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FXStrategist   May 21, 2016
This was written today for a handful of newbies who I just recently got into Zim. They all took a flyer because of their faith in me — and the low capital risk, truth be told. Some are very linear thinkers, some are highly spiritual, they all have strong backgrounds and a passion for helping the planet,

My first humanitarian project has been to help this community, our community, or currency holders and near-future global philanthropists. I will continue to be of service after we exchange. If I can assist you in assisting others, that’s what I call leverage!


There will be two rate structures available to you. (allegedly)  One is the “International Rate” and the other is the “Sovereign Rate.” The International Rate is a set rate that will show on the screen at the bank when you go to exchange. (It differs from a “Market Rate” which will fluctuate when these currencies being to trade. You do not need to know or reference this rate. It is just for your understanding.)

The International Rate is also the rate at which “the public” — people who hold currency but have not been following it and becoming educated through Internet groups — will exchange in the days to follow. There is a huge spread between the two

The availability to us of a “Sovereign Rate” is associated with this historical moment in time and, specifically having to do with the Zimbabwe Dollar, it refers normally to the rate at which the currency — really an historical bond —trades between countries.

As of the restoration of The Republic of the United States through NESARA Law (removing the imposition of a hidden 1781 Corporate law), we are only just becoming sovereign citizens which somehow entitles us, for this short window only, to these sovereign rates
ASK YOURSELF (then read on)

How much personal wealth do you want to have? (After considering the rates below.)
Would you be able to handle, enjoy, and deploy more than that?

Beyond that amount, are you interested in becoming a global philanthropist?

Can your consciousness expand high enough and quickly enough to dive in?

If you think not, can you consider creating this additional insanely large amount of funds and give yourself time and education so that you might be able to grow into it? There is practically no identifiable downside except mental/emotional, and this is up to you

Remember: you can utilize a management structure to deploy these funds and interface on your behalf with WF without your active participation, even though you are the ultimate at least nominal decision maker — like hiring wealth management instead of picking investments yourself.

You can do this in either an active or arm-chair fashion. But without your taking the high amounts, the money goes to a central fund that WF will direct — benevolently. It’s like giving money to United Way instead of individual causes you care about

No one but you will know your rate or decision. No one will judge your decision. It is all up to you. Not everyone is cut out for global philanthropy — certainly not at this unprecedented level and scope. But virtually no one in this investment is prepared.

We are all jumping into the deep end together and will learn on the job. The prospects of helping so many people who are sick, impoverished, and enslaved and cleaning up our polluted and poisoned planet are huge, and the privilege has come to you for a reason. Ponder that.


You will be asked to give the following information to determine your place and time for exchange:

Your name and zip code (for giving you an address for your redemption center)

Which bank you’d like to exchange with (Wells Fargo)

How much and what kind currency you have (ZIM)

How many notes at what denominations (10 Notes @ $10T each = $100 Trillion Zim)

What to bring: Your currency and receipts, two forms of picture ID and a utility or other bill proving current residency. You will not be able to take your phone inside the appointment, so write down any calculations or questions. Have pen and paper to take notes


Be aware that there will be military security in a 7 to 15 mile radius of your redemption center at the same level as the President. AS. THE. PRESIDENT. It will be extremely safe — and invisible.

Redemption facilities will not be bank branches. If there are no WF branches near you, it will be immaterial. Sites will be either military bases or airports or armories — places that already have an infrastructure in place for military level security.

Once inside, you will go through a couple of stations to register and verify your identity, get your paperwork started, and finally go to meet with an agent who will go through the negotiations with you. Everything is designed to be very smooth and pleasurable for you.

After all, you are becoming a very big customer to them, what is known as an Ultra High Net Worth Individual.


(Note: these proceedures and rates are all speculative……Everything and Anything can change at a moments notice…be flexible…..and be prepared for changes)

If you choose the lower International rates, yours will be a straightforward exchange with a deposit made into a “Skeleton Trust”  (Allegedly)  which has been created inside WF expressly for this transaction. It keeps these huge cash infusions off the ledger for the bank and affords you anonymity and protection at the outset. It is a temporary holding trust until you can meet with lawyers and accountants and create your own structures or mechanisms. The Skeleton Trust will be good for a minimum of 90 days.

