Love is our new reality

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John F. Kennedy via Losha with Video, March 18th, 2018


Message from JFK 3/18/18

Let us begin…at the beginning. By that, I mean at “my” beginning…my Presidency, and even before.

I had been involved in the Armed Services for many years prior to my foray into politics. I had seen many things, many unbelievable to me at the time…but which have been proved true since that time. I was working from a knowledge base that was fairly limited, in hindsight…but I knew what I knew…and it was bothering me even before I became President of the united States of America (small “u” to represent our upcoming restored Republic).

So, when I was fortunate enough to become President, I had already made plans in my mind, of how I was going to run this blessed country…by eliminating those who did not have our best interests in mind, and who were so diabolical in nature, that I could barely comprehend their sinister ways.

Suffice it to say, I was unable to complete my heartfelt mission while on Earth. As such, I have become even more obsessed, you might say, in monitoring the progress of all things “Light”, since that time. It is such a wondrous vision from “up here”, to see all the brilliant starbursts of light, shining upward from beloved Gaia…and there are many, many starbursts of light!

I want to tell you all, that I am here, now…and I have been given a more prominent role in our progress toward Ascension, and our progress toward our inalienable rights, along the way. Yes, I am big on procuring our “inalienable rights”! It was something I was unable to manifest during my time there, and it bothers me greatly. However, I can see that my “dream” for a free humanity, is in very good hands now…and for that I am so very thankful to you all! You beautiful Keepers of the Truth, have restored my faith in humanity, as it had surely slipped a bit during my last moments there, many years ago. You are all so positive and unrelenting in your determination to help all of your brothers and sisters, to achieve the highest spiritual understanding available to you…Ascension. I truly admire how much fortitude and persistence you tap into each day, to ensure the ultimate success…for All.

As is usual for me, I can become rather verbose at times, so I will end this communication…for now. You will be hearing from me more, however…and from various channels, because this is a very important, and critical time period, in the life of Humanity…and I want to be here for it, and to help all of you manifest the very best world that we can! My love goes out to you all, in every moment, of every day. Your beloved, JFK.