KaRa and OWS via James McConnell, September 29th, 2019

KaRa   (Channeled by James McConnell)

I am KaRa.  I so appreciate these times that I can be here, and all of my brothers and sisters as well can be here with you, to help to communicate to bring messages to you.  Messages of hope, messages of joy, messages of Oneness.

Today, the message that I bring to you is one of change, one of great change that is in your midst right now as we speak here and now.  Many projects have been underway for some time.  Those of us here, that you call the Galactics, we have been working on many projects.  Those of the Agarthans have been working on many projects as well.  All to bring about the shift of consciousness here, the ascension of planet, Earth, of Gaia, and all of the people here on the planet and within the planet.  That change is in motion, and many projects have come to their completion.  There are still more to come.

But one particular project that we have been working on for some time now is to bring disclosure to you.  It has become quite evident that those of your leaders, your world leaders, are most likely not going to disclose our presence to you, not in a large announcement-type of way.  It is still possible, but it is not looking very likely at this time, at least not in the near future.

So we are bringing disclosure to you.  We are showing ourselves more and more to those of you who have eyes to see, yes, but also to those that are not quite ready to get the glimpses that you have had for some time, now.  More of you are getting these glimpses as well.  It is because that you believe, that you are more and more seeing, just as the story you heard today of this one, James, and his Beloved JoAnna, and how they saw one of our ships, just as many of you at your last Advance saw our ships.

That is going to become more and more commonplace, where many will look up in the skies and they will see what at first appears to be a jet or a plane.  But at further glance, as they look more closely, and as they open their third eye to the possibilities, they will then see what had not been able to be seen before because of the cloaking process.

But we are uncloaking our ships to those who are ready to see.

And at first, as I said, you will see our ships, and we will appear to many as another jet in the sky.  But look more closely and you will see that it is not a jet.  It is not one of your air vehicles that come from this planet, but rather one of the ships that fly high above your planet, and are constantly monitoring all that is occurring here.

We, the Pleiadians, as well as the Sirians, the Andromedans, the Arcturians, all of us, are monitoring everything that is happening here on the surface.

And I can tell you, without any doubt whatsoever, there will never be any major catastrophes that have been spoken of in the past that have been in your old timeline.  For you have entered a new timeline, a new timeline that has been forged by your consciousness, those of you, the Light-workers and Light-warriors that have created this new level of understanding that is now possible.

And I tell you more and more to look up at the skies.  See our ships.  Communicate with us telepathically.  You are beginning to use your telepathic abilities, which is what you will use when we come in full contact with you.  You will have learned to do this, or I should say, ‘re-learned’ how to do this.  Because all of you have used telepathic abilities before.  And this is the communication that we use.

Many of you have seen our ships.  You’ve seen the blinking of our ships where we send the light to you.  But again, it is only for those that have the eyes to see.

But know that we are communicating with you.  And if you send a telepathic message to us, we will reciprocate that message in some way, so that you know you are not looking at a satellite.

You are not looking at simply stars in the sky.  Many of those stars that you see in the sky are what you and many others think are stars, are not.  They are our ships.  And the ships count in the millions and millions.

So gaze at the stars, but see beyond that.  See what has not been available to you in the past.  Because you have not been ready to utilize your third eye.  But now you are.  Now you are ready to open up to the vistas that have been beyond the seeing previously.

Use your imagination.  And notice how your dreams and your waking state consciousness is changing, not ‘is going to change,’–is in the process of changing now, in this moment.  For we are here.  We have always been here.

But now we are ready to move into the next phase of the operation, the operation of disclosure here on this planet to all of you who are ready, and to many others who are on the verge of becoming ready, or opening up to the possibilities that before were closed to them because they were closed to anything outside of the normal, or anything outside of the ordinary.

But the programming that you have grown up with over many, many lifetimes, you are able to go beyond that programming because your third eye is reawakening, because your DNA is reconnecting once again, because your high heart is becoming reawakened and re-established, because your Soul-Star Chakra has become reawakened (this occurred within our group, Ancient Awakenings during our last Advance/Retreat).  All of these things are leading to the full realization that we are here, and we are ready to welcome you, just as you are ready to welcome us.

