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Inger Noren Channels her higher self, december 20th, 2022

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I walk through the forest towards the beach by the sea and it smells of fir and moss. The snow is almost gone and the ground is soft from all the moisture after the snow. The clouds are thick and dark, on this December day.

The sea is calm with only a few white crests on the waves and the sea birds are silent. I sit on a bench on the beach and look out over the sea with all the little islands and it’s very beautiful and peaceful. I feel watched and a man has arrived who wants to give me a serious message about the development of the coming weeks.

It is with great sadness that we want to inform people about a new major virus attack that will be decisive for many people’s existence on Earth. Among these people are those who must be removed from Earth as soon as possible so that they do not do more damage to Earth than they have already done. Many of these beings are not human but are controlled by artificial intelligence to annihilate humanity and these themselves are eliminated from Earth. However, there are many other people who leave the Earth in illness and after severe side effects from toxic vaccines.

This time is necessary to make the people wake up from the old reality and realize that a new time now applies which has completely different intentions for the people of Earth. Now peace must be prioritized and humanity has an obligation to each other to raise the vibration to a higher consciousness that will promote cooperation between the nations of Earth for peace.

This age begins now to continue in the millennial kingdom of peace. The people are the blessed people who, with the grace of Our Lord, lead to victory.