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Goddess Artemis via Sara Lindberg, February 18th, 2023


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Channeling the goddess Artemis via Sara Lindberg 230218

I am the goddess Artemis. My channel has asked me for increased understanding of what is happening in Sweden and in the world at this time.

Know then, that extremely positive things are happening on earth in this now. The news you read in the newspapers, watch on TV and hear on the radio is selected to keep the morale down among the population. New discoveries, medical and scientific, are made. New social solutions are created. Peace is created!

We on this side steer the course of events in the bright direction, but things are slow on Earth as you well know. The direction has changed, but the speed is still low.

Yes, there will be turbulence for a while. Financial, medical and political. Wait and see!

You are protected from disasters. You are safe. Trust the inner guidance you receive daily.

The Riksdag in Sweden will make extremely strange decisions. That will be the beginning of the case for the farce called democracy.

Don’t bother listening so much to the news in the media now. Everything they convey is aimed at manipulating the population and creating resentment and fear.

The US is playing a game they will win. The country becomes important as a leader in the new era. Everything will be different. A fair economy and a healthy judiciary, a clean, healthy planet and new medical technologies that put the pharmaceutical industry out of work.

Much, much needs to be cleaned up before we get there. But the direction is clear now and we have achieved some forward momentum. There is every reason to celebrate!

I am the goddess Artemis and I love you so much.