Love is our new reality

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Grandmother Anna via Galaxygirl with VIDEO | January 30, 2022

Grandmother Anna via Galaxygirl | January 30, 2022

Grandmother Anna 1/30/2022

Dear children of my heart, this is your Grandmother Anna. I see your weariness – and I see your strength! Now is not the time to dwell on the external, that which you can see, but on the internal knowing that directs you, that guides your heart amidst whatever may come. I am with you. We, your extended family of the stars, we are with you and we love you. It is always darkest before the dawn and it is dawning now. The sunrise of humanity’s awakening is well underway. It will occur during your lifetimes because yes, it is occurring now. Do not be despondent. Be filled with the life force of Source, that is you, that is within you. A simple yet hard teaching within this Earth realm. I know, I have lived there many times and my last incarnation was a lengthy one. But know that you are surrounded by us, that you have always been surrounded by us, but it is perhaps more exciting now because this will begin to be more clearly evident to you. For your awareness of ‘the beyond’ (she is laughing) is becoming heightened, more aware. Your third eyes will be buzzing and your awareness will be more on point. Within the higher dimensions it is very easy to sense and to feel the presence of another and of course their intentions are clear. And in the higher dimensions intentions are pure, are clear of any of the dross that you are so used to sludging into. In the Earth realm you are always on guard. Are you not? This is to be changed, this is changing. Thoughts of “Am I safe here?” will be replaced with “Can I fully experience the joy in this moment, here? What else can I experience here? How else may I be of service in this joy-filled place, here?” Do you see? Do you feel the elevation of those questions? Thriving will replace surviving.

I am your Grandmother Anna. Many of you have had loving grandmothers in your lives, and some have not. I can be that force of nature for you if you like. I have so many children, what is one more? I have a boundless love for my children for I am plugged deeply into the flow of love that permeates the heartbeat of Creator, of the Great Mother and I listen to her whisperings. I see that many of you are listening intently now to the inner whisperings on the breezes of your hearts, and this is good. This is how it should be. This shows me you are advancing as I knew you would! I knew you would graduate with honors and accolades and you are! Oh my children, you are! And we are so proud of you here in the rafters. When you feel the hardness of this realm, for there is much going on and it is a challenging place to be embodied, we know. When you feel the rushing around you, stop and feel the inner calm within you. You are like the energetic crystals that ground deeply these higher dimensional energies. (I am seeing a hammer representing the light and we are the ice picks cracking the rock underneath us. We are literally the conduit of energy of change.) Yes, you are cracking the matrix. How else could heaven ground it? If the change could not be absorbed then what was to be done? And so you are the shock absorbers, the brave ones, the strong ones, you are my heart and oh children, I love you so much. I am so proud of you!

Now children, are you taking care of yourselves? Are you eating your barley soup and drinking clean pure water? Now is not the time for heavy things to be consumed. Now is the time for foods with light in them for you are becoming more and more light. Ground with the grounded root vegetables, those are excellent soups and stews at this time and they will not bog you down as the lemon poppyseed coffee cake that this one just ate. Oh child, you know I love you! We Magdalenes are ever so intrigued by the beautiful variety of foods that you have at your disposal here in this time. We ate simply. But it was a simpler time. We were not constantly bombarded with the chemicals and chakra pollution. We had our struggles to be sure and I am well aware of the feeling of needing to be safe, for I lived over 600 years in my last human incarnation and we were frequently on the move or working underground in the catacombs translating literature into the vaults of knowledge. (I am seeing scrolls being copied and given to many hands, distributed widely. What a treasure they were to the world.) Yeshua’s words and many others were copied. Children, I am equally proud of you as my grandchildren as I was (and am!) with Yeshua’s works and words. Oh, how his energy would light up the room! And I am seeing that you – you!- are doing this same thing. Open yourselves up to more joy, to more light and more will flow to you.

Children, I am your Grandmother Anna. I love you with my whole heart. I am always here for consultation and friendship. Know that you are not alone and that you are keenly watched after and over. Take care of yourselves, keep warm, chins up and light up the path that you are on with confidence. One step leads to the next. Remember that. Your heart will lead you. Listen to the inner whisperings of your higher self, of the Great Mother and be at peace in the process. You are so tremendously loved. I am your Grandmother Anna.

~ galaxygirl