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“Hydration Dynamics and the Loss of Cabal Hegemon” by Restive Sage – 1.15.18

“Hydration Dynamics and the Loss of Cabal Hegemon” by Restive Sage – 1.15.18

Who is the cabal anyway? We use the word prolifically in our discussions. And yes it is a handy way to sum up the ruling elite. But what is it precisely. Is it based only in Europe or is it more widespread? Is it a bloodline thing. Or is it a wealth thing. Or is it related to an alien species? How does it relate to ancient civilizations? Or is it a more recent arrival? How does it relate to secret societies such as the Illuminati, the Masonic orders, the Knights Templar, the Guelphs and the Ghibbelines, the Knights of St John, the Vipers of Venice aka the Byzantine Empire money changers and hashish and opium merchants, and the The Group of 300?

I will share this with you now: ALL of the above, and more. But how it morphed from disconnected wealthy families into a worldwide power system is truly frightening. Things have to transition now, before it is too late.

How it all played out is still being sorted and parsed. Suffice it to say, the history you learned in school is not all there is to know. Some would add the Vatican into the mix. But I intentionally left them out..because they reflect an overt religion. In that sense they are not completely secret. However, I feel compelled to add that there is a secret aspect to the Vatican that is not overt. And every single one of the secret societies mentioned above have had to respect, interact with, and sometimes fight them. God only knows the true source and the scope of their power. They certainly talk a good game. With the actions we have seen, how can they be reconciled 100% to Christ. We don’t even know if they are malevolent or benevolent. Maybe it depends on which pope is in place. Has the Vatican exerted power within the U.S. government? Here is something we do know. In 2015 John Boehner was a powerful Speaker of the House in Washington, DC, a Republican. In late September 2015, the pope, Pope Francis, visits Washington and then speaks to the U. S. Congress on September 24th. The next day, suddenly, unexpectedly, John Boehner is out and very shortly Paul Ryan is in; with almost instant peer approval. Coincidence? Normally a change at such a high level would have provoked a litany of partisan debate. And yet it was over almost before it began; as if it was pre-arranged and seemingly very necessary. This was a very interesting turn of events. A power shift. A thing that is certain about the Vatican is that, through the centuries, it has been a mainstay force in European politics and has influenced religious and social discourse, philosophy, art and kingship. It has received substantial financial support for over 1500 years from a broad populace and has its own Vatican Bank. It now receives financial donations and tithes from 1.285 billion catholics worldwide. Interestingly, having lost a huge percentage of their number due to Protestantism, Islamic incursions and Secularization through the centuries, the vast majority of catholics now live in the poverty zones south of the Tropic of Cancer, which is located at latitude 23.4 degrees North and the same could be said of the magical 33rd parallel.

Our history has been filtered and written by the victors and the elite. There are many historical realities and a hefty load of half-truths at play. You really have to dig to get at it. The database of true facts and the unfettered understanding of the actual past is more limited than we know. Many parts were never chronicled. Lies and deceitful accounts were rampant and there is much about the sovereign families, their vassal noble elite, the Dark Nobility and the various secret societies we will simply never ever know. We do know that THEY have always understood that secrecy was paramount to preserving their power. We know that they do everything they can to promote their own wealth and maintain their power. It stands to reason, you cannot fight what you do not understand. And this is all the more true when you cannot see them or have them talk to you frankly. The most secretive groups take their oaths of secrecy very seriously, as do their masters. One has to understand that for most of Europe’s history, the same elite did not even want their human serfs to be literate…to be able to read or write. If you were a serf farming the land, they were good with that. If you were an artisan or a tradesman, you might learn a little but usually not. They were good with that. If you were a knight enforcing the wishes and laws of the kingdom, they were good with that too, so long as you were loyal. Does anyone remember the date the first printing press was used in Europe. Before that date, only the ruling elite, a small group of wealthy merchants, a tiny cognoscenti, the Jewish population and the learned leaders of the christian churches could read and write. This was a powerful and efficient means of controlling the common man.

