Love is our new reality

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Grandmother Anna via Galaxygirl with VIDEO, February 24, 2020

Grandmother Anna via Galaxygirl | February 24, 2020

Grandmother Anna 2/24/2020

Hello children, I am your Grandmother Anna. I say ‘your’ because truly I was a part of such a large family and there were so may children, and I do so love the children. Come to me. Let us sit and talk awhile. Let us drink mulled spiced tea and let me hear what’s on your mind. I am well acquainted with the pain and joys of being encased within the physical form. I had a very long life of over 600 years and I had my shares of loneliness and pain. But truly children, those were blessings in disguise. All of such lessons are. For they help you find your true self, the Christed child within. The golden one is calling you home, home to the higher dimensional ways. I wish to lovingly ask you if you are meditating? For chaos is brewing, but underneath the chaos the deep calm is present. (I am seeing a bubbling kettle.) Yes, dear. The bubbles are mainly on the surface. They rise from the deep and pop on the top, do they not? All is being prepared in this moment of the grand awakening. You are tired from the physical changes that you are enduring. It is not unlike the practice of the Essenes where they devoted approximately a year to total body rejuvenation. It was exhausting, all consuming work. And we had the luxury of rest for we were a part of a loving community. We see that you are still busy with your lives, with your families, your occupations. I would encourage you to intend healing and love throughout your day. It will be of great medicine to you and offer you inner peace. Although inner peace must be found, it cannot be given. It is not a cheap trick. But you are well beyond that. You are not asking for quick advice. We see the searching of the true seeker. We read the hearts of the initiates of the way. We know that you have pure hearts, pure eyes, and seek to survive and thrive on the wings of the divine through this rebirthing process. You are indeed being rebirthed.

I am Grandmother Anna. I was a midwife for much of my life. I assisted the young mothers with their infants through the entire process of pregnancy and birth. I am well acquainted with birth pangs and how to relieve them. Birth need not be painful if you are wise enough to accept and allow, to welcome the pain as your healing, to meditate through the waves of energies. You are in a cosmic soup pot of bubbling energies. Find the peace, the inner stillness, the healing moment within them. And claim your rebirth with grace and ease. Surround yourself in light.

I am your Grandmother Anna. I am always eager to talk with you. We have been working vary hard in the ethers. There has been much clean up and preparation. Such a large family, and so many of you are incarnated in this most pregnant now. We are sending you our love. I have made some nourishing vegetable root soup for you. I am sending the energy of this healing elixir to you so that you will be comforted. Nothing is a as lovely as hot delicious soup when one needs a moment of quiet peace and contemplation, or fellowship. We offer both to you. We of the Essene order often ate in silence, but Yeshua typically encouraged fellowship and community by changing that up into more of a celebratory time. It depended of course, on the occasion. We Essenes do know how to celebrate. Weddings were a lovely event. We all greatly anticipated them. We see the wedding of Gaia into her ascended state. We see the joining of the twin flames that have been long separated. We see the divine union of the Christ with his bride, the Sophia. We see much joy. Our eyes are shimmering with bright happy tears of joy. Our wish for you is to be happy. Do you remember how to be truly happy? Such a joy to rediscover this simple, often overlooked truth. In your society you overlook happiness, not intentionally, but because of all of the demands that you have placed upon yourselves. No more. Society is expanding for consciousness is rising. New systems, new parameters, new living situations, new communities will be formed and created. Happiness will be valued once again.

I am Grandmother Anna. I am very happy to be speaking with all you dears, today. Arise initiates of the way, of the Christed ones. Feel the Christed flame burn within you and please do enjoy the elixir of happiness that I just infused into this message. A bit more seasonings are always most welcome to a hungry soul. And see, you are looking for answers, still listening to a wise old soul. I see you. I know you. I love you. I look deep into your eyes and I see myself. For we are all one, children. Welcome home, initiates of the way. Feel this deep inner peace of your own rising of your own Christed light. Let it burn away that which no longer serves you. Let it create happier memories in the coming days. Release the past memories that create a bit of ache. You need not keep carrying those around. It is like sitting on a small hard stone and pretending to be comfortable. No. Move the rock. Thank it, release it and be comfortable. Sit on a pillow. Love yourself. Be happy and be free of the worries that have so long encumbered you!

I am your Grandmother Anna. I too had my fair share of worries when were lived (I say ‘we’ for we were such a large family!) within the Roman occupation. I have my fair share of stories to tell. But I am delighted to say that I made a difference, that I shined my light, that I radiated the Christed light most often, more often than not. We all have our moments were are not terribly proud of. But that is to be human within a matrix of twisting. Forgive. Move on. Shine your light. Be happy. Be free in the knowing that you have made a tremendous difference, and that your family is so very, very, very proud of you. You are tremendously supported, valued, treasured.

I am your Grandmother Anna. I do love you so. Be happy. That is my hope for you today, my message of encouragement and joy. Be in joy! The Christ is here, is within you. What a joyful truth! We are celebrating, we are supporting, we are uplifting, we are holding the space and light for you in your moment of rebirth. The light pulses from your sun are like birth contractions. Remember to breathe through them with the great anticipation of happier days to be created right in front of you. For if you are being reborn, all is as well. Isn’t that exciting? I am your Grandmother Anna. Now, eat your soup.

~ galaxygirl