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“Guru War – GCR/RV SITREP – Friday – September 29. 2017

“Guru War – GCR/RV SITREP – Friday – September 29. 2017

Received via email from Yosef……

Aloha Currency Community,

Well, looks like there’s an all out “guru war” going on Pre-RV.  Awesome, I don’t mind mixing it up in the least, enjoy it actually… but it’s time I ended this with some harsh truth (not a limp noodle truce).

So let’s rumble Mr. and Mrs. Humble!

This whole “guru war” all started because Human Angel Services (HAS) began offering a “Top Down Philanthropy” subscription service after listening to Momma’s golden rule, “Why buy a cow when it’s giving the milk away for free?”

The other gurus fell threatened, insulted, panicked and lashed out without thinking.  Because every time they rip on HAS or Yosef, it drives traffic to our site and generates more subscriptions.  Remember, any publicity is good publicity when brand building… just ask Trump.

Oh, and for the record, I waited as long as I possibly could to monetize my audience.  I really did.  But when my daughter turned 1 year old, and I felt more obligated to my family in terms of being a provider as a husband and father than saving the world through updated and specific RV intel, it was time to start down another path.

I didn’t hide it like a coward… in fact, I promoted the heck out of it for nearly two months with calls and updates sign ups and coming subscription alerts.

That said, I couldn’t charge without giving something of greater value in return.  I personally wanted to do something innovative and challenging.  And with Showme and Brother Moshe, Human Angel Services was born.

HAS offers great value on many levels, not only is there a free digital magazine focusing on Top Down Philanthropy everyday starting on October 1, 2017, but the Historic Bonds in SKR at BOC and already in an evergreen trade, I felt was value this community needed to secure their debt relief and project fundings.

In fact, subscriptions have been so good at the $1,000 Benevolent level, we just introduced a new $10,000 Sovereign level subscription that allows those of means to pay for those with out and buy them up to $100,000 in debt relief & $100 million of project if they can pass through our compliance.  Talk about an unprecedented and needed Christmas gift!  So please subscribe now by clicking below:


Know that it took 7 years us Moshe and I to accumulate our historic bonds and platform relationships into Asia to make as this a reality beyond just having currency and waiting on the T4 level to be authorized to redeem.

We went all over the world recruiting assets for humanity, literally begging on behalf of all the poor and hungry people in 3rd world countries, climbing into South Asia caves, preaching in Philippine villages and bringing assets into banks in Hong Kong at the risk of never coming back out just to be realize our dreams of being Top Down Philanthropists.

We always stayed away from currencies though.  Not gold backed.  Not real.  Not worth it.

Then in 2014, an associate of mine asked me about my opinions on the currencies, I said I don’t deal them because they are not gold backed.  In that same week, we found out about all currencies had been gold backed and put in the GESARA treaty.

So as a favor to him, I asked our Asian contacts with currencies the Elders would be responsible for… at that time is just V (Vietnam) and Z (Zimbabwe), and has since grown to all.  But when, where and how much we didn’t know, just that it was going to happen one day just like the Historic Bonds redemptions and RV.

That’s how we got into the currencies, this after many hard years of harvesting historic assets to put into trade at Bank of China in August of 2013 — all to serve humanity’s greatest good at any amount and give away 99.99% of the returns.

I would be the compliance expert, Moshe the sovereign banker, and vowed never to take a penny more than we needed to support our families.

Well our families grew, and two children later here we are charging subscriptions for an on-line digital top down philanthropy pre RV, and post RV a project funding and compliance mechanism that will serve the world.

We have absorbed all the risk and all the costs.

Now we’re not promising $1 billion flying car plants or exotic trillion dollar bio dome communities at HAS.  What we are committed to long term is real money, into real homes, as many as we can find and who could find us, in mass, and vow to keep the mercy coming without relent or compromise because that is the right thing to do.  Period.  End of story.

Charging a subscription allows us to set that infrastructure up because back of the house website construction and design ain’t cheap at the higher end levels, which is our aspiration, let alone the full and part time staffing salaries that are associated.

Showme, bless his heart, is doing 90% of all the website work now and killing himself.  Your subscription money is allowing him to build up his staff and provide all of you more content while we wait for the RV.  For me it’s allowing my wife to exhale, which I appreciate to no end, and giving me resources to envision the next phases of HAS well into 2018 with my own staff.

