Love is our new reality

John Lennon via Inger Noren, September 25th, 2020

John Lennon, via Inger Noren

25 Sep 2020

Hi Inger, I’m John Lennon and I guess you know me as one of The Beatles. I know you had us as idols when you were younger. I actually did not contact anyone after my death, much because I could not come to terms with the fact that I died so young and thought I had so much left to do in life, such as writing music. George Harrison is also at this station and he greets you so much. We are at a station where there is a lot of love as there is at all stations and we are both so happy that it has gone so well for the others in The Beatles. We had separated long before in the group.

It is amazing to experience this change happening on Earth and in the Universe. We have followed you in your work and seen how many have contacted you to inform everyone who lives on Earth about what is happening on Earth and in the Universe. Unfortunately, not many people know what is happening on Earth, but that will soon change. People will be terribly upset and terrified of all the scams they have been exposed to. It will be a very difficult time for many.

I know that many mourned me when I died and to them I just want to say that the love for you my fans was answered. When everything becomes difficult and incomprehensible in life, I want you to listen to music and then preferably to my and Georges’ music. We will be with you in mind when you listen to music no matter what, and we hope that you will feel a little confident when everything is very difficult and sad.

There will be better times. When everything has settled down and people have recovered from the inevitable that everything has changed in life and reality. You all go to a new time and a new world. You are blessed and you have our love.

John Lennon and George Harrison


Many thanks John and George.


In love I earn. I AM



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