Love is our new reality

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“Knowing” – GCR/RV Review – Sunday – June 4, 2017

“Knowing” – GCR/RV Review – Sunday – June 4, 2017


The intel basically stopped yesterday evening. Why? Because it’s over. And there’s a knowing about it now–worldwide.

We know all about Trump now.

We know he’s a burner President.

We know Trump was allowed to become President to corner Israel and force peace in the Middle East because the US had long agreed to a two state solution with Palestine, and did so legally with their non vote on the December UNSC resolution.

We know Trump is resigning soon.

We know how, when and why he was set up to fail by China and Russia before the election ever began.

We know who is going to deliver the final stake in the heart of the orange vampire (Comey) and when (Thursday).

We know who was selected to be ready in the wings and lead the Republic out of orange darkness (Ryan).

We know this is a spiritual transition and not s monetary transaction per se.

We know all about the global financial reset.

We know which currencies are revaluing and what they are worth (ZIM, VND, IQD, IDR, AFA).

We know about the sovereign rate option.

We know about the need for humanitarian projects in order to get them.

We know there’s no going back to a life of irreverence if we choose to move forward into our highest selves.

We know there are blessings and burdens ahead in equal proportions.

We know God is with us and our challenge will be to stay in His grace when we are given access to all His resources.

We know the cabal has infected everything we see, feel, touch, eat and watch.

We know we are spiritually obligated to bless the poor, elderly, sick, hungry, homeless, heartbroken, children, women, communities, cities, nations and continents.

We know God is always watching and we’ll all have to answer for our actions post-RV just as we will have to pre-RV.

We know we have all been chosen to be human angels in His world–helping, rescuing, touching, loving, praying, gracing and serving our fellow brothers and sisters, of all colors, languages and cultures… without any expectation for anything in return.

We know we may not be completely ready to absorb such a massive task, we also know that God will bring us everything and everyone we need if we ask in Christ’s name.

We know all of this and yet we’re as scared as we are excited, and appreciate the blessing of one more week to get our minds and hearts right–to surrender again to the Lord–wholly and sincerely–as to fully receive all His wisdom and mercy.

We know we need God’s grace to accomplish our soul’s divine covenant.

We know He will be here for us in all situations because we know God is Love.

God is with us.