Love is our new reality

Interregnum Period #4 (Political and Disclosure update) by Per Staffan, May 15, 2021

Dear Light Warrior,

It’s probably only us warriors of the light who are left. We are attacked from many directions and we are forced to see it as a struggle to keep the light. We are reminded of this by the Masters – keep the light, keep the hope, it will soon get better. We ourselves may be wondering what soon is? This is the wrong question of course, because when we have come this far, there is no other way than this way and then the linear time perspective becomes less important. We also know that many given dates have not held, but have been primarily set to confuse the dark.

Despite this, there are inevitably positive developments to point out. Sananda recently said that a domino will fall soon, the first of many. For my part, I cannot imagine a better domino than the forensic audit in Maricopa County, Arizona, of the voting result there. The Biden administration has sent down a squad of about 100 lawyers to try to stop this process. Not much is written in the mass media. If this now can be compared to the first domino tile that falls, then the conversion in many other counties in Arizona and other “swing-states” will be dominoes number 2, 3, and so on. The mass media will try to undermine the result when it comes out eventually, but with the same result of repeated election fraud, it will be difficult to deny and will lead to an uprising of the people.

This is not just about adding ballot papers or removing ballot papers and dead people who have voted and other invalid votes. This has happened, but perhaps the most frightening part is how the company Dominion, which manufactures the machines, were the one who controlled the process – no one else had the password for the software. These Dominion machines have the ability to electronically change the votes after ballot papers have been logged into the machines. These machines are used around the world and are said to have been the reason why communists were voted in in Venezuela.

In Sweden many say that what happened in the United States – election fraud with ballot papers – could never happen in Sweden. We require identification and you cannot do anything with ballot papers in the same way as in the USA. This does not consider the more sophisticated cheating with the Dominion machines. We need to get the results in Maricopa County and other places in the US in order to let alert the rest of the world to this sophisticated cheating via Dominion machines.

It is not only Sweden and the United States that have important elections in 2022. Another very important election is in France. There, they have managed to oppose Marine LePen’s party for decades by a narrow margin – probably through election fraud and the use of Dominion machines in recent times. As you have read, a group of retired generals and other soldiers have gone out and warned of a civil war in France to secure the republic that is under attack from the Islamists. Public opinion sees Marine LePen as better equipped to withstand the Islamists and she leads Macron in the opinion polls. Macron has taken some steps in the right direction but it seems that he is forced to take such action to have a chance against LePen. His actions also do not seem to have any point and fall flat against the Islamists – as their goal is to kill the infidels, as it says in the Qur’an, and give birth to many children so that they democratically can seize power in France and introduce Sharia law. France is a country to observe. Recently, the Frenchman Michael Barnier has demanded that immigration to the EU be stopped for five years. A civil war, potential, could also lead to France leaving the EU. There are now reports coming out of how strong the UK economy has become after leaving the EU, which spurs the will to leave the EU behind.

What is going on in the Western world, the United States and Europe, is an exchange of people. In the United States, people are now pouring in across the southern border, many are just children, who Biden takes care of for humanitarian reasons. Yes, if they come into the country as children, you have to take care of them. However, it is a matter of smuggling children. Financial support is provided to these illegal immigrants rather than to American citizens. At the same time, the cabal has taken away well-paid jobs for Americans, as companies have moved to China. Trump tried to reverse this, but Biden is now following in the footsteps of Obama. As a result, it is very difficult for young Americans to afford to start families, and birth rates in the United States fell by 4 percent in 2020. At the same time, large quantities of drugs are being smuggled in – fentanyl made in China. This is mixed into regular preparations and young people take these pills and die. Tens of thousands die every year, as a direct result of manufacturing of drugs in China. So, the traditional people of the United States are shrinking and being killed and new groups are entering the country. It’s a change of people.

The cabal has the same strategy and goals in Europe, but perhaps a different tactic. Islamic so-called refugees are used in Europe. As in the United States, it is a mixed bag of terrorists and criminals with legitimate refugees mixed in. However, one may ask whether we in the Western world can afford economic refugees. The goal is not only to replace people, but also to destroy the culture that has been built up in the Western world.

Here is an account of what is going on in Sweden – in stark terms. In Sweden women overwhelmingly support leftist leaning parties in favor of immigration. This is in spite of the fact that many so called “arriving alone children” are in fact young men who lie about their age. They come from non-European nations, often muslim nations. Personally, I have always had a hard time understanding why the pro-immigration parties on the left wing are supported by such a large majority of women, at the same time as Swedish women and foreign women are beaten, raped and killed (including family honor crime – killing your daughter for dating a Swedish man).

The simple explanation is that these, mostly young women, do not understand the connection, or refuse to want to understand. Do these women not understand that if you import “unaccompanied children”, ie a majority of young men, then it becomes a skewed society with too many men and too few women. A new phenomenon has emerged called “incells”, ie involuntary celibacy – and not only in Sweden. It is then about younger men who can not find a female partner, they are not attractive enough women say. They are not high-income earners and perhaps they are feminists in their attitude. Sweden is a feminist country on the whole. The Swedish women instead prefer patriarchal immigrants as they perceive as more masculine and attractive. Why have Swedish men allowed themselves to be feminized? The feminist woman might have a love affair, as they see themselves entitled to and at first things go well, before the abuse begins, then it may be too late. Many of these foreign cultures, now in Sweden, see the woman as a property. These many women are abused, murder and raped in Sweden. However, because of the control of the press the ethnicity of the perpetrators is not allowed to be disclosed.

