Love is our new reality

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Helena Blavotsky via Kerstin Eriksson, June 29th, 2020

Monday, 29 June 2020

Helena Blavatsky: All colors!

I am Helena Blavatsky, I am an old soul, yet I have new things to talk about.

The spirit within you is like a tree. A tree with it´s own light, luminescent, glowing very beautiful in the dark. So when at night you think it is dark, but it isn´t.

Even your spirit has roots! And your beautiful tree also has beatiful roots going down deep in the very ground in which you live.

Yes you are a rooted being! And that is perfect! That is how you really connect!

Drink clean water! Your roots love this! Your body loves it! And your spirit salut´s you for drinking water!

No beverage can replace water. Water is magic! True magic! Love the water! Cheerish your water!

Now you wonder over what is new in this text! And I have not started yet!

Don´t be afraid to feel your joy, don´t be afraid to dance your souldance!

You are you anyway! Dance to the rhythm of life! Your spirit tree wants you to dance now!

You are already glowing in the most beautiful colors, release the stress, you don´t need it, just let it go!

You might think that your tree has been pruned pretty hard? And you might feel that you have scars from life, from your life on Earth. And you think, can that ever be beautiful? Well my dear friend, that it the most beautiful thing ever to see! When you are healed after a hard life all the scars are the most precious gemstones.

But where you have lost a branch, a new have grown out! And were you have been damaged these wounds are healed with greatest care and in their place there are glittering diamonds and sparkling crystals in different beautiful colors.

And you actually glow, really glow with the purest luminescent vibrant colors!

I can see it! We can see it! But you can´t see it!

You can feel it though! Please tap into your beautiful sacred spirit tree and feel how beautiful you are.

I love you

Helena Blavatsky