Love is our new reality

God via Kerstin Eriksson, March 10th, 2022

Thursday, 10 March 2022

God says: Grateful 10.

I am God. I am very old. I am a creator. I love you very much.

You are also a creator. Everything starts with a thought.

Everything starts with an intention.

An intention, gives you a feeling and a thought.

Please start with the most important feeling and insight:

Gratefullness, thankfullness.

Please start with being grateful!

What can be more important?

What would you think would happen if everybody did just this? If everyone where grateful – what do you think would happen?

Not being grateful – is a starting point – sadly – of wars.

When your mind is being filled with not grateful thoughts, as later becomes actions….it can easily lead to devastation.

PLEASE I beg of you to start your day, all of your day´s with gratefulness.

Each day make a list. Of at least 10 things you are most thankful about, in your life.

And you might wonder, what is the meaning of this? Of being grateful? Is it not enough to say thank you for the cup of coffee you got from a friend?

No. Feeling grateful is of absolute importance. And why?

Being grateful makes you switch to another kind of reality, the good one.

Being grateful makes you change your reality into the pure pace of Mother Earth.

Being thankful each day makes you live in a higher more loving dimension.

And what is stopping you from living with thankfullness each day?

Fear is stopping you, and a selection of other negative feelings. Everyday you have to be careful about what your intentions for the day are. What are your input today?

Everyday is a war between good and bad. The bad side want you to forget about the importence of being grateful and the lifechanging experience this gives.

The bad side acutally blasts you all day long with messages of fear, or guilt or bad examples to make you feel low. To make you feel inadequate at all times. To make you feel the oposite of gratefulness.

Fight for your right to feel grateful over your life and never let go of this feeling.

Say your prayer each day, make the list and know that I always love you,