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Juliano from Arcturus via Sanangel, March 10th, 2018

Juliano from Arcturus

via Sanangel

March 10th, 2018

Hi everyone,

It´s me, Juliano speaking.

Once more, I am delighted to be able to share this with you. Today we will continue talking about energies and energy work. I can see that many of you are fearful of facing certain energies. You rather take detours, or you simply do not go to certain places. A great deal of work goes into protecting yourselves, but this, my dear friends, often comes out of fear. Today I will teach you to face this, to face the energies, and to embrace them and let them pass right through your body. Awesome, isn’t it?


These heavier energies are also your very best tools to see how far you have come in the ascension process and what you need to work with. I will give you an example to explain this.

Imagine yourself at work, many of you are still working in places where the awareness is not so high. This leads to the fact that you need to deal with lower frequencies, both from the place itself and those of other people. You meet a colleague you know has a very low frequency, and in your mind, you start using several “protective techniques” to keep your frequency intact and not to swallow the energy of your colleague.

This, my friends, is the old way of doing this. Today I will teach you a more effective and more favorable way of doing this, for those of you who are ready to take a step upwards in the ascension process. So we will return to this same scenario.

You are at work and your colleague of the lower frequency comes and starts talking to you. Instead of protecting yourself, by trying to keep the energy outside of you, you do the opposite, you take it in and you breathe it in and you let the energy fill up all of you and your aura. You can thoroughly feel it, at the same time as you remain inside of it, strongly and consciously.

Then, you visualize and feel how you become all transparent and let the energy pass all through you and away from you. This, my friends, requires a great deal of courage. Because it requires that you can feel the depth of the negative emotions of another person, you let it into yourself to let it pass through you. But exactly as Mary is talking about your inner children and COURAGE, this COURAGE is the signature of the Light Warrior.

However, there is one more aspect to this energy work and that is your own emotional wounds getting triggered by similar frequencies. This means, if your colleague has a low frequency of grief, this will trigger your own unprocessed and stagnated energies of grief. And this is exactly what you need to face, you need to get outside of your comfort zones and challenge yourselves to reach the deeper aspects of yourselves that need to be healed.

You need to have the courage to do this and the will power to be the Light Warrior at the front, those who quietly transform the collective consciousness and carry the biggest loads. This is what is needed right now, those Light Warriors who are taking it higher, deeper and more powerfully. For you feeling struck by this, reach out to us. We are here to give you the help you might need. With all our joy and love we will lead you and the planet home.

Till next time// Juliano.