Love is our new reality

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Inger Noren Channels Her Higher Self, July 5th, 2024

In this time when everything will stand on its tip and the feeling that everything is over on Earth, but everything is not over, only the old era saying goodbye to welcome the new era and with completely different conditions for humanity.

It can be a difficult time with natural disasters and diseases, but Our Lord looks after his children and, as before, it is important not to be afraid of everything that happens because it is of divine intention. Many people will leave Earth to the other side of the web and it can be scary for a lot of people as the way there is something you don’t know.

It is not quite true because everyone comes from another existence before the incarnation on Earth and this existence you return to after you have left Earth. This existence is the real world with a reality beyond anything you can imagine. The light and love that prevails is something that cannot be described because similar experiences cannot be achieved on Earth in life.

The love, forgiveness and understanding of all who cross over to the other side of the web is something that many cannot imagine. Many feel that they have done such heinous offenses or other harms to people that they do not believe they can be forgiven for them, but we have all been perpetrators and victims in our past lives. No one can make accusations against others if you have done serious damage to others yourself. All is forgiven when you leave to the other side of the web, even if you still suffer from your behavior towards other people who may remain on Earth in life. This is the only “punishment” you can feel, but it is just as important to be able to forgive yourself as it is to be forgiven by those you have hurt.

On the other side of the web there is only love, joy and even gratitude. Nothing else exists in the dimension you are in that relates to what awareness you have when you get to the other side. There are many levels of consciousness that exist on the other side and all are equal with love and joy for all. Some have advanced further in their spiritual development and thus come to higher dimensions, but there is no difference when it comes to love, that is, unconditional love. It is equally real in all dimensions.

Feeling fear of crossing over to the other side of the web when you feel it is close is understandable because it is something unknown that can be scary to come to, but visualizing coming home to a reality that is the real reality might ease the fear and anxiety. Asking a prayer to Our Lord for forgiveness for one’s sins can be a help to release fear as the love from Our Lord is so great. Amen