Be at peace, my brothers, my sisters, my dear friends.  For the time is close, now.  The time in your understanding is close, where we will be fully in your proximity, and you will be more fully in our proximity at a physical understanding, at a physical level.  Not so much physical in your 3-D world, but physical in your 4-D, and even 5-D world.

All of my peace and love be with all of you each and every day, in each and every moment.  Find the joy in those moments.

ONE  WHO  SERVES   (Channeled by James McConnell)

Om, mani, padme, hum;  Om, mani, padme, hum, hum, hum.   Greetings to you.

One Who Serves here.   Shoshanna is here.   And we are ready to rock and roll, ready to rumble!  Are you ready to rumble out there?  Is anyone out there in your Phone-Land?

Guest:   Yes.  I have a question.  It was given to us by a family member who had been listening to a channeling from Lisa Renee.  She had related information that the dark ones had created a separate 5-D timeline and they are responsible for this false timeline, and she said that they have created the Ascended Masters to confuse those of us that are here.  He is asking for further information and clarification on that, please.

OWS:   What we can tell you is the first part of that is accurate.  Those of the dark forces attempted to create this timeline within the 5-D expression.  But they were not able to do that, and found that they were not able to do that.

They continued to hold onto the timeline that they were creating within the 3-D expression, hoping that those of you would not awaken and would want to remain within the 3-D illusion.  And that was their plan.  But that plan has certainly, as you know now, not succeeded and is not going to be allowed, and they have already lost the battle there as they were attempting to do that.

When they have these plans and they do not work out, they resort back to their old ways of doing things.  That is what you are seeing now.  The old ways of doing things.  The same old, same old.  They are picking it up a little bit, you might say, here and there, but they are being thwarted, we will say, at every turn that they come to.  Even what they are attempting to do with your president now, with this United States.  They’re being thwarted there as well.  Although it seems at times that they are being successful:  they are not.

Do not be concerned about that.  We tell you always be in the eye of the storm and let the storm rage around you as it is doing.  But be centered within that storm.

And as far as the Ascended Master part goes, we would say that we are real.  We are ascended.  We do not consider ourselves masters other than that we were able to master the 3-D world and move beyond it, just as you are doing through your ascension process.  And when you have ascended, you would be considered Ascended Masters as well.  Not ‘master’ as to be over control of anyone else, never that way.  But mastering the old ways, mastering the illusion.  Becoming the ‘Neo’s’

 From your ‘Matrix’ movie.  This is where you are headed, and this is the timeline that you are in now.  Okay?   Shoshanna?

Shoshanna:   (Channeled by JoAnna McConnell)

Yes, we can share.  We can share on this.  We must say that we are a little bit disappointed by these ideas.  And that is, first of all, time is only present in the third and fourth dimensions.  There is no time, or the idea of time of the concept of time associated with the fifth-dimension and beyond.  The fifth-dimension is a conscious state of being that is in the NOW experience.  It is a NOW experience.  There cannot be ever a timeline created in the fifth dimension.  This is balderdash. This does not happen.  That is No. 1.  So, anyone reading these accounts of timelines in the fifth dimension must first understand that time does not exist in the fifth-dimension, so that is silly.

The second thing that we must say is that ascended beings have been universally and multi-universally existing for eons of time, for eons of experience.  All that you know as Ascended Masters, that you know of, there are thousands, millions more that you know not of.  And ascension is a commonplace thing in many dimensions.  It is simply a raising of the conscious understanding of who you are that creates ascension.

We must say that all things that were stated in this story of timelines and Ascended Masters must be discounted and actually simply not paid attention to.   Namaste.

OWS:   Yes.  Very good.  And we so concur with all of that.  Yes.  Wonderful.   Would there be other questions, here?

Guest:   Yes, One Who Serves.  This is very spontaneous in reaction to what you just said.  Because I had already decided there were things that Lisa Renee would say, and I believe that there is a lot of truth in what she says, but I think there might be some deliberate untruth.  So I guess would just like to know if you would concur with my saying that I probably would do best not to ever read her material again?