I have addressed on many occasions the broad-stokes of the hydration event. Coming to the forefront for us, the hydration aspect is the humanistic capstone of GESARA. It is in effect the coup d’grace that ends the domination of the cabal wealth centers. It also ends the financial model that has led to a worldwide central banking system and de facto control of Western military power. To have this hydration, the entire framework of international law and banking infrastructure had to be re-constructed. And it had to be benevolent. And there had to be a greater power as its usher. The steps being taken on behalf of humanity reflect a fundamental shift of the old power structure that has plagued mankind for so long and left the innocent the victims of a conspiratorial elite. The necessity of providing a safe and equitable “economic framework” that accommodates the sovereign rights of ALL nations is paramount to The Change. No one reading this except for maybe 5 or 6 comprehend fully the pervasive control over the western world exerted by the sovereign royal families, their vassal nobles, the Vatican, the Holy Roman Empire, the Swiss-based banking network, the Mafia, the Illuminati and the old Dark Nobility families of Europe. While not unified, they have always had to respect and ally with one another in various combinations. Their game was one of power and control and wealth retention and some would say perversion pursuits antithetical to God.

The discovery of North and South America and the confiscation of all the gold and silver they could find, steal, extract and melt was a boon to these power centers, though it led to many changes, many wars and many realignments of power. It was in fact a type of GCR for Europe as an immense amount of newfound wealth flooded into the hands of these same power elite. Unfortunately, in making the most of a surge in mercantilism, shipping progress, new discoveries in science and colonialism powered by African slave labor, their burgeoning power grew greater still. Over time, the Dark Nobility and the bigger players of the mercantile class gained enough additional power that they began to see that sovereign power, kings and queens ruling by divine right, stood in their way. They began to initiate revolutions and supported the de-structuring of the power of the Vatican. Over time, they saw that the new cultures that would emerge in the Americas, transplanted largely from Europe, would eventually form a gigantic new power base that they would have to work hard to gain control of. As the desire for colonies mounted, the need for navies and merchant fleets grew. The great coup of the Dark Nobility in the Age of Enlightenment was the so-called “Glorious Revolution” in England. About 1690+- we saw a rightful king deposed and a proxy noble from Holland, allied with the Dark Nobility, installed as head of the emerging top military power in the world. This coincided with the establishment of the Bank of England. This bank became the most successful virus used by the Dark Nobility to gain overarching power in Europe. A very carefully crafted plan. They were delighted when the British Empire began its rapid ascent, soon winding up with German monarchs (shills of the Holy Roman Empire). Slightly a hundred years later, the advent of the Industrial Revolution, roughly coinciding with the defeat of Napoleon in 1815, was yet another game changer. Over the last 200 years, the rise of the corporations, the insurance companies, the trusts, the foundations, the central banking system, hyper-taxation and above all, the military-industrial complex, have been masterminded by the cabal. Power is power is power. And power begets power. And that is your cabal. A small elite power base with wide-reaching control of the world banking system and the military-industrial complex. With only the G7 exceptions, any country that challenged them has seen dire economic sanctions imposed on the people and in some cases their leadership removed. Not good.

And their greatest achievement? Circumventing the American Constitution surreptitiously in 1913 and instituting the Federal Reserve Banking system in the U.S. Overnight they took over the country they knew would eventually lead the world militarily and financially. If you could see the flow chart of who owns the shares of stock in the Federal Reserve Banks (and I have), you would have corroboration of what I say. It is a private bank that we owe many trillions to and can’t pay. To the sophisticates leading the Dark Nobility we are cannon fodder. After two world wars and a massive national debt incurred and after losing control of the media, the science, the military and nearly all banking we wound up with no power base that could stand up to them. Until now.

Since the vast majority of human beings are good, how could this have happened, you ask. Well, think about it. In 1890, twenty people with spears and knives will all fall to one machine gun emplacement. Military science as it progressed became the final arbiter of mankind’s enslavement. In 1939 Polish cavalry were mowed down by German tanks and dive bombers. Courage within the headlong charge was proven to be antiquated. In 1945, the combatants entered the atomic age. On 9/11 2001 someone entered us into an age when two tall 100-story buildings in a major city can be “vaporized” from afar with near pinpoint accuracy.

