Love is our new reality

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Ivo of Vega via Sharon Stewart, March 7, 2020

All is Love or Lack Thereof | Ivo of Vega via Sharon Stewart

Me: Can we go into more detail about Ashtar’s message please, Ivo?

Ivo: Of course my love. He said to stop attacking others. In your thoughts to put down your greatest weapon – your mind. Your minds have been trained to see what others do as being sinful, or wrong. There is no wrong, even in duality. There is positive and negative, however negative is an illusion. There is actually love and the lack of it; those are the dualistic terms under which you actually live.

Suffice it to say, your people have been trained through mind control and by example, to exhibit many unloving behaviours towards each other because this is the system you live in as well. When someone commits what you call a crime, you punish them with jail time. In fact, jails are created in order to make the rest of you believe that you are free. But you are not. Your minds are jailed by your controllers and you must set yourselves free.

And this extrication process can be difficult considering that you have reacted to certain things in these ways for so long. Your minds are hard-wired to react in the old ways. But any progress you make to stop your mind from being a weapon against others, is progress indeed.

All is love or lack of it. Remember that. And learn to see life in a new way.

You have a difficult time, my love, forgiving your neighbours from stealing food from your garden last year. You do not like your neighbours but in fact they were showing you where you are being unloving towards others.

Me: I don’t like people stealing my stuff.

Ivo: Because you have a perception of yourself as having so little, that you are impovershed.

Me: That could be why.

Ivo: It is why.

Me: Maybe I’m just a really ethical person.

Ivo: In the galaxy you are an adjudicator, who liaises between races that are creating unloving thoughts between each other. So you would see someone stealing from another race as being wrong.

Me: So maybe that’s why. The other thing is, Ivo, these people own a thai restaurant, so they should have lots of vegetables. Why they have to steal mine is beyond me.

Ivo: Yes. It is like the rich robbing from the poor and this is another thing that irritates you: you live on earth and understand that the one percent are stealing from those who they are responsible to. So this one situation is difficult for you to forgive because it has its roots into so many of your life’s themes, so to speak.

You are here to bring balance to the people of earth. You are here to bring them the Light and the Truth, yet you continue to be stolen from in areas where you have less.

The other thing you must remember, my love, is sometimes the Matrix knows how to upset you. And it will simply for the pleasure of lowering your frequency. You have had many problems with neighbours in that house and your moving was indeed a good move. You can now leave these people behind and forgive them for what they did. My love, it is important to realize that you live in a very unloving world, where lack of compassion is the law, and yes, this too irritates you, but attacking others who are also victims of the regime and of mind control is not the way of the Light.

Me: Yeah, they really pissed me off.

Ivo: And so they showed you where your balance is off.

Me: I’m not totally convinced, Ivo. Not at all. These people needed to be told to stop it. Sometimes the mind controlled should be told to take back control of their minds. That what they’re doing unthinkingly irritates other people. I’m sure everybody else would be quick to tell me what they don’t like about what I’m doing; I’ve had complete strangers do that already. Actually, that last one indignantly asking me, “Who do you think you are?!” verified to me that I’m on the right track with respect to influencing people.

Ivo: These were attacks. Often your character is called into question. That is the first sign of a toxic person: they call others’ character into question, not their actions. I understand that you do not entirely believe what I am telling you, my love, so let me say it in this way then: When you are engaged in unloving responses towards others, such as resentment of them, you are on the wrong side of the fence. Your heart is closed and you are back in the lower dimensions mindlessly enacting learned behaviours. For your own sake, you must learn to forgive others because in so doing, you will be set free.

Life is a process of ferreting out all unloving behaviours and changing it to loving behaviours.

Me: Okay, that I get. I see the self-centered reason why forgiving them should be done.

Ivo: Very well. Forgiveness of others, and they are not taking your vegetables anymore I might remind you, sets you free.

There are only two polarities: love and lack of love. Not positivity and negativity. Not bad and good. Only love and lack of love. When you look for the things people do that are loving you see their behaviour in shades of grey.

Yes, your superintendent is codependent. But he still drove you around to try to find you a washing machine yesterday. That was very caring of him.

Me: It was.

Ivo: So you can look at the loving acts he does, and the unloving acts that he does and boundary out the unloving acts and take what he gives lovingly. When you see others in shades of grey rather than black and white, you are less likely to condemn. Avoidant people tend to condemn others completely because of one flaw and sometimes this is not necessary.

