Love is our new reality

Inger Noren Channels Her Higher Self, March 25th, 2023

The big flash from the Central Sun is near, closer than we thought because time is running faster.

It will be a big change for everyone on Earth and only for the better, regardless of whether you belong to the lower or higher dimensions. It will be a change that contributes to a higher understanding of what has happened, but also what is happening now. After this flash, life becomes different for everyone for better or worse, but above all a freedom for the people that finally frees them from all oppression and slavery.

This freedom can be difficult at first before everyone understands that reality has changed so that everyone has the opportunity to live the life they have always dreamed of. Then there are no restrictions on the creation of what is most important in life. All people have an opportunity to change if they want and with this freedom there is a transition to a higher dimension for those who are destined for a life on the new Earth.

To already start preparing for this life and have a vision of how life will be with smaller groups in a society that is not dependent on what was most important in life before. Not being constantly connected to digital functions, but only being able to get all information with the power of thought and knowing everything that happens in your vicinity and in the rest of the world, life becomes so much easier.

The Internet and other digital forums will no longer be relevant. All this information can still be obtained because everyone is part of the multidimensional consciousness where everyone gets to know everything they want, everywhere in the world. Life for humanity will be so very different in all respects, but above all it will be a loving togetherness and the love of Our Lord will be something that everyone will experience with many miracles that will occur, just as Our Lord has promised.


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