Love is our new reality

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Kryon via Inger Noren, September 11th, 2023

Time is moving faster and even the ascension to a higher dimension has reached a level that is closer than ever before. It is critical and very urgent to get as many people as possible to wake up and become more aware that it is a new time with completely different possibilities. Many have awakened, but more are needed to get as many people as possible on the train towards the fifth dimension.

The 144,000 specially chosen people are the ones who refer to the Jewish people above all and it is these who will begin to populate the new earth with their great knowledge, however, it has not been said that others cannot join in the ascension. Otherwise, they will be very lonely on Earth and given the difficult task of trying to start a society from scratch. The Jewish people have been chosen since the beginning of time, but other people have also been chosen for great tasks that will be needed on Earth and who have great knowledge for special tasks. The light workers are among those who will be part of this selection and there are people of all nations, including the Jewish people.

What is happening on Earth now is as usual chaotic in some countries where natural disasters have injured and killed people and this will continue because it is a special way to make people wake up to start questioning why all this is happening right now. It is divinely arranged that the Earth must get rid of things that are no longer enriching and the pains in the Earth have now escalated to give way in their desperation that there is no more destruction and damage. Earth is a living planet that has its limitations and many people also understand that it is a necessity to change with great effort to make people understand how serious the situation is for all of humanity. It has gone too far and now they are waiting behind the scenes to bring about a manifestation where many people will experience it as a miracle because it is coming to the end of the old era.

The remaining months will be turbulent in different ways in the world and more difficult in some countries, but it is meant to get a balance on Earth eventually. There are many people who have wished for this balance for everyone on Earth and to reduce injustice among the population and there is a lot of work behind the scenes regarding equality between the countries on Earth. The time of justice has come and it is among the most important things right now and which can promote peace in the world in the future. Many are the leaders in the world who are tested about their task on Earth and many are afraid now to be replaced by leaders who listen to their population and this change is close. They have been told for themselves what is going on and most of them are not suitable as leaders for their population.

In the fall, there will also be a new virus attack with a cluster of viruses that contain different and very dangerous viruses that will be a difficult time for many with illnesses where antibiotics do not help and many deaths. Then it is important to be strong in your faith in Our Lord because this is something that protects and the thought controls a lot and the faith as well. Turning to Our Lord has so much significance even if the soul has decided that one needs more time in a lower dimension for one’s development. The love from Our Lord is so great and to trust that there is still something that will be good about coming home to your soul family again and coming back to Earth when you are ready for a higher dimension, and it is.

Thank you for letting me speak with you Inger and more to come.

Many thanks