measure. It boggles my mind whenever I let myself go there, and yet, here we are.

Praise Akua!

Restoring Christ’s truth and honoring the Master is what the GCR/RV is truly about for old, Yosef.

Returning to the glorious vibration of pure Christ Consciousness, and helping others surrender again, or for the first time, to His simple truth of unconditional love before the spiritual table top eternally turns over.

Literally, eternally btw. God or not God… two choices, one decision… your call.

Serious stuff.

By aligning with Immanuel’s heavenly light, for me, is the only real and meaningful game I desire to play, in service of the larger universal greater good and transition souls from fear to love, white back to black, beyond scarcity and into abundance … just as Christ once did with His final incarnation.

No more, non less.

So yes, we can and will do greater things than the He… miracles in fact… but only with Christ’s perfect harmony.

We must all match the Master’s harmonic pitch in order to sing as He once did. And once we do… watch out… everything becomes possible… absolutely everything.

Thus, if I appear oppositional in my Dinarland work, this is the reason why. Please forgive me.

If I appear rude or insensitive with my comments, this is the reason why. Please forgive me.

If I appear disrespectful or controversial as to how society should or does function, this is the reason why. Please forgive me.

And if I continuously beg for your spiritual surrender or appear perpetually burdened sharing my raw other worldly understanding of the future, this is the reason why. Please forgive me.

I’m here as but one brick of some inter-dimension bridge to back here to manifest Christ Consciousness and must request that as many as possible to walk with the Master, so together we may all sing the song of God and return to the truth of His Kingdom on Earth as it is Heaven.


For to be a chosen one in this life, one must choose God above all others and hold the feeling.

One must perpetually surrender as surrender is the only ticket by which a living human being can gain or sustain spiritual higher realm entrance no matter one’s physical color, age, religion, gender, history or species.

All in or all out. The time is now to choose. Final answer.

Christ is the way, the truth and the light… that’s a non-negotiable requirement for transcending the human experience.

So please, please, please surrender to the love of Christ above all others now. Wait not to want not

ZIM holders especially, I beg of you all to surrender now, right now, with me, for yourself, in service of others.

As Christ was and is God’s unconditional love manifested for all humanity to be saved in form, as He was made flesh so we could witness and live by His mercy filled life and other wordily sacrifice as our own personal, intimate pathway to follow.

Trust in Yeshua, as His love will never change regardless of the era you occupy or universal wind that blows. He is he Cornerstone by which all truth and societies are built.

Anything and everything that is not of Immanuel’s Love is simply a bold faced lie, as the anti-Christ has long left this dimension, never to return.

So do allow your heart to go with God’s flow, and let His Will become yours; let His love becomes yours; and let His mercy never stop flowing in your lifetime.


This includes all burdensome limitations of time and money, lower rates and abbreviated redemption periods, immoral NDA’s and confining investment programs… all of which are but silly constructs originating from an imperfect source committed to deceit.

God’s heavenly protection is guaranteed and all anyone ever needs in this life, so remember that when redeeming your own soul’s currency this week–as His unending love is the ultimate rate of any currency.

Do come with us, grow out numbers of humanity’s angels ever ascending back into benevolent Christ Consciousness; and use this Global Christ Reset and Revaluation to reclaim your own sou.

Become a dynamic servant of economic mercy with those who have openly surrendered their will for God’s Euphoric Grace–publicly and unashamed.

Believe in the epiphany of receiving Christ’s unconditional embrace, as it is real and waiting for you now.

All one must do is choose to release man’s oppositional matrix of control in favor of His eternal love.

Honestly, what greater reward can there be in this life but eternal life?

It matters to me that everyone lives the remainder of their life in union with God’s harmony, and sing His song with an abundant voice starting from atop the mountain, as together we head confidently down into the valley of sin with an infinite stream of His resources ready to disburse.

It’s not only possible, its here and it’s now. So join us in this life of service and go with flow versus spending a lifetime fighting against the unconquerable love of God.

Offered to you humbly from the heart of Yeshua Ben Yosef of Nazareth from Galilee.

God is with us.