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“I Might Know Someone…” – One Who Knows – 4.29.17

“I Might Know Someone…” – One Who Knows – 4.29.17


I Might Know Someone…
It is almost time when we many of us will have more money than all the Cabal put together. I think the most the Cabal ever had was $300T which is only one $100T zim note x $3 non NDA rate. It might have even been as much as $3,000T which is only ten $100T notes times the non NDA rate of $3. Needless to say, the tables have turned and we are now on top. However, we may be the good guys compared to the Cabal, but having that much money is an issue even if you are good, maybe especially if you are good. So this post is about how to give away money like a light worker, while staying anonymous like the Cabal.

The Cabal
I doubt you can name the 13 families by name, much less the top members themselves. That is because they were masters of staying hidden. Even the Rockefellers and the Rothschild’s were NOT anywhere near the actual top of the Cabal network. You could tell because they were known. They were the Faces of the Cabal. The ones that the public knew. The real money and power were unknown and out of sight and out of mind.

Once You Are Out, You Are Out
It may seem like a lot of fun to be running around town giving away big money and flashing your expensive watch and sports car, but, remember, “Once You are Out, as an uber wealthy person, you are out for good.” That being said, you could move, but the internet NEVER forgets and it won’t be long before people find out you have big money no matter where you move. So, the answer is, be very secretive for a little while until you have figured out EXACTLY how you are going to play your cards. Who will know, and who will not. Will you expose all you have, or say that you inherited a few million only? You could play it where all you see is all you have.

This Is Everything
This “Play” is that: what people see, your sports car, nice house, yacht is all you have. You are already living at the top of your game and there is nothing you have to give beyond that, to those who ask. All you see is all I have. If you feel inclined you could say that some of it is leased and/or financed. You could lease a car, or finance a watch, a token item, so you are not lying. You could make arrangements with your TRUST that holds you house, that you will make payments of $1 per year until paid off. That means that the house you live in, owned by the trust, is being financed to you. Once people think there is no big bank accounts to draw from, they will stop asking for money. But, you do have friends and contacts, after all, people with money often do…

I Know Someone, Who Knows Someone….
When talking to people who need money or some financial help in some way, you can still be on the front line of help, as the One Who Has Contacts. Just say that I will take your phone number and pass it along and if they can help you, you will get a call from an attorney. Of course you then contact your attorney and he makes things happen, and he tells the person that the donor of the money or help, wants to remain anonymous. There is a lot of ways to play this game, of being a person who knows the right people to make things happen, without being the actual person with the money. You could also tell someone that you know about a special organization or trust, or company that helps people like them and give them the number, or offer to make contact for them. This way you get the fun and joy of being the one who “Arranged” the help needed, without being the actual one with the money.

Remote Funding
This is a fun idea I have that I call remote funding. You have a person or attorney or whatever, that is your “Remote” funder. You could be at a restaurant and want to pay for everyone there, but don’t want to be known. You call your “person” who then calls the restaurant and arranges payment for the entire place. Of course when they come to your table to give you the news that some anonymous benefactor has paid for all meals, you look around just like everyone else as if you are wondering who it was that made the payment. This can be fun for any kind of event or place where you are at. It is always someone from a far that is doing this, and you “just happen” to be in the middle of it when it happens. How fun is it for you to see how everyone is reacting to what you have done, without them knowing it was you.

You could drive down an off ramp on the highway, and see a bum on the side of the road begging for money. You can call your go-to guy, and then the next thing that happens is a limo pulls up to the bum and takes him to a hotel for a fabulous meal and new clothes and a house or apartment. But you did not do that in person, you called your Remote Funding, guy (or gal), to make “things” happen.

Magnum P.I.
A fun TV program that I used to watch back in the day was Magnum P.I. He was a Private investigator who lived on a wealth estate in Hawaii managed by a butler named Higgins. Higgins was always talking about the owner of the property and what he wanted to be done. Interestingly, we NEVER got to see or meet this illusive Multi-Millionaire. He was always late, or couldn’t make it. The funny thing was the show hinted at the idea that the Butler who ran the estate was actually the owner. You could be the care taker of your estate and sleep in the master bedroom since you take care of the place and no one ever finds out you actually own it. There are lots of fun ways to play this.

The Bottom Line
The bottom line is that this question of who will know you are super rich and who will not is a very big decision and needs to be thought out carefully. While you can always reveal yourself later, you can never go back to anonymity if you reveal yourself right now. Take some time to plan how you will play this roll. It may be a combination of many different plans altogether. You are the manager of the estate, or of the charitable trust, or you just work for them as a “Finder” of people with needs. There are a million ways to play this and lots of people and companies that are designed to be fronts for people who want to stay anonymous. Think it through, as you will have nothing but time to decide. 

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows