Love is our new reality

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Knowing When by Jamye Price, March 24th

Jamye Price ~ Knowing When

Blessed Beings, you are at an exciting time in your evolution of beginning to work more directly with the subtle realms of creation. It is exhilarating and sometimes frustrating as you learn new rules of the physical and the mysterious non-physical.
First your mind dominates the process as you seek to define. That is a valuable and necessary functionality of the mind, but not as effective in the same way when dealing with the physical and non-physical realms.
To create more with the subtle realms, you learn different information and processes—such as thinking positively, Loving Life, and that you create your reality with your thoughts and feelings. There is truth within these and many ways to learn and implement these changes.

However, what must ultimately occur is an understanding of the non-physical in relation to the physical realm in which you live. That is to say that what you learn must apply to your physical realm to have value in your day-to-day life, otherwise it can become confusing and even harmful.
As you implement subtle changes in your perceptions, perspectives, choices, and actions, you integrate a new level of being human.
What often occurs is an intellectual understanding of some non-physical principles, while still continuing to live the rules of the physical realm. Thus the first instinct is to use positive thinking, Love, and creating your reality to control your feeling of safety in life.
To control your feeling of safety, there is often a mental patterning of right or wrong that gets applied instinctively. Your instincts work well for the physical realm. They are immediate, survival based, and effective. However, they do not apply in the same way as you work with your inherent non-physical creative abilities.
As you work with the non-physical realm, your safety shifts from your physical survival needs, into a balance with the deep understanding of your infinite safety within the flow of Life. This begins a true integration of the duality of Life on Earth—which can not help but reflect your internal information to you.
This balance of physical and non-physical can be taught informationally, supported with healing, but it can not be given to you from an outside source. The Law of Resonance ensures that you either become that which you desire, or you only have effect in the physical world. In essence, you must change your internal world, your mental and emotional, your non-physical subtle self. This is “being the change you want to see in the world.”
This brings us to Knowing When. To learn the rules of creation requires internal observation. You learn the principles of shaping your thoughts and emotions, but understand that it goes beyond controlling them. In essence, you are learning to control your inner world better. But rather than control that just restricts, it is a control that understands, focuses, and transforms. You must transform your inner world for effective participation with the non-physical realms of creation.
Transform your inner world to connect better with the subtle realms by Jamye Price
When your inner world becomes naturally connective, courageous in the face of humanity’s worst; that is when you are resonant with the Love that transforms. That is different than a love that enables, avoids, or disregards the value of lesson learned for the future.
Knowing When to take action is one of the biggest challenges as you shift from physical focus into the true integration of the power of creating through (non-physical) Love. Action is how you ensure your physical survival in the physical realm. If you do not take it, you do not survive. The action of taking a step creates your path.
As you begin to implement using the power of Love to create, you are still in the physical realm that requires action. Yet creating from Love requires an internal action of observing beyond the obvious, trusting yourself, and trusting the flow of Life.
To be this, you must remain loving and open to Life, and patient with the flow of Time. This is “the peace that passes all understanding.” Rather than reacting out of survival fears, you transform the moment with a deep knowing beyond form.
How do you Know When to take action? Trust yourself more, for your biomechanism is perfect for this environment, both physical and non-physical. Learn to listen to the heart more, for it is your instrument of courageous, Loving connection. Calm the mind fears more, soothe them. Do not shove them aside, they speak to you of your survival fears that you must resolve in order to resonate at a different vibration. Trust Life more. It wants your thriving.
As you implement these internal changes, you will notice less fear and more trust. You will notice less need to control and more knowing all is well and improving. You will noticeless confusion and more patience, even with the unknown future.
You will notice the clues of Life speaking to you of When by doors opening from your action and participation with Life.
You will appreciate doors closing, knowing your action and participation with Life has been valuable. You will worry less about the past and the future, and focus more into the now, where your creative power forms the future potentials.
As we sit to Blast Knowing When, we are observing our inner world and allowing fear and insecurity to be loved into wholeness by honoring the unknown. We are observing our personal experiences as the information of Life calling us to choose to Love the self into a new empowerment, affecting All Life. We are noticing the subtle changes in our feelings of peace in the face of adversity, as we recognize that fear is louder than Love because it knows it is not as strong. We are taking action first in the internal world, because we know it changes the reflection from the external world. We recognize the time to live Love is now. Blast on!