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“Golden” – Intel SITREP – 20:00 EST – Monday – February 20, 2017


“Golden” – Intel SITREP – 20:00 EST – Monday – February 20, 2017

Received via email at 8:00 PM EST for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles

It’s said he who has the gold makes the golden rule. And in sovereign nation universe, this statement has never been more true.

Western civilization has very little gold in relationship to the Eastern world. A fraction actually. An irrelevant fraction to be more precise.

And when the Eastern Elders (gold keepers) decided it was time to reset the global financial system (again), they simply did so in a way that it can never been compromised again, as it has been post Bretton Woods 1944.

This is what we’re witnessing whether you understand all the components and players. This is a transition of power from west to east.

As Eastern gold owners are making not only new financial rules via their enormous gold leverage, but creating an entirely new, moral and expansive reality right before our very eyes.

If you’re in alignment with this new Eastern vision of the world, you’ll benefit exponentially.

If not, you’ll struggle to grasp the scope of his new reality which is quickly and permanently replacing the West’s deteriorating master plan.

With what reality are you aligned? Are you golden? Willing to change? Open to new ideas, technologies and truths?

Hope so. Because the RV is here.

All major banks worldwide are at this very moment scrambling to get their people and final policies in place to process 30 million plus currency redeemers, who all saw the writing on the wall and decided to live by the old golden rules… do no harm, speak truth, live as equals, be one with Source.

Once powerful governmental leaders of North Korea, Israel and Ukraine chose otherwise, and are paying the ultimate price tonight.

Their nations have been financially cut off from the rest of the world pre-RV until said leaders publicly surrender.

Their nation’s will not be participating in new financial system post-RV until they are removed, as the system is set up in such a way that it can freeze out their national economies and banks–meaning no gold backed monies in or out of their countries or banks.

This allows Eastern leaders to start the RV ASAP. General Dunford is just waiting on their go ahead. Trump is a non factor. So is Mnuchin.

In response of the decision to move forward exactly one month after Trump’s faux inauguration, Mossad decided to high lowered dart murder the Russian Ambassador to the United Nations today as well as turn off the water supply to Palestines in the West Bank.

Scorpions sting because they are scorpions. But they shall sting no more as Mossad will be removed with the Netanyahu Administration.

All three nations are rapidly collapsing financially without any future economic prospects for rehydration.

For instance, Israel has no funding to continue funding in their military budget without the US Congress, who has demanded that Netanyahu resign, and if not he’ll be indicted by his own Knesset (like our Congress) in order to collect on their $38 Billion, 10 year military package.

Ukraine has no coal or oil to heat their population come March. And has no incoming Russian pipeline revenue to mount a serious military defense. Their leader Poroshenko must sign the Minsk Agreement which ends his government on the spot. There is no other option for Ukraine to move forward.

North Korea lost their primary income stream this week when China stopped buying their coal. And sadly, they we’re destitute financially to begin with. Meaning, North Korea’s economy is collapsing no matter what, and Kim Jong Un will be removed by special forces–with China and South Korea splitting up that nation’s assets and population responsibilities long term.

This is why General Mattis was recently in South Korea–and made it his first overseas trip.

So this is really, really it kids. The adults have laid down the golden rules for all to follow per the GESARA Treaty (aka 2015 Paris Agreement on Climate Change).

Expect the final diplomatic shoe to drop and 800 numbers to be made available at anytime now, day or night, because we’re golden.

God is with us.