Everything that we the good guys have cultivated in modern times to protect humanity, the U.N., the World Court at the Hague, Bretton Woods, the BIS, all of it reflecting an effort by the good guys, has heretofore proven ineffectual . Dealing successfully with these powerful European powers and their proxy American puppet requires some real clout. Military and financial. This has been due to the immensity, when taken collectively, of their almost unbelievably wealthy power base. That being said, other parts of the world, including India and China have always had had their own power centers as well. The wealth of all of these power centers, accumulated over centuries and centuries, in many cases compounded by banking and investment endeavors, cannot be overestimated. Bill Gates is by no means the richest man in the world. Not even close. All the big wealth is hidden. Of course, the immense political, financial and social power wielded by these families became threatened at various times of upheaval, war and unrest and they had to adjust like everyone.

Oddly enough, it was the advent of the computer and by extension the super-computer that has provided the necessary shift allowing the power base to be altered. Science has been our enemy and it has been our friend. Just…who owns it. A new power base has emerged now because of Science and thank god that its purveyors are benevolent.

All of this is the reason the hydration could not occur until the old framework was fundamentally changed. That is why we have been made to wait. Stop whining about delays and see this for what it really is. Just the salvation of the human race. That’s all. We are the recipients here of a chance to play a role in a new economic system. Get on your knees and give thanks for the planet. Hang on and quit moaning like children on a long trip. It will be a world of fairness and justice. One that opposes the lies of scarcity and the promotion of debt-slavery. A world where Science is once again our friend. And along those lines, in case you have not been paying attention, our understanding of Science has reached the point where nothing we have been taught about history, economics or old systems of government is relevant any longer. Once that first atomic bomb was exploded, we quickly had to trust that our government was benevolent, that we were good and our leaders reflected our own values. As it turned out, the real history was obscured, and almost all Americans were oblivious to how they had been manipulated and enslaved. But here is what the good people of earth know and know well, the vast majority of Americans are fair-minded, decent, hard-working people willing to help someone in need and who constantly display a deep and abiding belief in aiding our fellow man. If we have been hoodwinked and scammed, it has been at the hands of the corrupt elite and we have been near helpless in that onslaught. But we will be fooled no more. We are thankful we will get the chance to participate in this transition, since most currency holders are in fact American, to show what a newly enlightened, highly effective, exceptionally well capitalized humanitarian force with good leadership can do. With help from all like-minded people the world over, the gains we make will reconstitute this world. We will move from a world God is weeping over, to one that exudes his joy, his peace and his love.

The imminent changes to the new international economic system are designed to be seamless. The new system still uses the old system, supersedes it. Thus, the transitional changes must be secret. This saves lives. Stop whining that you are not being told what is going on. That is beyond childish. Your rights will re-establish when it is complete and indeed will be enhanced. The final changes that will culminate in gaining the advantages of a watershed jubilee experience have been explained over and over again. The lead-up has been described as an economic WWIII, with no losers save only the recalcitrant elite ie the cabal. Most of the Dark Nobility have already capitulated to save their vast family fortunes. The beginning and end of the mastermind plan is benevolent in nature. The cabal’s most powerful bad actor “hidden regimes”, possessors of secret science, have refused to repent and relent. The drama has been real. Lives and careers are at stake and many no doubt have been lost. They thought their Science would be enough. But now, the good guys have even better Science. On Earth, as in the galaxy, the faction with the best Science, observant of God’s universal laws, always wins. Peace is always the preferred state of being.

Wealthy and powerful people, people who thought they had it made and felt superior, must now re-think their lives, their true beliefs and all their personal decisions moving forward. New leaders have emerged. The new wealth of GESARA is soon to emerge. The old and rotting power base of the corrupt global elite must now yield to the awakened consciousness of the billions they have dominated for centuries. The high-level machinations for economic re-shaping reflect a superior intelligence behind all and a willingness to go all the way to worldwide re-shaping.

