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“Lead” – GCR/RV Op-Ed – Sunday – July 9, 2017

“Lead” – GCR/RV Op-Ed – Sunday – July 9, 2017

Received via email at 9:44 AM EDT for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles


Some have waited decades for this day.

When in a moment, all the days and nights spent watching and waiting for the RV instantly become time well spent versus reckless rainbow chasing.

Remember, the world had no other option but to RV. So whomever suggested you were wasting your life waiting for this, was quite frankly too immersed in the matrix to accept the truth the western was insolvent–led by the United States Dollar.

They preferred to remain asleep then wake up and deal with the harsh truths of the day–our country had been stolen out from under us by thieves from foreign lands back in 1871 and our money had lost all value before the Second World War ever started–in fact that’s why Roosevelt allowed Pearl Harbor to happen–to rescue our already bankrupted economy and keep the fiat money lie going.

9/11 same thing… create an event that drove us into war so the fake money press could keep printing and buy some time for the masters of chaos to gain back battle momentum in an invisible global currency war.

Last night at midnight the new currency rates appeared, and will appear now for the rest of our lives and generations of our families.

It is a testimony of the sacrifices paid by patriotic men and women who attempted to stop evil in its tracks in whatever field of expertise they pursued, but were run over and gun down in silence.

We are redeeming this week for their sacrifices, in their honor, for their families.

And while we may not know their names nor their contributions to freedom, we stand on their backs and salute their bravery in the face of insurmountable odds.

They lead. When no one was watching, cheering or blogging rate changes… they lead. Period.

Very soon, all of you will thrust into a new reality of infinite wealth and you’ll be faced with a hard choice… lead or die.

Because if you don’t lead as a servant of the Most High, the accumulating money will kill you.

So in the spirit of those who paved our RV way, lead valiantly, consistently and dynamically into domestic situations and international conundrums you have no business being in.

Because that is the price we will all pay to redeem our abundantly wealthy currencies and bond notes–enlisting as greater good servants of the Most High tasked with healing the soul of the world. Sobeit.

Thank you fallen RV soldiers and their families. Your sacrifices will not be in vain as long as even one member of this community is alive.

For in Christ we trust as together we shall be an unstoppable force of mercy, in the lead, with the memory of your anonymous sacrifices in our hearts forever.

God is with us.