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Inger Norén Channels Her Higher Self, April 21st, 2021

Inger Norén Channels Her Higher Self, April 21st, 2021


It is with joy that we can inform humanity about new and important information regarding what has happened behind the scenes and also what has and is happening on Earth.

The most important event is that all the work that has been done by humans but also by galaxies will be revealed to humans. It refers to the miracles concerning the destruction of the planet of the dark, but also to the work of the Divine Plan. Both of these events are divinely predetermined in this time.

The galactics are constantly working to protect our planet from malicious creatures that want to harm or take over our planet. They have saved us many times from being eliminated by the dark who want our planet for their own gain and possibly have some people left as slaves. It will not be allowed and the continued existence of the dark will not exist for that long. Their era is over.

The continuing pandemic is a must to make the population understand that this is also a way for those who cannot follow to a higher dimension, to leave Earth to go to the other side of the web when the Earth shifts to the fifth dimension. It is both the virus and the vaccines that work together to end these people on Earth. They return when they are ready and before that they work to help with the ascension from the other side of the web.

With a plan that aims to bring joy, love and fellowship to the people has already yielded results in most countries on Earth. Awareness has been raised significantly since the shutdowns and it will continue to rise with the amazing energies hitting the Earth at this time. Many are the people who now want a change in their lives, no matter what it means for the future. Many have understood that it is no longer as before the shutdowns waiting for something to happen, but the big change is happening within yourself.

On the outside, it looks very similar from before, but with a new insight, this will also change. Many professions have already changed in society and even ceased. This will continue when people have to change what no longer works into something completely new. This is something that gives people a chance to use innovative solutions to make society work with completely different means than before and that benefits everyone with a better environment as a result.

Everything has an end like the old programming in the three-dimensional reality to make room for a new programming that refers to a time of freedom, love and compassion for each other on Earth. A time of recognition for the equal value of all human beings, regardless of country, gender or race. This is a new time with a future that is a great opportunity for the realization of their dreams – A paradise on Earth.






Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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