Love is our new reality

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Guide from Arcturus via Camilla KumaRa, March 7th, 2018


About magnetic storms and shift

We are starfamilies that here now. We come with a healing frequency for all of you to take part of now. If you would like close your eyes and receive.

We come to tell you that the time for a significant shift, a milestone, is drawing closer for you and your ascending earth – Gaia reborn. An event is coming soon, a time that will flip the hourglass. Your work with clearing and preparing has laid the groune and your participation in the process has made possible a quantum leap – a great change in the quality of the ether through and around the earth and her inhabitants.

The shift of the frequency or quality of the ether has great consequences for you our beloved brothers and sisters. Ether, the fifth element is All, is god in circulation. The time has now come for the capacity of earth to hold a multifaceted, multidimensional quality in the ether.

This coming month (the middle of march) necessary preparations will take place mostly through magnetic storms. Yes, storms dearly beloved. During these days take care of your bodies on all of the layers.  We are also talking about your etheric body. Give your physical, mental, emotional and etheric body what it needs. Now is the time for internal observing and joyful actions as you have longed for through dance, singing laughter and uniting in different ways with soulmates.

Support yourselves and each other. In the largest and the smallest, in the macro and micro, you are part of the same partial unit and we are all part the same whole unit. Be in unification with Gaia herself. Filter the light fields in Gaia’s favor. Anchor and rest in this true connection to your star.

Between the 10th and the 15th of April a phase of a large scale shift is coming. Rejoice in everything you have created together. Rejoice for every step towards a new earth. This is what we call a quantum leap.

Let your voices be heard, call out. Let the forests hear the tones. Support the shift where you are. Support the process with your intuitive participation.

Thank you.