Those that are impatient for finalization, us, now faced with key status as new leaders, suffer and bleed while waiting. No doubt we are beginning to understand the intricacies of a worldwide plan that must be adopted by every single nation on the planet. Yes, we new leaders have had to wait. But it has been for the safety and the final success of the plan. Have people died every single day that the NPTB can’t finalize the plan. Yes, sadly, it is true. And that number grows. It provides a sobering incentive at every level of GESARA, including the mastermind level, to go and go soon. I feel certain they weep with us every day for those unnamed millions we have lost, but they also wept for the tens of millions killed in two world wars and those that would have died in WWIII. I feel certain, however, that they simply cannot allow themselves to underestimate the tenacity of the entrenched group now relinquishing, with malice, their power. That fact has no doubt forced the NPTB to adopt a slow and steady constriction tactic, as we have seen first hand. Like a python, they must wrap around, squeeze, eliminate all movement and in finality suppress the very breath of their prey, the proud and mighty cabal. No more 9/11 debacles. Super computers and science at a level we scarcely can comprehend are now key. Assuming the international framework change occurs, hydration can then occur.

The hydration works in a multi-faceted fashion and is very grounded in many ways. It is a debt-destruction and a wealth-proliferation model. It is a life-affirming model. It has a strong humanitarian aspect. It builds on the old system while paving the way for a superior expression of enlightened economics.

The extreme wealth coming in to the system will lead to some initial re-balancing but will quickly stabilize it. Most monetary wealth is now digital. There seems to be a belief by some on this site that advanced inflation will result from the RV hydration. This is totally false. This results from not comprehending that this event is so sweeping in scope that it will alter almost all facets of the old model. Inflation is a concept totally enmeshed in fiat money creation. That is what we are moving away FROM. Now, the money will be gold-backed, asset-backed. Thus, it is a receipt for true value. The relationship of fiat money to inflation reflects that fact that the issuer/country is cheating the system, and hence, the people. It is a gimmick of false leadership. Keynes be damned. Notably, the wealth proliferation aspect is actually very stabilizing. People who have new found wealth in extremis are far more likely to feel able to help their relatives, their close friends, their fellow citizens. They are more likely to engage in humanitarian efforts. This is wealth building. At first, America where the RV is most centered, will see a shortage of qualified workers. This is wealth building. But this then leads to higher wages and salaries. While this will need to be reflected in prices, it is counter-balanced by a drop in commodity and transportation prices. As new corporations are formed outside the normal stock capitalization model and the need to answer to a board of directors obsessed with profit per share, product prices can slowly move lower. This is anti-inflation. As prices drop, savings increase for the worker and the family. This builds wealth. Energy costs too are now an important component of the cost mechanism for any product. Energy costs will also be coming down as a result of science. This is anti-inflation. Further, the unleashing of productivity in the 2nd and 3rd world, where wages are going to be relatively low in a transitional time frame, will make products that cost less, That has already occurred and will continue. The largest affect will be that the RV will create a large surge in consumers over time. Corporations that responsibly produce things that people really need will see a huge surge of business and profits for many years to come. This is wealth-producing. Because a huge aspect of GESARA is the elimination of the national debt of every nation on earth, taxes can be adjusted lower for each citizen and on corporations. This is anti-inflation. Because new peace treaties have been signed, the percentage of the national GDP that must be allocated for military expenditures can be reduced, especially over time. This also reduces the tax burden on citizens and corporations. This is anti-inflation.

That being said, as wealth in general is re-arranged throughout the world via the RV, based on currency-asset audits, there must be the provision for commodity price mechanisms that resist disruptive overproduction and yet are capable of lowering prices long term for the consumer. Thus, there must be a farmer, but the farmer will earn a salary that increases if he/she is efficient. Thus, the producer can never go broke and aids in mass cost reduction for food because he doesn’t need a higher price to make more profit. He is incentivized however if rewarded for extra efficiency. Remember, because of science there is in 2018 no real scarcity at all, just wealth hoarding based on antiquated banking models, racism and economic bullying. Many countries, now poverty stricken, will see a dramatic turn-around in their economies and their capacity for wealth proliferation. Yes, wealth gains will be most evident in the Western world. But in the new system, a rising tide floats all boats. The dynamic can be summed up best by saying that if you are wealthy, you are not worried about losing your job or even about having a job and you are more likely to engage in humanitarian endeavors. If you are wealthy and a fundamentally good and ethical person, living in an economic system you trust, you are unlikely to engage in crime or civil war. Reinforce the positive, dismantle the negative. In fact, currency holders can form new companies with a humanitarian basis, hiring hundreds and possibly thousands of people per company, helping provide stability and social justice the world has never seen before. This reduces endemic crime and reduces many other forms of human suffering, including the cost of medical care. Reducing crime, and the costs of insurance and medical care are anti-inflation in nature.

