Ivo of Vega via Sharon Stewart, December 9th, 2019

Why the Dark Seeks to Divide | Ivo of Vega via Sharon Stewart

The Light works on unity; so the dark seeks to divide and conquer

Me: Ivo, we have a lot to learn here on earth.

Ivo: (Laughing) Ashtar is teaching you who his mother is.

Me: Yes. Let me explain for the viewer what Ashtar told me. He said that his mother is any woman who is incarnated from the soul of the woman who actually gave birth to him, because it is the soul who is his mother, not the physical being. Here we see our mother as being the woman who gave birth to us, but because the galactics understand that we’re not just a physical being, they relate to each other at soul level, not at a physical level.

Ivo: Yes.

Me: So how many mothers do you currently have, Ivo, or for that matter how many have you ever had?

Ivo: Millions when you consider that my current mother, Layeela, is only one soul who has given me incarnated life. I have had other souls who have given me life in other incarnations. For example, the birth mother of Ramon, whose name was Hetta, has been my mother for several incarnations. She has been your mother in one incarnation….

Me: You’re referring to the soul, not the physical person.

Ivo: Yes. But the point I wish to make is that we really are one. When you continue to look at your birth mother as being the only mother you have, it is confusing to realize that you have another mother who is alive at present as well.

Me: Yes, Vary who is Vegan and the mother of my 5D aspect, Cheeanaya. Because the soul is the same she guards me as a daughter. She didn’t say, “Well, the earth mother should be guarding her, not me!” She comes and is with me all the time. I have to admit, it was confusing when I realized I had two mothers, but then I was still looking at it from a physical perspective.

Ivo: So are your other mothers guarding you from Vary’s same soul, my love. This is what Ashtar is saying: they all see you as their daughter because you are birthed from an incarnation of their soul.

Me: Geez, I’d hate to organize the family picnic.

Ivo: We are all one big family, my love. We are all interconnected. Your viewing life from the limited perspective of a physical being immediately disregards the verity of unity of all consciousness. In the galaxy we understand our connection to all others; you do not because you have been taught not to.

Me: So the mother really has to do with the feminine aspect of the soul, not a physical person who happens to be female. So what happens when the feminine aspect of the soul incarnates as a male? This has happened. I know I’ve been a male in a couple lifetimes.

Ivo: Yes, This is done to strengthen the masculine within a particular feminine soul. My dear, I feel you cannot understand this but it is done. You are feminine but you have a masculine side, do you not?

Me: Yes.

Ivo: Your predominance is towards the feminine but you are also carrying masculine energies. All monads split into souls who carry both polarities, not just one. Your masculine side helps you to relate to me and my feminine side helps me to relate to you.

Me: Aha. Okay.

Ivo: So you see when your people are fighting others who are perhaps other aspects of yourself or your parents this is incorrect. Your seeing things as strictly physical beings hampers your understanding of unity of all consciousness and interconnectedness of all to each other. My love, we helped you understand that all upon earth are connected. I remember you thinking if one person married another person who had a child who married into another family who had a child and married into another family, then there must be connection between all upon your earth. We worked with you to understand that at that time.

Me: I remember that. That was my lesson in Bloodline 101. LOL

Ivo: And yes, your bloodlines extend out into the galaxy. You are born now into the same bloodline as Anara who is your great grandmother many times over, and both of you are in the bloodline of my fifth dimensional mate, Cheeanaya. You also carry some of her DNA in this body. You are all the same being – the same soul but with different bodies. You are simply Cheeanaya’s third dimensional aspect.

We are unified within the galaxy and in other dimensions, and this is our strength. In understanding our relation to all others as being the self, we are non-violent. It is your perception on earth that you are unique and unconnected to others that allows the perpetration of harm onto others on your planet. Your perception that the differences in race and color indicate a different clan and therefore, potential enemy is ridiculous.

You are all interconnected. There have been and continue to be interracial marriages and matings, therefore there is no such thing as a pure race. Insistence on such is also ridiculous.

Your royals go back in history as wishing to keep their bloodlines pure by inter marriage and they paid the price by acquiring diseases that are common to incestuous relationships. This proves, as well, that our strength is in our unity, not in separation of bloodlines. Nature only validates the point I am making: separation of species weakens them.

I hear you say, “Yes, Ivo, but all people are sick on this planet,” and to that I reply, “My love, it is your negativity that perpetuates your illnesses and weakens your bodies. Were you to have fully functioning DNA, and a more positive outlook, you would never become ill.”

The dark are the ones who seek division because they know that a divided humanity is a weakened humanity. Our strength is in numbers, not in our aloneness.

They have taken lengths to teach you that division is the way to live because they know that it weakens your resistance to their domination of you. So they create the double-party political system. They have created separation within the religions. They have created division between the old and the young by social programming. They have created division between countries which have led to wars.

The reason this seems logical or justifiable to you is because there are two genders: male and female, so it was easy to make the assumption that since there is diversity in the genders, than separation must occur elsewhere as well. You have a class system. You have the elites and the workers.

Your egos focus on the differences between all instead of understanding your commonality and there you divide yourselves.

The dark will divide wherever possible because they understand that to divide you, to set you against each other, will weaken you. In the galaxy, we are all one. We care for others as we care for ourselves. We honour each other as we honour ourself because we understand that all reflect back to you who you are. We see the life of another as being as important as our own. Only in holding these values do we prevent the separation that you are experiencing on your planet. With our understanding of ourselves as energetic consciousness rather than physical bodies, we understand our unity and we live by this.

Your people do have much to learn. The dark will drive a wedge between you in any way they can. They have genetically altered the male and the female to create division, instead of the complements to each other that you should be. This has led to many problems in relationship. The solution is always to rise above the ego in relationship and relate to others at a soul level. That level of consciousness cannot be affected by the dark. Once the heart is open, the dark can only try to shut it again to bring you down into the lower mind. This is the basis of the consciousness war that has enveloped your planet for eons.

It is beginning to abate, and amen to that!

Me: LOL I agree. We’re waking up.

Ivo: So, my love. That is it for tonight. I sense your fatigue and will leave you with this.

Me: Thank you Ivo.

Ivo: Yes, my love. My love of millions of years who has had many mothers and many fathers but is always the one soul that I belong with.