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Josef, the researcher and doctor via Inger Noren, September19th, 2020

Josef, the researcher and doctor via Inger Noren, September19th, 2020


Hi Inger, I have a bit more to tell you. People need to know what is actually going on in most countries, when it comes to the medical part, which is very close to the hearts of some of us researchers and scientists. We want to emphasize the importance of people being very observant of what doctors say about influenza and medicines.

What we have seen from this side of the web is that some components have been added that are not dangerous individually, but together they are practically deadly. This makes it difficult even for doctors who are not researchers to see this connection. They are simply deceived. This leads to severe side effects for the patients and unnecessary suffering.

Doctors must also become better at examining and daring to question these so-called researchers who add these substances to medicines and vaccines. This is something we will be nagging about all the time until someone catches this scam to stop this misery.

Some researchers on this side of the web also say that in the technology industry, there is such fraud against the people regarding their money that belongs to the people. Money that goes to criminal networks alone and it is in the billions. Politicians do not dare to oppose the business community, even if there is evidence of this. It is both a shame and cowardice not to try to deal with this fraud. Unfortunately, it can be a terrible reaction among the people when they discover this scam.

It is not only in Sweden that this is happening, but it applies to the whole of Europe and it is a big problem. It is good that this is coming to the surface. People need to know. We are so incredibly grateful for this channel that gives us the opportunity to inform the people about what is happening in Sweden and in the world. This is a world problem.

With light and love

Josef with several researchers and doctors


Many thanks …. In loving service…. I AM


Comment: Josef died in 2017 after a life of work in medical research. Because of his now living family, his real name is not used.




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