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“Goal Line” – GCR/RV Update – Tuesday – November 29, 2016

“Goal Line” – GCR/RV Update – Tuesday – November 29, 2016

“Goal Line”
GCR/RV Update
November 29, 2016


“Instead of me having a breakdown, I’m focusing on me having a breakthrough.”

–Terrell Owens


Aloha CC,

USN banking algorithm codes was reset at midnight Saturday, then HSBC was notified to begin the Wells Fargo ledger to ledger transaction replacements.

We’re told it takes a full 48-72 hours before anything can be moved forward (Tuesday night at the latest).

Clearly they used Monday night’s RTC to test the call volume produced the following day in banks for the American version of the RV (Wednesday).

Over 25,000 calls were made to just to HSBC.  And thousands more Currency calls were made to other banks.  Their denials were required and known well in advance.

When you called into the banks asking to redeem, you accomplished two very important things;

1) You gave confidence to the Elders enough people were still paying attention to begin the RV; and also we’re emotionally ready to manage their gift–as HSBC is their banking institution.

2) You unknowingly put existential pressure on all other American banks to fall in line quickly and perform without drama–especially Wells Fargo–as demand was reported to all banks so they could properly prepare.

Know that Wells Fargo dragged out the RV.  Not Joe Dunford.  Not Paul Ryan.  Not the Republic government.  Not the White Hats.  Not the Chinese Elders.  Not Grandfather.

Meaning Americans have been keeping this blessing from other Americans, Canadians and Mexicans this entire time.  Mankind was blocking mankind.

We encourage everyone not to exchange using the Wells Fargo brand if at all possible for this very reason.  Shame on everyone associated with Wells Fargo executive management.  We pray your justice will be swift and severe.

Also, we believe that before midnight Tuesday, the USN algorithm will be completely reset and HSBC will be ready to authorize the RV in North America–i.e. let Heaven’s mercy finally flow freely.

This means those same call centers will be open immediately and singing a very different tune about your exotic foreign currencies–just like that!

Aldo, we expect to see new rates posted and an announcement made about our new Christmas Curremcy.

We expect these same call centers to remain open 24/7 until the RV is deemed appropriately complete.

Dinarland has both benevolently and manevolently been used as part of American soil PSY-OPS with two very different agendas…. both did so to create urgency and make their enemy reveal their strategies and positions over a multi year period.

This was very hard on the average currency holder.  But don’t wait for an apology because all is fair in love and war.  At least there’s great monetary love at the end of this invisible war.

It does appear that December 1, 2016 was the actually back wall for the Chinese Elders, who used the Thanksgiving holiday and weekend as a final roll out decoy.

With HSBC at the helm now, any American bank not performing will be excluded from the RV and ultimately decommissioned by the restored Republic government.

Also, one final message to American banking community: The Chinese Elders are prepared to eliminate the entire US based banking system through forced default, hostile take stock over purchases and/or law suits against illegal capitalized banks and fraudulent loan schemes which all know still run rampant in our banking system.

If necessary, HSBC and the American Military along with the restored Republic government are prepared to handle all 23.7 million (estimated) redemptions on US military owned properties, active bars and installations and/or training facilities.

Utilizing all of December 2016 still gets out RV funds to work in the American economy and stimulate the global economy for a good month before 2017 begins.

Thank you Elders for sticking with us–the meek of the earth.  Please consider us primed for our portion of this very difficult journey together.  Know we are awake and ready to serve our fellow man wherever they suffer.

God is with us.