Ingeniously, the hydration event has a 3D component that allows for a smooth transition that placates the ordinary populace and slowly eases them into something new. In this initial stage of the process, money is still used as a medium of exchange as always. People are used to it and have been taught that it is necessary for civilization. It will be around for a while. Lifestyles are designed to wait a week or a month for a paycheck, a direct deposit or a check in the mail. Over time, many of the businesses and companies in the workplace will see their business models change and some jobs will be transferred to emerging technologies. Many people will be re-trained. This has actually been common for decades, and while traumatic for many, it has been a part of modern economics and can be accepted. The post RV difference is that money for re-training education will be readily available at zero cost or minimal cost to the worker. New corporations will emerge, making new products based on new patents and inventions. More new jobs. As the automotive world shifts to hybrids and full-electric cars, the demand for oil will slowly decline and this will thankfully decrease its negative impact on world politics. Mass transit will proliferate in the U.S. and the third world; finally. New jobs for infrastructure. Many new micro industrial plants will be located in 2nd and 3rd world countries. This will ultimately reduce production requirements in the first world.

Also, there is a sweeping 4D component that simultaneously transforms the age-old constructs of scarcity, inefficiency and profit driven limitations. There will emerge many new constructs for a planet that transitions to surplus wealth and plenitude. The cost to produce many devices and things, now expensive, will actually drop in the future, while at the same time wages will rise. There will still be money, but it will be increasingly less and less scarce. Transactions will be made by cell phone and secure computers. The concept of debt as it is now will be altered because most things will be able to be purchased for far fewer man-hours. Thus, car loans may be paid off in 12 mos or 18 mos, with minimal interest being paid. Home loans will reflect a much lower cost of initial construction and mortgages will be set up on 5, 7 and 10 year loans. Over time, as wealth proliferation expresses itself, steady progress in this area will allow many people to pay cash for larger items.

Facts in 3D:

(1) Everyone who has a good amount of currency will become either wealthy or super-wealthy, especially when diversifying their purchases such as to include Zim notes/bonds. As such, they will not need to work after the RV at their old jobs, unless it is by choice. This fact along will free up many millions of jobs in America and reduce unemployment noticeably, almost overnight. Good workers who are well-trained will be much in demand by employers.

(2) Most currency holders, because they are human beings who care about others, have gifted currency to others. While those others may not have as much currency as the original donor, there is likely to be enough exchange value there to pay off debts, pay off mortgages, buy a new car, move up to a better home or apartment, send the children to college and keep some for a rainy day. This is a good start to wealth building. If there is a sound basis for statements that the Zim notes are valuable bonds with an extremely high exchange rate relative to the other currencies, many of those gifted will also find themselves in the highly wealthy slot. They themselves will be in a strong economic position and will likely no longer need to work at their old jobs.

(3) Most currency holders, after the RV, will formulate some sort of humanitarian group, foundation or company or heavily support someone else. This means that there will be an employment opportunity for new people who can offer their services in this endeavor. The jobs produced further reduce unemployment, especially in the West. The humanitarian result will benefit many thousands in dire need of rescue today and work them up the ladder to a more stable life-style. This will have untold benefits to the mood and spirit of the nation. Instead of talking about being brothers and sisters, we will actually be able to HELP our brothers and sisters tangibly and directly and immediately.

