Love is our new reality

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“Jump” – GCR/RV Geopolitical Op-Ed – Saturday – June 3, 2017

“Jump” – GCR/RV Geopolitical Op-Ed – Saturday – June 3, 2017


We’ve focused so much on pre-RV events, whenever post-RV events enter into the conversation people seem to freak.

Remember when ZIM notes were claimed to be historic bonds a year and a half ago?
And remember when it was also stated the ZIM would end up equal in value to the Chinese Yuan?

Well new ZIM bond notes did come out at 1:1 back in November 2016. And now ZIM screen rates have been reported to be above the CNY screen rate of 6.82:1.

Keep in mind that if you, today, have $6.82 dollars in your pocket it’s more than $1.00 dollar. Even though that’s not what any of us have been resigned to believe as true monetary value.

Yet $6.82 is more than $1.00 all things being equal. But things are not equal, not in our lifetime. And the GCR/RV is making such obvious truths appear as real again.

Did the old monetary system of debt and insolvency ever really make sense?

Did a planet of perpetual war ever really make sense?

Did abject famine, poverty, homelessness, austerity, financial insolvency and escalating cancer rates ever really make sense?

Not to me. Did it to you? If so, why?

Just because we’ve grown up with something doesn’t make it so. See, we’ve all been taught, trained, reinforced and frightened into believing the cabal’s grand and coordinated lie that we are powerless and they are all powerful.

When in truth, the opposite is so. We are all powerful and they are powerless.

Now… all past demonic emperors of this world are to be revealed, as naked and evil, so we can not only see their sins clearly–objectively–but also see our glorious and light worker future as human angels blessing the planet abundantly.

All their lies will now be exterminated from the surface of the earth by our own hand, as such lives will be forever changed.

We as a species will return again to a galactic harmony, and together we will jump forward into a new reality of existence–one of grace, mercy, humanity and service as steward of our fellow man, woman, elderly, children, sick, animals and environment.

Yet as these below suggestions of change are made, witness your continued resistance to their possibility as so.

Great change by definition encounters great resistance. Until it doesn’t.

So does the truth sadly–because we’ve all been subjected to live in such a contrasting lie with distorted knowledge base it’s difficult for good people to relocate their true north of what to believe in, what to trust, and how to live righteously when everything they thought was real and true–wasn’t.

This is why Christ came.

And He alone allowed His own sacrifice as proof their lies would never supersede the Creator Father’s power.

That rebellion against universal love was futile and inefficient, and permitted to serve as a universal example of what not to do (i.e. the greater good served).

So with this post lets do jump forward lovingly, willingly, openly and knowingly to test the waters of our individual and communal possibilities in Christ’s unconditional love versus refusing to swim into the future as to preserve our dysfunctional and deadly past.

First and foremost, there’s been a power transition from malevolent to benevolent in terms of over-arching human governance.

Love again rules over fear.

This creates a fundamental change in how and why all decisions are now made–globally–because they are made from a galactic greater good perspective.

This has happened largely out of public view so the masses would not revolt due to a primal panic of the unknown (aka change).

The NPTB are our galactic helpers, and yes, the OPTB claimed to be that but we’re the exact opposite–they were our galactic enslavers.

Thankfully, mercifully, heaven again governs all human affairs in totality, thus we as a species have been allowed to transition back to said benevolent decision making versus the malevolent wrath of those occupying middle earth who brought forth complete chaos/hell for over 13 millennia.

That’s a tough one for most who do not believe in universal, immortal or extra terrestrial beings enslaving humanity since our origins.

Yet it’s true. Sobeit.

Again, were jumping forward today into new realms of possibility… ascending of you will… so maybe you’ll jump a little further with me under the auspice of radical intellectual experimentation if for nothing else logical.

Monetary value has changed and/or flipped upside down to the mind’s eye–because the modern system of finance was illegally flipped over a 70 year period to tilt the balance of power completely in favor of the cabal.

The gold standard has been returned to establish a common and controllable fair market benchmark for all currencies, trade products and bond issues — and agreed to by all major businesses and governments.

Gold is known as sustenance or galactic food on other planets, to other soul species, and why it’s so valuable.

Has nothing to do with jewelry or Donald Trump’s penthouse per se.

The entire global financial architecture has also been changed to ensure fair and transparent technical dealings less any theft opportunities or digital fraud options.

Paper money is already gone even though it’s still being used during the transition. Again, they don’t want to deal people out and change over the way things have been to the way things are too quickly.

Also, all governments and leaders of this newly freed world have either been reformed or replaced due to past corruption or non “greater good” practices. That’s like everyone in power.
And you’ll start to see retirements in mass now after the financial reforms have been fully implemented.

This means behind the scenes, and sometimes out front with normal Presidential election cycles, the overall decision making mechanism that governs 7.8 billion people in 209 sovereign nations has been realigned into a moral, ethical and unwavering legal governance with strict compliance mandates per a signed international treaty named GESARA.

Militarily there is no more war between nation states on the planet right now. That includes the Middle East. That includes Africa. That includes Europe. That includes Asia.

This is all due to GESARA.

Healing medicines, practices and technologies will be appearing shortly, and some like we’ve never heard or comprehended before. They are here. Manufactured. Ready to be shipped.

They will extend life and cure all that ails us physically.

The fatal diseases of our past will be removed one by one, and truly organic food, water and soil molecular structuring will return in full as the entire earth recalibrates back to its originally created frequency.

Free energy technologies and products will also now be released to the general public, and renewable, natural sources of energy will be easily harnessed–driving the old energy companies out of business unless they too reform and choose consciously to assist the greater good of society.

Mass media messaging and entertainment programming will change drastically, from blood and gore, death and destruction (fear) to images and stories of healing and unity, peace and fellowship (love).

Old content that was once popular will soon be unwatchable on the new earth whose vibration will be dominated by compassion and grace.

As such the artists of the world will adapt quickly and begin creating new sounds, songs, pictures and stories of universal harmony versus earthly disharmony.

Much to all of these changes constitute a larger collective universal transition of eras here on earth in benefit of its predominant soul blessed species… humanity.

The NPTB now govern this dimensional plane in both spirit and form. And the OPTB have returned home to their own dimensions and galaxies by heavenly decree–as even the most powerful galactic species of love being has a boss.

Thank you Yahweh! We are forever grateful!

God is with us.