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“Helpless” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Monday – June 12, 2017

“Helpless” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Monday – June 12, 2017


Everything below has been confirmed from multiple sources… believe, don’t believe, I could care less at this point…


Former President Obama is running the entire Trump impeachment through loyal Democratic operatives, both the build up and execution of Trump, while also advising the restored Republic quietly through General Dunford and Speaker Paul Ryan (who has not so secretly been Republic President since October 2015).

When the Chinese Elders are ready to start the RV, they’ll let Obama know and he’ll order the release of smoking gun Trump evidence and ultimately have the orange transgender clone removed through resignation.

Harsh? You bet. But our nation is at stake and humanity rests in the balance–so fuck political correctness.

Ok, so know that by following the bloody end of the Trump Presidency you’re actually watching the beginning of the RV as it hyper speed approaches.

The NPTB don’t want to give Trump one second of RV glory–they want Ryan getting it all to set him up for a 2018, 2020 re-election surge that will give him absolute power through 2024.

Remember, Trump is an old Israeli/Mossad operative, and Putin flipped him through a transgender honey trap in Moscow and then kept him on the hook via cash payments through Russian and Chinese surrogates for many years, all to one day be His American cabal trap that checkmates Netanyahu.

Putin’s plan was supported by China as well by the Republic… and get this, Obama knew as well.

They were all working together to transition the world from dark to light–even though they appeared to be opposing each other as adversaries.


Thus makes Trump nothing but a helpless political puppy–peeing on both sides of the political chess board mind you–in fear of much larger geopolitical players who all believe they control his decisions… Israel especially.

And the more Trump fights his impending impeachment, the quicker he is forced to leave by the media (hence why he purgers himself in Twitter) which indirectly puts an end to Netanyahu’s radical right winged Likud party.

Understand Israel only exists with the permission of the Republic. No US military aid, no Israel. And so if there’s no more Trump, there’s no more Netanyahu–who put all his kosher eggs in the Trump Presidency.

So Trump is intentionally doing everything wrong to get out of the White House in support of his family member BiBi Netanyahu. As are all of Trump’s friends, family and staff in support of Netanyahu.

Throwing Trump under the bus is not only expected, it’s encouraged by Trump himself because He knows Obama is slow playing his impeachment to assist Russia, China, France, UK and the Republic in resetting the geopolitical order of the world.

That’s very bad for Israel, Dark Nobility and their loyal minions who will all be shut out if the NPTB schedule plays out as planned.

So only by pre-forcing Trump’s impeachment can Netanyahu buy himself more political time. So much so, Mossad triggered three false flag terrorist attacks in London to defeat Theresa May’s election till 2022.

That’s just coconuts. Even for me. But this is where the facts have lead, kids. So pass the Maui Wowie and break open up the chips, Brah!

We were told the final surrender terms were signed off on and set for transfer on June 10, 2017–which did happen–with all said terms to be implemented by the end of June, so the global restructuring master plan is completing after first being implemented post 9/11.

That’s wonderful news, right!? Unless you and your family have been waiting for like a decade on the RV/GCR. Then it’s just cruel and unusual punishment per normal.


Meaning, the RV is somehow imbedded in the last three weeks of June–which we believed would be in the very beginning of the surrender period, but now we’re thinking may be more towards the very end.

But we know the surprise U.K. election results seemed to have set back the greater financial release strategy somewhat–all be it to Northern Ireland’s and Scotland’s sovereignty benefit we are told.

Again, great news for those oppressed nations. But as for the financial reforms we’re watching, waiting and some dying for… there’s no telling what the new performance window is or is not.

We just don’t know.

Yet we know the Fourth of July weekend matters a lot if you’re restoring a Republic that celebrates their birth on such a date… that also has a banking holiday after a long weekend.

So in a weird way, were also helpless little puppies waiting to be taken out for our one hour redemption walk.

Hey, at least we’re not still at the pound worried being put to sleep. So I guess there’s that to feel good about.


God is with us.