OWS:   What we can tell you on that, and we would never disparage any other source out there, whether it is more accurate or not so accurate.  We always say that any channeling experience, including this one that we do through this one, James, and Shoshanna as well, is never 100 percent, sometimes not even close to that.  It depends on the particular situation that you are in at the time, the consciousness level at that time, and all of those that are interacting with this channeling experience as well.  All of you.  And even those that would read these words after.  You see?  All of this comes into this.

So to say that one is accurate or not accurate, or you should read it or not read it, that is where your discernment comes in.  Whether it feels right to you, whether it resonates to you.  And that is how you continue to go, here.

Sometimes you will read something, we will use example here, as one we have used many times in the one called ‘Cobra.’  There are times when that one resonates very much with everything that you are feeling at the time.  And other times what comes through is not so resonant with those thoughts and feelings that you have in those moments.

So you can never say that it is going to be, yes, this time is wonderful and this time is accurate, or this time is not.  It is up to your discernment always.  And remember that.  That is what this ascension process is all about is raising your consciousness enough so that you can be able to discern between what is right for you, what is true for you, or not true for you.  You see?   Shoshanna?

Shoshanna:   Yes, we can share.  May we share our perspective, Dear Sister?

Guest:   Yes, please.

Shoshanna:   All that has been given by the One Who Serves, the ones who serve, is completely true.  What is difficult in this dimension is free will.  You have the freedom to read whatever you wish to read.  And as One Who Serves said, we cannot tell you not to read this.

What we can tell you is that this information is put forth so that you may practice wisdom, so that you may practice discernment.  You cannot learn wisdom or discernment unless there is material that is just the opposite of that.   So you see, you are learning to trust your heart.  You are learning to trust your mind, to trust your understanding, to trust your discernment, and you are learning that at a very augmented level when you read these things.  So we are not saying not to read them, because you can practice negating them, and throwing them out, and saying, “this is poppycock, this is not information that I wish to be influenced by, because it is not true for me.”  You see?

So, it is very good to have this material in front of you so that you may practice discernment and practice wisdom.   Namaste.

OWS:   Yes, very good.

Guest:   Well, thank you for all of your words.  And I can see that I am getting a lot of practice in there, because it seems like these channels are sources I really do trust, but yet it’s like with every one of them, you know, there is something that doesn’t feel right, and so it goes to exactly what you are saying, Shoshanna.  Yeah, it’s like I can’t worry about somebody else’s truth, I just have to find my own truth.  Anyway, thank you for the words of wisdom today, I appreciate it.

Shoshanna:   And that is why, Dear Sister, that is your wisdom to say that you must find your own truth.  That is the ultimate wisdom, here.   Namaste.

OWS:   Yes.  Very good.   Do we have other questions, here?

Guest:   Yes, dear brothers and sister Shoshanna.  I had a day-time visualization, not really a dream, while kind of traveling around with my twin flame, or whatever.  So in the past it was given to me that perhaps Archangel Jikiana was one of my higher selves, and also Lady Gaia was one of my multi-dimensional selves, and this in some way clicks with me because I am so very in love with the Earth, which can literally bring me to tears sometimes being on the ocean or something like that.  So in this particular visualization, I was shown Adam and Eve and their journey out of the Garden of Eden.

In my visualization, I was saying I know this isn’t my memory, but I have had so many memories of different beings, and it seems like they are coming from this library.  I was in the library of Inner Earth.  And it seems like they are coming from this library.

I was saying, “well, how do I know it’s my memory, and what’s the library’s memory?”  He said to me, the librarian there, I forget his name.  He said, “you are the library.”  Which at first I thought, “oh, is it like consciousness, like in quantum consciousnesses in the library?”  But then I thought, wait a minute, the library is the Earth, so you are the Earth, you are the library.

I am not asking you to confirm any of that, because I know you can’t do that, but I would like to know, I still have that question, because I have the sense that we can all access the library, but it is particularly easy for me to access the memories in the library because I’m somehow connected in that sense.

So I am wondering:  (a) am I on the right track, and  (b) how do I discern what is my particular memories from the library memories?