WF may also offer you the services of something known as a “Family Office” which is a staff of people who perform a variety of administrative and personal services for you. I would accept this offer, even if you plan to create your own Family Office later. Nothing they offer you obligates you permanently. It is all designed to make your exchange and first 90 days relaxed, secure, and accommodating


Sovereign Rates are dramatically higher than International Rates, and if you decide you want to go this way, you have to request they be shown to you.

If you agree to a sovereign rate, the services of the Skeleton Trust and the Family Office will be offered to you. However, you will enter into an entirely separate negotiation with the bank and you will be required to sign an NDA good for one to two years during which time you will not be allowed to share the details of your negotiations, i.e., rate and full amount of the sovereign deal. This is not to be feared and should just be signed. You will be allowed to share with your professional advisers (lawyers, accountants, “asset manager”).

You will negotiate the following three things:

RATE: The actual exchange rate is subject to your personal qualifications, your plans for humanitarian projects, and your commitment to forming a “long-term partnership” with WF for global humanitarian projects generated by them or by you. This portion is being created for you for expressly this purpose and is not meant to be spent for personal purposes nor to be left uncirculated in the account.

TIME DEPOSIT: The mechanism for the 75% minimum  that you leave in the Structured Payout will consist of a time deposit portion subject to your age.

RETURN: The rate of return (there is no “interest” anymore) on the time deposit portion is subject to what percentage you leave at the bank and for what amount of time.


(Note: Noone knows the date or rate at this time…..)

International: This is also known as the screen rate, the rate you will be show in your appointment. This rate is unknown at this moment because no one I know is going to take the International Rate and no one can remember where it last stopped as it was increasing months ago. Let’s just call it $1, although it could be as high as $14.

Sovereign: You will have to ask to be shown the sovereign rates. They could be as high as four or even five figures. Rates could be $1,000, $5,000, $10,000 or even $20,000.

SCENARIO 1: International Exchange Rate

You have $100 Trillion total in Zimbabwe Dollars. The formula is to knock off six zeros making your new total $100 Million. Multiply that times the rate and you have your total of United States Treasury Notes (USN), the new currency that is gold-backed (i.e., not fiat dollars). The new currency is fungible with the old currency, so nothing lost or gained there.
You do not have to leave any money at WF in the Structured Payout program. You may or may not be offered a risk-free rate of return on it.

[Again, since no one I know is going for the International Rate, no one has really discussed or offered any details about what you will get for a rate or for bank services outside of the sovereign/structured deal. Nonetheless, the amount of wealth you have still makes you a VIP client! You will have to ask.]
Sample International exchange rates:

SCENARIO 2: Sovereign Exchange Rate

You have $100 Trillion total in Zimbabwe Dollars. The formula is to knock of 6 zeros making your new total $100 Million. Multiply that times the rate and you have your total of United States Notes, the new currency that is gold-backed (i.e., not fiat dollars).
Sample Sovereign exchange rates:

At $5,000 per Zimbabwe dollar (minus the six zeros) = $500 BILLION

At $20,000 = $2 Trillion

Now, those last amounts seem like too much, don’t they? Well, consider this. It isn’t YOUR money, even though you have control over it. It is the world’s money, and it gets created through and in the name of an individual instead of staying inside the bank’s account for a reason. And the portion that is yours free and clear (a dollar amount or a percentage) is way more than you’d get with the International Rate.

You can read the next couple of pieces I’ve written and posted in our forums to get a feeling for why to DO IT. Worst case, you can say yes to the highest rate they offer you, take out a personal sum (the $100 Million or $1.4 Billion that you would have gotten through the International Rate, say; or a nice round number like $1 Billion or $10 Billion).

I would advise taking out only whatever you think you can spend, gift, or deploy in three months. Include new houses and hydrating yourself, family, and friends in need. Because after three months you receive your first quarterly distribution from the Structured Payout time deposit and, as you’ll see in the next section, that could be billions.