Together, with Brother Moshe’s SKR’d historic bonds backing up our claims, HAS is creating a unique, dynamic and permanent home for this community post RV, and hopefully post T4 RV as we’re being told daily our SKR’s are liquidating.  But until they do, we wait like you… but while we wait, we can still serve the greater good versus bitching about intel providers who honestly don’t have credible intel anymore (there’s four people who know what’s going on) and building this dedicated community an amazing website that will be used for their project fundigns and compliance needs in the future … should they desire it… if not, enjoy your life.

We release the full structure of the entire HAS vision in the first week of October.  Check in out.

That said, our subscriptions are going up by the hundreds everyday.  We anticipate bringing with us anywhere from 10 to 15 thousand from this currency community Post RV.  And that’s about it.  HAS is not for everyone.  Not even a third of those reading this post.  obviously not for Tank, Susan, Hayden, Zap, Iko, Gerry, Bruce, Sue, Bob, RayRen, Tony, Winston… because they all exist in the HAS past.  Which is ok, just not our thing.  We need to evoke.

And we believe there are only a few die hard humanitarians like us that deeply resonate with the suffering in the world, and who is to blame and want to commit their lives to greater good service.  Not sit on a beach for a month or design logos.  But actually get mercy to the street ASAP

Now each of the above people I’ve mentioned have their virtues (except Hayden who is just world class prick), but we recognized their talents and invited many to come with us before we launched.  They all said no!

Why? They want to do they down thing and not be Human Angels.  Which again, is totally fine, but they punch HAS, and or me or Showme, know not only will we punch back but we will keep punching back until there’s no more oxygen left in your deflating Dinarland balloon.  Because in our opinion,  you’re hurting other people by dismissing the one site that designed to cater to the their most basic needs, and in volume, perpetually.

Zap’s recent punch to the face stung because I think Zap is a real humanitarian or a Human Angel, and has been living and dying for the cause of serving the greater good for decades.  I put in a project with his old Dragon Heart entity and sent money to him while he was doing calls at Landa ($500) just in case his connections were better than mine and we could fund and operate greater good projects together.  In the worst case scenario, I felt I was learning some things I didn’t know from his calls… especially from Doug… who I hear is a prince of a fellow.

I stopped giving money when the begging got out of control.  And also when we knew the ZIM was being trained for in redemption centers.  That’s when the Landa business model collapsed, and honestly became irrelevant to this community because we had access to an infinite funding source in ourselves.

Zap knew it too, but never admitted it.  He started losing staff because of it.  And eventually, he found himself isolated from what I hear.  Which tells me, maybe God has not blessed him to take this community forward… interestingly, Zap was based in Calgary, and so is Showme… who I believe is going to take this community forward long-term.  He’s got the best balance of innocence, instincts and skills to deliver this to the world.  IMO.

Know also that Human Angel Services (HAS) is taking up the project intake, funding and compliance sword for the masses, including the addition of a TDA like debt relief program to help average people on the street, who know nothing about currency but are in immediate  need of fiscal relief ASAP actually hydrate to breathe again.

No other group on-line is doing that, let alone preparing everyday morning, noon and night to be ready for all you Post RV… with a Pre RV financial reality.  Everyone else was “waiting on the money” versus being inherently humanitarian and needing to serve to justify our existence on this earth.  The desire to serve burns that deeply with us.

So berate old Yosef or other greater good folks around me, but at the end of the day none of the other gurus in this surreal Pre-RV universe are ready today to serve anyone post RV but HAS. and we’re very proud and concerned about this truth, because to much is give much is expected.  And these subscription funds don’t come without an obligation long-term… we knew that before we engaged building the site.

Moshe, Showme, Bewdah, Aaron, D’Brickashaw Kali, Reg, myself and recently Patrick are all on the job, like right now, plus half dozen other part time staffers who are as a team doing real behind the scenes work every day!

So hell yes we deserve to be compensated.  We’re helping everyone who is willing to help us.  That only makes sense.  These other haters sense our movement as strong and thus try and bring us down.  Which ironically only strengths our movement because they’re talking about HAS.  Kinda funny actually.

As long as we are sincere in our efforts and not putting anyone at risk financially (hence the $25 subscription fee) and are committed to delivering mercy long-term as humanitarians… why would we wait on Chinese Elders.  Lets prepare in a Top Down Philanthropy mindset and be ready to go day one versus day 30, 60 or 90.