OWS:   First of all, as you are continuing to work with these dreams and all of these experiences that are happening, if it resonates to you, if it feels right to you, if it whispers within your heart center, then you know that there is accuracy in it.  That is not to say that your dreams are always perfectly accurate, or that you are responding or understanding them the way they are coming to you.  But there is always going to be some level of accuracy within those dreams attempting to give you a message, whether it is who your Higher Self is, or who your multi-dimensional selves are, or any of these things.

But then it also comes down, Dear Sister, to what does it matter?  What does it matter whether this is your Higher Self or this is your multi-dimensional self, or whatever it might be.  If it feels right to you, then it is right.  And that is the way you need to look at it.

Do not be concerned about how accurate it might be.  Just go with it.  And you will find when the vibrations have increased enough within you, you will find the accuracy of all of these things, and your memories will come back to you, just as they are beginning to.  And we say this now purposefully because, and this is an answer somewhat to your question, your memories are returning to you.  Okay?   Shoshanna?

Shoshanna:   Yes, we can share on this, Dear Sister.  May we share or perspective?

Guest:   Definitely.

Shoshanna:   Dear Sister, you are all one.  And, you are an individual expression experiencing all, and all is one.  Whatever you are experiencing, you are accessing that part of the quantum field which holds all experiences which you sometimes call memories, all experiences that are available to all because all is one.  This is a difficult concept for human beings.  It is a difficult concept for most that what you are accessing is available to all.

If you are accessing understanding, remembering, experiencing, whatever you wish to call that, it is because there is a message there for you, as One Who Serves has said.  There is a message there for you to understand more of who you are.  And you must trust that this is why you are experiencing those things.

Most human beings grow up believing that they are imaging everything, that their imagination is not true, and they are making things up.  This is not possible!  There is no such thing as making anything up, because it resides in the quantum matrix for us to access.  There are no accidents.  There are no coincidences.  There are no true memories.  There are just experiences that are found into the field that as your consciousness rises, you have access to these.  Do you see what we are saying?

Guest:   Yes, yes.

Shoshanna:   Does this make sense to you?

Guest:   It does, it does.  There is still, you know, always that question of you are trying to remember, so you want to make sure.  I mean I don’t know how to draw the line.

Shoshanna:   You cannot draw a line.  There is no line.

OWS:   Yes.  There is no line.  There is no spoon.


Shoshanna:   There is no line.  There is no spoon.  There is nothing to be drawn.  There is only experience to be felt, to be understood, that would raise the understanding and consciousness of those that are experiencing those experiences, you see.

So, you must enjoy, and be in joy, with these things that you are experiencing, and bask in them, and attempt to understand them, and attempt to see the puzzle pieces that are being put together for you so that you can move forward in consciousness.  This is what we have for you, Dear Sister, and we love you.   Namaste.

Guest:   Love you too.  Thank you so much.  Thank you, One Who Serves, also.

OWS:   Yes.  These are more, it seems, sayings from Confucius.  No wonder where the term ‘confusion’ came from!   Are there any further questions now?

Guest:   Yes, I would like to speak on the topic of what is called ‘the dark night of the soul.’  I recently believe I had a short experience of it, which was quite unusual.  And also, with a little further research through a source of Deepak Chopra, he offered the idea that it was a concept.  So, is ‘the dark night of the soul’ a 3-D concept?

OWS:   The ‘dark night of the soul’ has come down from long ago to understand the process of change that is occurring within your consciousness.  And there are many dark nights of the soul, as you want to put it, in this respect.

But what you are speaking of is the final one, if you would.  That is where just prior to what would be considered your ascension would be that dark night of the soul.  Just as when Yeshua was on the cross, and he shouted to his father, or whispered to his father.  In those moments was his dark night of the soul because he felt completely separate, at that point, from his Higher Self.  It did not last long, but it did come, and it did pass, and then he went through the ascension fully after that.  That was his dark night of the soul.

You can look at it from the respect of it is different for everyone that goes through this.  And you will know it at the time when this comes.

But do not be concerned about it.  This is our recommendation here:  do not even think about that, that that would come at a time.  Because it will not come to you until you are ready for it.  Okay?  Shoshanna?