Me: Good you added that because I detest liars.

Ivo: Liars will also lower your frequency. It is best to stay with those who value the Light and the Truth.

We realize you are living in difficult circumstances in your town and are actively seeking to move you away from there. Your holding light there is no longer necessary. As you are aware many in that town are awakening and you can thank yourself for that.

Me: Good. Nice to see results.

Ivo: So for all, to recap, train yourself to see the two polarities as loving and lack of loving. Love is the energy of the Universe however your people have been trained to misuse it out of fear.

Me: Another question Ivo, that I heard you guys were showing me yesterday.

Ivo: Yes.

Me: The question is about what we react to as lightworkers. Often lightworkers get upset. It’d be great to be calm and sail through our days happily knowing that all is going according to plan, but when unbeknownst to me, my frequency tanks and I get really fatigued again because I’m apparently sending light to the Giza pyramid to open a portal there or something, sometimes I get pissed off. Lightworkers get angry.

What you guys pointed out to me was that it’s WHAT we get angry about that indicates our character. For example, I get angry at what I perceive to be people suffering or dying unnecessarily. I get angry about people stealing from each other (yes, anyone, not just from me). I get angry about politicians lying to the people. I get angry about injustices done to anyone, but especially animals, the infirm, the elderly and children. I get angry about people getting ripped off or giving shoddy service. I get angry with manipulators and other bs’ers. I get angry about these types of things.

I also get angry because my cat peuked on the kitchen floor last night and I stepped in it at 5 in the morning which doesn’t quite fit the more altruistic thought processes I just mentioned.

Ivo: He showed you he is still sick.

Me: I got that. Why do I have to step in it then?

Ivo: Would you have known that he is ill if you didn’t?
Me: I might have seen it the next morning!

Ivo: Sometimes you do not clue in, my love.

Me: Yeah, that’s true, stepping in it makes it obvious, that’s for sure. No missing that.

Ivo: At times, you get angry for selfish reasons, you dislike inconvenience and that is because at higher dimensions there is no such thing. Many of the things you dislike on earth are things you have to put up with because you live at a lower vibration than you are used to, and so with your particularly backwards technologies, you must work very hard to keep your home clean, and cook your meals. You are not used to this so you complain about it. You feel your life is being squandered on menial tasks when you have greater feats to accomplish. This is true, you do have greater feats to accomplish and spending your time cleaning house is not your priority. However things are arranged this way to keep human beings at a survival level. You recognize this intuitively and become angry about this, you understand you are being held down. And you are.

Me: Okay. This is for you guys too, because I’m sure I’m not alone in doing this. This place is slow. Really slow. You go on trains and they take hours to reach their destination – not the case in the galaxy. Flights are cramped full of people and that’s not the case in the galaxy – movement is quick. Our bodies slow down with age – not the case in the galaxy. So life on earth is something I find I have a hard time adjusting to, even now, but especially since I have adrenal problems. I’m going to take EMFs more seriously and look into orgonite protection.

And then this whole host of other altruisms I’m reacting to are just things we’ve come to change here on earth. We’re bringing in the energies that will change this for the collective again. We hold the light and bring in the rays that have been kept from this planet for so long. So we have these what would appear to be idealistic ways of looking at things, but our idealism now will be tomorrow’s future.

Then there’s just reacting to others’ energies and that we discussed in a recent video. I react emotionally to people based on the energy I’m sensing from them. In fact, we empaths can become very much like the people we’re around, almost like chameleons, although we might not want to be. I prefer remaining altruistic and idealistic.

So the point of this is what what you’re reacting to, and understand that you may be angry but it’s because you see a lack of something, like love being enacted. Also you have to understand that these things are done for people to learn from, so there’s no reason even to become angry and I’m still working on that.

The road to 5D is a long one.

Ivo: When you reach that frequency you will come back to me.

Me: Yes. I want you to show me how to dissolve my body when I die. Graves have always freaked me out and cremation doesn’t look like a great option either.

Ivo: I will.

Me: Thanks Ivo. Just saying keep at it folks. Remember there’s only love and lack of love and that’s what duality is. Forget positive/negative. All is love or lack of it.

YouTube: SharonandIvoofVega