In feminist Swedish society, however, the woman is liberated and she can have sex with whomever she wants and is happy to experiment with new cultures, and maybe even have children. At one level, the result is that liberated feminists are very open and receptive to male representatives of foreign cultures for “we can sleep with whoever we want”, as men have always done. The immigrant patriarchs think it is nice to have willing women, who in fact often see them as whores, according to their Islamic tradition. The latter Swedish women are not generally aware of.

Immigration has greatly strengthened the incell phenomenon where Swedish young men cannot find a partner, and may remain at home with their mother for financial reasons. This then reduces the growth of the Swedish ethnic group, but it is probably a goal, because people replacement is what is sought by those in power.

This development also affects women – they are raped, beaten and killed. It was stated the other day in a major Swedish pather that the majority of murders of women are committed by men born in Sweden. It is a disguised lie in that they do not write about ethnic groups. This statement is technically correct. What is not talked about is that it is men born in Sweden to immigrant parents who commit these crimes to a large extent. It is the second generation who hate their new motherland the most and its culture, and its women who do not follow the norms of the immigrants.

As SvD wrote it, it is intended to be interpreted as meaning that it is ethnic Swedish men who commit the crimes against women. There is a big difference between Swedish men and men born in Sweden. We should talk about Swedes (the ethnic group) and citizens of Sweden. This is logical in a multicultural society where it is no longer true that you belong to the ethnic group of Swedes just because you are a citizen of Sweden, especially due to the lack of assimilation.

How long will it take for young Swedish women to see these connections and start voting accordingly and take responsibility. Who knows. As the media does not present the connections, it must take place at grassroots level – where people / women see how their sisters are beaten and murdered by men with a non-European immigrant background. Then maybe there can be hope.

Sweden and France are on a similar trajectory and parallels are very clear.

We will move on and discuss other topics. Donald Trump is not only a leader for the United States but for the whole world. Before temporarily resigning as President, he put in place structures around the world that have proved difficult to pull down. He created peace between Israel and several Arab nations, but not Hamas and the Palestinians who work with Iran and receive financial support from there. Now under Biden, Iran has more money to hand out.

Trump indirectly created a coalition in Southeast Asia to stand up to China. One should not give all the praise to Trump, because the development has also been driven by several nations on their own initiative. India has risen and continues to stand strong in opposition to the Communists in China. The Indian islands of Nicobar and the Andaman Islands are being militarized at the entrance to the Strait of Malacca – where a majority of Chinese exports and imports pass through. These islands were a gift from Japan to India once upon a time. Japan is also helping to militarize these islands, which can be compared to permanent aircraft carriers. Eavesdropping cables are also being laid to find out if Chinese submarines are crossing the strait. Earlier India also stopped China in Tibet. The Indian economy is being dissociated from the Chinese. At the same time, India forges closer ties with their old ally Russia and thus draw Russia into the developing informal anti-Chinese coalition.

Japan has taken on a leadership role to stand up to China. It openly gives its support to Taiwan in case China attacks. It cooperates, as I said, with India and Australia. In parentheses, it is perhaps not so unlikely that there will be a so-called kinetic war between China and Taiwan, started with an invasion, as people generally think. The cabal that also governs the Chinese Communist Party does not mind creating wars in the world, they have started most historical wars. With Trump out of the White House, the Chinese can see it as a good opportunity. The cabal also wants an economic restart – a war with Taiwan and Japan might be well suited for these purposes, as well as reduce the population. It can also be noted that in the case of Taiwan, Macron in France has expressed its open support for Taiwan and is sending an aircraft carrier to the area.

Countries such as Japan, Australia, India, Vietnam and the Philippines have realized the danger with China and are prepared to act. These countries have continued to crack down hard on China. Australia has recently cancelled its Belt and Road program with China and there is speculation about a kinetic war between Australia and China regarding certain islands in the Pacific Ocean. Vietnam and the Philippines are getting ready to meet the Chinese militarized fishing fleet in their waters.

It all escalates. The Chinese can easily believe that they have controlled the United States because Biden is there and they control him. However, Trump set up a US military structure that will not be controlled by Biden or China if war breaks out.

Yes, it can be easily ignited with strikes in this part of the world. The positive here is probably the good relations between Russia and India and it would be difficult to see how Russia would support China.

Yes, we’re in a mess. We knew it would come before liberation. We are unstoppably moving to multiple disclosures. It’s starting to get easier to see how people will be exposed. Dr. Fauci is finding it increasingly difficult and this leads to an understanding of how it was the Chinese who developed Covid into a bio-weapon, and it will roll on from there.

We as warriors for the light must keep our love for ourselves in the first place and stand up in joy when we understand that chaos becomes liberation.

Light and Love,

Per Staffan