Guest:   Okay.

Shoshanna:   Yes, we can share our perspective on this.  May we share?

Guest:   Of course, Sweet One.

Shoshanna:   Dear Sister, what you ask, “is this a 3-D concept?”  they are 3-D words that are being used.  So, in that idea of ‘dark night of the soul,’ that infers pain.  That infers suffers suffering.  That infers fear.  So, of course, all of those emotions reside in 3-D.  So, you can have an experience that creates more consciousness for you, more understanding for you that could be deemed an idea that it is a dark night of the soul but, what it really is, is a movement in consciousness that expands your idea of who you are and who others are.  Does this make sense to you?

Guest:   Yes.  I love it.  Thank you!  Now I’m going to celebrate!  (Laughter)

Shoshanna:   Namaste, Dear Sister.

OWS:   Wonderful.   We need to release channel.  We take one more question if there is, otherwise we release, now.

Guest:   I have a quick one, if I could.  I wanted to ask, with these new energies coming in, I have been having tremendous break-throughs, but I have been feeling these energies physically, like burning.  I mean I can almost feel it moving around.  And when it hits me, it feels like burning.  Do I have a bug or something?  Or is this really what I think I’m feeling?

OWS:   You are feeling what you are feeling.  It is not for us to tell you what you are feeling.  But you are experiencing those sensations that come with these higher energies as they come in and literally bombard your central nervous system and throw, what would be considered as your 3-D level, everything out of whack.

But as we always say here, if you are in higher vibrations and you are receiving these energies, you will not have those experiences as you are speaking of.  You may still notice certain feelings that come, but they will not be so prominent.

Now, if you have these energies come in and you are in a depressed state, or your immune system is low at that point, you will experience the effects of these energies much more fully in your physical body at that time.

So, what we say always, is continue to do everything that you can, in every waking moment, to raise your vibration however you can do that, with whatever tool that you can use—raise your vibration.  And continue to keep it raised.  And then, as these energies come in, they will simply lift you up into the higher heavens within your being.  Okay?  Shoshanna:

Guest:   Thank you.

Shoshanna:   We can share on this.  May we share, Dear Sister?

Guest:   Sure.

Shoshanna:   May we ask where you feel this burning?

Guest:   I feel it on my back, my spine, but sometimes it just feels like it’s moving around.  Like it’s kind of moving around, and then I don’t feel it anymore, then it comes back, and it goes.

Shoshanna:   What is happening here, and we will explain this, although all that has been given by One Who Serves is accurate.

But we will broaden the idea and the perspective that we have, that is that this is a result of resistance.  We have spoken about resistance, we believe, on another call.

But this is a result of resistance.  When there is a fear, when there is a resistance, the feelings that occur are painful and can be a sensation that is unpleasant.

So, what we would tell you is, when you sense a burning or an uncomfortable sensation, you must immediately stop what you are doing, sit down, and breathe.  Breathe in the light, exhale the darkness, breathe in the light, exhale the darkness, and the sensation will be lessened and almost disappear, and could possibly even feel pleasant and joyous.  But you must stop what you are doing, and be calm, and breathe.  This is what we have for you.   Namaste.

Guest:   Thank you so much.  Thank you.  Great.

Shoshanna:   Yes.

OWS:   Very good.  Then we need to release channel.  Before we do, Shoshanna anything to add here at the end?

Shoshanna:   We would like to say to all that our love for you is unexplainable.  It is beyond measure.  It cannot be put into words.  How our heart beats for you, and how we feel your courage, your compassion, your love, your understanding, and your movement in consciousness that is beyond explanation to us.  You are all Soldiers of the Light, Warriors of the Light, marching together to a common sound of enlightenment, love, and understanding.   Namaste.

OWS:   Wonderful.

And we simply say, as KaRa has given earlier and at other times before:   keep your eyes in the skies, because things are coming to a fuller understanding within each and every one of you.  So, keep looking to the skies.  Keep using your belief system to create your reality, and then follow through with that belief system with action to bring it about.

Shanti.  Peace be with you.  Be the One

Channeled by James McConnell