Ivo of Vega via Sharon Stewart, February 11th, 2020

Normalization of Destructive Behaviours | Ivo of Vega via Sharon Stewart

My Post today: Thing is, when we resist we have to win.

Why? Because the Deep State will call the anti-vax parents “incompetent” and use this supposed incompetence to enforce their vaccine agenda and further institute their control agenda to have legal rights over you for your children. Because that’s what they’re doing.

Intuition: Ahhhh… yes. That’s why the pedophiles are being exposed first in all of this! To indicate to parents that state officials DON’T have your children’s best interests at heart if they even have a heart, and this would be the Light campaign against the deep state campaign to exercise control over our children. Because that’s what’s really at stake here: the children, our future. And for those who reincarnate here, your children are you.

The more of this pedophilia stuff comes out, the more parents will distrust the state/government and begin to exercise their own jurisdiction over their children again. Smart move. That’s why the pedo’s were focused on so predominantly.

This is a strategic game like chess, and the game board is the mind of the earthling. So it could be said, really, that things are being revealed in such a way to the general public that would get them to start thinking for themselves. Because they need to!

That’s what came up this morning and I’m thinking of the recent Q-drop I saw where they were inferring that they have the deep state playbook, so when you know the game, then you can play to win it. That’s good because the dark banks on some of us opposing their agenda. It counts on this opposition because that way it can use it to restrict us further.

I’m wondering if the best resistance is no resistance, but then so many of us are so dependent on our governments that there’s no way we could say, “Bleep bleep to you,” and walk away. And that’s another good point, Ivo, we are DEPENDENT on our governments, not interdependent, not independent of them, but heavily tied to the government in a way that’s detrimental to our well being. People argue there are hospitals to heal us. Sure, and did you know that when your DNA is not hampered in any way, you can regrow your own limbs? The body can heal itself and here we are going to the dentist to get our teeth butchered and mercury poisoning put in and branded as some kind of (expensive) new innovation.

I’ve healed myself of a couple things already in my life just by focusing on ridding myself of the problem. Once I went to the chiropractor and he worked on the vertebrae that holds us my skull. I ended up dizzy as hell, fortunately I wasn’t driving, I took transit home. I had this for a couple days before I’d had it and decided to take matters into my own hands. I lay down and meditated on ridding myself of this dizziness problem and intuited it was something in my ear, some nerve or something, wasn’t even sure of it but when I stood up again, it was gone and the problem never returned.

Well, that’s a good segue, Ivo because this was what we were going to discuss anyway: the normalization of destructive behaviours.

Ivo: Yes, my love. Your world has been taught to accept destructive as a normal behaviour. Let me tell you how it is accomplished. It is a question of lowering your resistance to it. As a human of varying levels of consciousness, you may protest to various things being done or being instituted in your societies. However, what the parent finds unacceptable, the children have less resistance to, therefore your children are marketed to very young so that they become accepting of things that their parents abhor. Children at a young age are not terribly critical thinkers. There is nothing to stop the messages from being readily accepted. So the Deep State markets new ideas to the children, not the parents initially.

Me: But they can’t buy things. The parents have to do that.

Ivo: And you have seen children throw fits in retail stores when they do not get what they want. Most children believe that going shopping is getting things for them. They do not understand having to pay for anything and they do not understand any objection their parent might have to it.

My dear, you were aware of the generation gap of the 60’s. The parents were the short-haired, straight laced, go to church on Sunday parents who wore suits to work. Then the 60’s came along with the Beatles who grew their hair out as a symbol of resistance to their parents’ short hair. Yes?

Me: Yup. My father didn’t trust anyone with long hair.

Ivo: In earlier times, the music was invigorating, soothing, inspiring such as Mozart, romantic, and of higher calibre than what is produced by, let me say, Deep Purple and the Rolling Stones. It was also not heavily sexualized with misogynistic messages or messages of control over men by women.

Me: I love Ian Gillan!

Ivo: And he is a good singer, however, the music he sings however well he has done it, is chaotic, brash, harsh, with many themes of violence and attack running through the music.

Me: True. But they were anti-war as well.

Ivo: Yes, thankfully, a positive message in all of this, but since the Beatles, a cacaphony of irritating music has been unleashed upon your people. And a raucous lifestyle to complement the raucous music. Your rock and roll culture of the 60’s onwards has simply made a point of being the best at being the worst. There is nothing particularly redeeming about the music and it depicts a degradation in your culture through social programming. Because it was designed to be that way.

Me: True. I still like it.

Ivo: Your values have declined in so many ways.

Me: In the 50’s women were house slaves and second class citizens. At least now people take us seriously.

Ivo: This is true. However there is still a pornographic sector of your culture, there are still prostitutes, there is still much sexual repression and misogyny. The divine feminine is rising but out of the ashes, I might say.

Me: True. So there are changes.

Ivo: On our planets, there are no cultural changes. There is no degradation of our morals and values. They remain high always. We do not spend our lives living at odds with our children. Your social engineering is creating unnecessary friction between you and your children. The purpose of an extraterrestrial parent is to teach their child the highest standards of living and this is to be passed on generation after generation. Getting along with your children is a given in our worlds, not luck of the draw as it can be on yours.

This is another example of the normalization of destructive behaviour in your world.

There is destructive sexual behaviour.

Destructive eating behaviour. Why are there foods offered to you to ingest that are known to be bad for you? Because your profiteers get rich feeding you these poisons. That is why.

Even ways to destroy yourself and your liver while drinking! Your body is an ecology. It is an ecology that attempts to remain in balance. Do you think that drinking poisons is helping this ecology to thrive?

These things have all been normalized and considered acceptable in your societies. They are not. In accepting these ways of living as you call them, you are destroying yourself and keeping yourselves from understanding the true meaning of life. Only as you begin to achieve balance can you realize this purpose. When the body is too toxic, the soul cannot anchor its higher energies into the lower energetic vessel.

Your world practises destructive consumption in other ways: your over purchasing and mindless shopping habits are destructive consumption.

Your work environments specify that you work at least 8 hours straight in many jobs. Fortunately some are more forgiving. Part time jobs will offer 5 hour shifts and we say this is more than enough time doing something that does not fulfill your soul.

Your world is soul destroying. When you partake of convention, you are limiting yourself to being a fraction of who you truly are.

Me: Thank you Ivo.

Ivo: My love, I have had you on our healing beds so many times but you do not remember. We have had to help remove toxins from your body and your mind just to keep you clear enough to be a vehicle for our messages. You understand that you will never get cancer as so many on your planet do, because you understand that you are being healed on our ships. We will not allow your unhealthy toxic planet to destroy you.

Me: Thank you Ivo.

Ivo: My love, it was a gift of your soul to allow you to come to earth and we support her in her endeavour to make change for so many suffering people.

P.S. To the woman who sent me the incredulous hate mail message, “Who do you think you are????!!” Turn around and look at yourself, and ask yourself the same question. Why are you asking that question of me when you should have been asking yourself that all your life. Perhaps you’d know by now if you had.


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