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“In The Doorway” – VERITAS Report – 12.4.16

“In The Doorway” – VERITAS Report – 12.4.16

Received via email by VERITAS at 1:33 AM EST. ~ Dinar Chronicles

I am sorry, my friends, but I had a slight medical procedure that took me off-line for a bit. Sometimes our bodies decide things entirely and such was the case here. It slowed me down every so slightly and not at a time that I would have preferred. I am sorry to have inadvertently left you hanging. It was not my intention. I am doing just fine now.

Let me first post a status of where we are, as far as I can share.

I wonder if some of us realize the significance of having Grandfather decide that now is the time.

From a distance one can sense the change in the very energy surrounding the earth. From the far view, I can feel the shift from the bottom of my feet shooting down straight into the earth and grabbing my heart with something new. I can tell they are right. The change is here. The change is now.

Yet, here we are, standing in the doorway of this enormous change and tempted to say, “Where is it? When do we get it? Where is that number?” It is at once exciting and breathtaking and momentous.

Even as I share my understanding, remember that this isn’t about a single moment. It is about a major shift in the way we deal with each other as individuals, as countries, and as the whole of humanity. It is the shift from looking as an individual for a funding source to realizing that there is unlimited resource to initiate change. Big change.

How amazing is this? It will take a while to sink in for most.

At this moment in time, bonds and boxes are set to go on Monday. They are held in a giant “pause” for the currency side to catch up. That much I know for certain. Part of our delay last week was for the correction of some outdated bond documents due to our previous million delays. The changes have been made and are ready to go, at least on the first main batch.

On the currency side, I believe that they have achieved or are very close to the point in the church exchanges where we should be next. What has always been difficult, of course, is NOT knowing the exact steps that need to happen right around the release. As Intel gatherers, we try to find out where things are at and to set the right expectations.

It reminds me of when lightening strikes very near to you. It sets your hair on end and your skin pricks up. You know something just happened and you know it involved you, but you are a bit stunned. You don’t know for certain what it was.

I suspect that it is sort of like that. Here is this incredible moment of access, finally released, yet we still wait for the edge of the storm to reach us and the rain to hit our faces.

I pray that it is perfectly in place to release so that we can start to MOVE! As far as I can tell, we should be there by Sunday night ready for a major roll out of both bonds and boxes and exchanges on Monday and Tuesday. Right now, those that I know in the Admiral’s group are set for a Tuesday through the rest of the week payout schedule for individuals as it passes from the Sub Managers to the end of the line. If there is more to it, it isn’t out on the table at this point.

Together we will watch the process unfold.

Now, off to answer your previous questions. They will probably post tomorrow, but now they are my top priority. Right after that pain fill. Thank you for your patience.


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