Zap was the only who I believed deserved similar compensation, but Jersey was too early sadly, not his fault, and picked the wrong business model.  Maybe he couldn’t change due to health, lack of vision or even arrogance.  But Zap, like Bruce and RayRen have all gone nose deaf to their stench of their own messages, as this community secretly loathes getting their email updates and intel reports because not only is there nothing new, but the charity begging and Boomer Boost infomercials twice week are too much to bear for any common sense soul.

People are just sick of the same old song and dance.  They want something new and fresh, something forward moving, something hopeful , something real they can identify with and invest a piece of themselves with… not the same old crap thrown at us day after day, week after week, month after money… because the real reason they don’t want HAS to be a subscription service is because what we offer has a value… whereas what they offer does not and hence why it’s free.

Know all gurus in this arena could have gone for the same if not better long-term business model as HAS, but they ALL took the short way out and began begging or worse, secretly promoting products to benefit themselves without alerting their audience what they were doing and using their good nature to sell them shit they don’t need.

Why?  Because they ALL believed the RV would occur in a shorter period, so why not make a few bucks and exploit their audience a little… it won’t hurt anyone, right?  Right.

Instead the RV has lingered, on and on, and on, and on… and people have literally died waiting for the RV because of guru suggestions and insistence’s that the 800#s are coming in any second.  Which might have been their intel, it was mine many times, but the don’t panic stay the course message is over!

Truth is nobody knows when this is going, and thus the RV at the public level, the T4 coin and currency level within the retail banking system may take a lot longer than anyone is believing or realizing.  And what then?  More barley specials?  Send Zap a few shekels for Aunt Hazel to buy medicine and pay the rent?

Is that a sustainable philanthropic strategy?  Is that good business sense?  Do they really care about you?

Hey, here’s a novel concept… why not offer this community something of unique value versus lying to them constantly and yourself that somehow you know more about geopolitics and global financial time lines than they do, so by following Iraqi newspapers and mosque announcements you’re somehow better than them.  Reno for that matter too, don’t get me started on the Admiral or Michael Cottrell.

I’m sick of doing my own intel reports honestly… I only keep doing the SITREPs because I know it gives people hope and they like my writing style.  I know I don’t have all the best or firmest of answers, but at least I’m trying to evolve myself and this community with far reaching concepts and information, whereas they other gurus are offering the same old spiel and bitching at me about “stealing” their audience after years of calls, posts and chat rooms.

Last time I checked, this community is a free thinking group who can do whatever they want, spend their money however they see fit and just want some kind of value for it.  In fact, their happy to pay as long as they feel compensated from a return standpoint.  Did you know the average HAS subscriber spends $85?  If that’s not value, what is?

Seriously, look at RayRen still clearing 10K a month via his quietly organized subscription base that Tony built up for three years before going to the pokey.  I don’t blame him one bit for keeping that irrelevant call going.  He was making money!  Plus he’s not hurting anyone by claiming to provide real information. He knows he’s offering an inferior product and just letting all the air seep out of the TNT balloon.  But to his credit, he’s no longer selling another project while he’s got your attention.  Talk about passive income.  Genius.

Maybe everyone in this community should be doing a subscription when you think about?  Then we could see which guru people really believe in versus who they are forced to listen to because there’s no other call on that night?

Anther ugly truth about this whole silly “guru war” is that the launch of the HAS website has forced all the gurus to either offer a product of real value, immediately, or become obsolete overnight.

Sadly, Zap and Bruce already were but no one told them.  As their audiences have dwindled to a weak old man’s trickle already.  However, Tank at KRE8, in my opinion, is the only other guru that will survive post RV because people like going to events and Tank wants to put them on everywhere.  He’s also got a small group of people with him who also want to be known Post RV.

What’s interesting is while I was doing this marathon post, another 20 subscriptions came in who obviously believe in exactly what IAM speaking to with regards to the value created by Human Angel Services (HAS).

And not because Yosef is a righteous and arrogant son-of-a-bitch, but because HAS is actually providing real value to an undeserved community that is beyond desperate for meaningful daily content not intel related and for the long-term.   Clearly they are happy to pay a small subscription fee to help develop and be part of a mercy movement and also to stay apart of this community.

Adapt or die, dinosaurs.  Sobeit.

God is with us