(4) Some currency holders, after the RV, will create companies or lend financial support to companies that are directed to new technologies and new infrastructure. This will also create jobs and in some cases he next Apple, Microsoft, Tesla, PayPal, etc. This produces many jobs. Many of the infrastructure jobs will initially involve blue-collar workers and basic resource industries. Minimal training needed (at least at first).

(5) Some currency holders will scan bona fide and heavily qualified lists of companies, humanitarian groups and new projects designed to help humanity and select from 1 to 100 to support financially, never leaving the comfort of their recliner. This will help many people in many different directions, including international. Discernment will be used at all times to confirm the truthfulness and the character of the receiver. There are many good groups out there now and they do amazing things. In some cases we don’t have to re-invent the wheel, just expand the size and scope of the wheel.

(6) Many currency holders will take special measures to usher in a new Golden Age for one or more cities and towns of their choice. Once they are sure sufficient emergency centers and safe havens are in place for those at risk, they can coordinate with city leaders to rebuild neighborhoods, help fund parks and recreation centers, replace and repair aging equipment, sponsor tourism-worthy events, contribute to the arts, modernize airports, expand emergency services, enhance public housing, replenish exhausted city coffers, upgrade schools, build new schools, attract new industry and so on. There is almost no limit to how nice we can make our urban areas, tempering all plans with careful attention to planning, architecture, engineering and quality of life. This is life and health enhancing.

(7) Some currency holders will take a special interest in the enhancement of medical facilities, emergency services and hospitals. They will take an interest in medical training facilities and special programs for universities and colleges. They will make sure than smaller towns and rural areas will have just as good of emergency service as urban centers and reasonable access to hospitals including helicopter transport. This can done locally, state-wide, regionally and nationally. It can be done internationally.

(8) Some currency holders will take a special interest in providing “angel investor” funding for new inventors and aspiring entrepreneurs. For those special people, the dreamers who have real vision and an ability to see where the world will be in 10, 15, 20 years from now, obtaining that early stage funding and also backing for longer terms as well can make all the difference. They can scan the crowd funding sites for concepts they think will help the most people or just to help out an entrepreneur with a boost of a chance. This creates at atmosphere of positive change and the impetus for finding new geniuses living among us. Success can lead to amazing new companies.

(9) the prospects for debt reduction and debt elimination not only for countries, but also for individuals and families, form one of the most fruitful results of the RV. The scarcity model makes us think that heavy debt is normal. Small debts are probably something people will always use, but the elimination of major debt in the daily lives of people is a direct way to immediately help people who are drowning. Over time, as wealth proliferation increases, the old usurious banking models will break down and banks will be primarily service organizations. Usury laws were used throughout olden times and were enforced. Leave it to the cabal to break the law by having the power to change the law. If you take away most of the need for debt, a major money-making machine of the cabal system can be circumvented. Their power is reduced in the new economic system.

Facts in 4D and 5D:

The changes is the world economic system via GESARA represent more than the 3D list above. The transition we pray for will liberate aspects of our souls we didn’t even know were there. Our whole attitude toward life will change. Human life spans will be increased. Human suffering due to societal neglect and men with guns will be reduced. The planet’s ecosystem can be healed. In fact, our very spirits will be cleansed of the ravages of the depravity we have witnessed. We can move into a Golden Age with possibilities I can barely comprehend. There is a divine spark within us that values both life, balance and health, but also the integrity and beauty of the soul. We were not meant to be automatons, schlepping through life with the weight of debt-slavery hanging over us, worrying ourselves sick each day, week and month. In this new economic model, we will become much more balanced in our lives. At the same time, we understand that the modern world needs workers, happy workers, with rights to a decent wage and a lifestyle that is wholesome, rewarding and healthy. A four-day work week and a 6 hour day. We want a world that treats women with dignity and respect and understands that their mind is just as powerful as that of a man. We want a world where families can have peaceful, healthy homes and nurture their children well, with no disruptions from famine, disease, civil insurrection and warfare.

Considering all the changes coming in the new economic system, it is the hydration mechanism that will most directly affect the daily lives of people and the course of human history. We are part of the new leadership. We will play a pivotal role in making this transition work and insuring that it will last a thousand years.

Restive Sage