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Inger Noren Channeling Her Higher Self- It is Time for the Women Now, May 30th, 2022

Great chaos in the Middle East. Women demonstrate for greater freedom and equality between men and women. The female energies have increased markedly and this has contributed to increased power and will for the women in these countries. Many women are considered to be owned by men and should have no action, but the female population has risen up and challenges men to take a stand for equal and humane treatment of women and girls. Women must be able to make decisions about themselves if they want to study and have a gainful employment, for example, and all girls must have the opportunity to go to school to be able to study for their own sake.

Men have for too longe  decide over women and find it difficult because their women want to be independent and decide over themselves. This is just the beginning of a new free thinking with the female energies that also benefits men. Men too would feel good about their women being able to fend for themselves and also help their children become more independent.

The customs in these countries that honor is the most important thing in families must become a thing of the past. Women must be given the opportunity to choose whether they want to get married or live for themselves. Above all, not to be divorced against your will in your early teens.

This conflict will escalate more and more with women who have moved from their country with their families to other countries not having the opportunity to differ with the laws and regulations in the new country, but they must find themselves in the man’s will with rules from the home country. The husband, on the other hand, can separate from his wife by simply displacing her. These rules must be stopped by the women themselves and this development is something that becomes very crucial in conflicts in the countries where the men are refugees and can not comply with the laws that apply in the new country.

When cooperation begins to work between men, women and the indigenous people, peace will become a fact and this is something that is spreading to the countries of the Middle East. Expect women to come up with constructive solutions for the benefit of all. Rules of honor will disappear and that will be a blessing for both men and women.

This comes from my Higher Self