Let’s say you get paid a risk free return of 5% and you have left all $5 or $20 Trillion in the Structured Payout. Your first quarterly payouts (free and clear to you) are $25 Billion and $100 Billion respectively. This amount are both way more than the single payment at the International Rate. Returns are likely to be between 6 and 9%.

The “Returns” are in effect additional money that was created in the spread between what the bank gives you and what they get back from the benevolent Chinese Elders who are behind the creation (or, more precisely, the guarding and repatriation of our stolen portions) of this global wealth. So it is really just another form of Structured Payout, added on over time.


This is not a performance but a demonstration of your suitability. It is OK to take this document with you and to highlight and read these bullet points. They expect people to be nervous, and most of the currency holders have never had wealth and are very unsophisticated.  By comparison, you are highly accomplished and sophisticated, and you should be of great interest to them to have as an ally and partner in literally saving the planet.


The rates offered you will be dependent on your ability to clearly express the following three things (go ahead, highlight and read them at the appointment):
I am committed to funding global humanitarian projects.

I have a long-term commitment to partner with WF in humanitarian and planetary cleanup projects.

I am willing to leave at least 75% (and probably most) of my funds as a Structured deposit.
Even though it is impossible for you to have sizable enough projects with enough scope and reach and expertise to even begin distributing these funds for the good of the world, WF is interested to hear about your passions (e.g., health, pollution, preservation, aid and assistance, technology, businesses, &c) and your commitment to use your wealth, after settling yourself and loved ones, for the good of the world. They understand that most of your time-deposited principal will go into projects in which you partner with WF.


The new, beneficent powers that be behind WF will bring you projects to vet and participate in. You get to pick and choose, personalizing your participation in helping the world. They want this. You can also bring them projects to help you with. The best way to handle this interview portion of the meeting, with an eye to securing the highest rates possible, will be the following:

Be honest. “A friend got me into this just recently and I’m frankly brand new to it. But this friend has been a thought-leader in the community and had been planning to fund me personally and decided last minute that I would be a powerful enough engine for humanity that I should be independently funded. (OK to identify me)

This friend is extremely knowledgable and well-connected, and is close to intel providers and other influential people in the RV/GCR world. These leaders have organized ways to coordinate humanitarian efforts together. There are plans for a convention in September, a website for cross-investing in one another’s projects, and an already established online community for continuing education and sharing called

Several members of this community have impressive resumes and experience in business, finance, and venture capital with good knowledge of NESARA Law, and governmental and financial system reformations.

[NB: You can look at the website now and sign up for the convention.]

I am also planning, with the help of this friend, to assemble my own family office with a focus on project development, research, analysis, and execution. My friend already has such an entity ready to go and their first assignment includes setting up my family office with linked communications among them.

[Talk about your own background with an emphasis on any international or charitable or sustainable work or interests. That includes the arts.]


Once you have negotiated and settled the exchange portion of this humanitarian transaction, you can ask to take a maximum of either $7,500 or $9,000 home and to transfer funds into the checking account of your choice to begin your imminent financial activities. I do not recommend paying off credit cards or mortgages as soon after we commence
exchanging the implementation of NESARA law will create a “debt jubilee” (ALL debt will be forgiven) and interest rates will no longer exist as they are illegal. You may, however, want to buy a car or put a down payment on a house.

In any case, you will be scheduling a follow up appointment in a couple of days of inside a week with a “Wealth Manager” at WF. It is in this appointment that you can wire funds to other people that need emergency financial hydration or other transactions such as wiring money into existing accounts for your personal or professional use. WF will have the only lawyers and accountants trained in NESARA law, so you will want to seek their advice when setting up your own trusts and LLCs.

Since taxes will be abolished, and because the goal of many financial structures are tax-centric, we may have different vehicles than those that pre-existed this reformation.I cannot emphasize enough how “new” WF is a completely different and benevolent animal only a superficial resemblance to the previous WF.

Things like derivatives and investing for shareholders are an instant thing of the past. We are instantly placed inside a Brave New World of abundance and client-centric business.

Keep in mind that you are strongly conditioned to distrust institutions that have cheated and screwed you and all humankind for literally millennia. Be willing to put that distrust aside and believe that this is benevolent transaction on a highly spiritual level.