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J. F. Kennedy via Inger Noren, March 8, 2021

J.F.Kennedy via Inger Noren, March 8, 2021


This is a very important message. In the latest report on what’s going on in the White House, Washington DC, a conspiracy against the Republican Constitution is to eliminate it in order to introduce new provisions regarding the Great Democratic Congress with the president in charge. This is extremely serious and within the Republican Congress, with the help of the military, received a proposal from the President to immediately destroy the military part that has previously been allowed to decide on what the US government should have as its main goal. That is, to bring down the American and Chinese agreement that only China is allowed to have anything to do with the large export agreement with the rest of the world.

This is not known to the public, but the meeting with the President has had a devastating effect on the otherwise functioning military contact with other countries and which should immediately become known to the American people. This terrible lie and deception against the people will be devastating to the continued development of the infrastructure of the United States. These large generous contributions to those most in need in the country are only a way to be forgiven for what will be revealed to the people soon. These people / beings who decide in Congress and also the President are anything but honest with those who have elected the Democrats to power in the United States. It’s just a way of trying to declare war on the people of the United States and try to reduce the number of people in the United States.

It all has to do with how the democratic government with an agenda that only wants to destroy the important rise of the people and make them instead have more confrontations between those who have more in wealth than those who do not and also try to incur even more racism than has ever occurred. This is something that the people have not realized yet, but it is not long before they see this incredible betrayal of them with a force that will more or less be like a civil war. This must be stopped immediately, and with D. Trump’s help, there will be a statement that this fraud and this agenda that the Democrats have against their people should not happen.

This is a little tip in advance to my patriots who are so determined that the United States will be great again and with this I want to say to all patriots, do not give up with your compassion for each other and by have a perception that everything is not right you can be prepared for this to be revealed to you. By trying to reduce the shock for you when all these messages come in your media channels and give you knowledge of how things are in the US government, it will still be a big and worrying manifestation where many people want to end this charade, which it actually is. I felt I had to talk about what was happening to my faithful patriots that I love and cherish so much. I’m grateful that I’ve been able to talk to you master and that this goes out as a message to the people. I love you all my patriots.

Your affectionate John


Many thanks. In loving service. I am




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