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“Legos” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Monday – May 22, 2017

“Legos” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Monday – May 22, 2017

Reports through last night and this morning are that the global block chain is building for an opening bell release–explained simply as “Legos stacking.”

The last opening bell rings in the USA at 9:00am EDT. anytime there after we will be allowed to enter the system with our currency.

Countries are releasing in segmented fashion in the natural order of their market and bank openings–depending on time zone.

This is done so there is no high frequency trading advantage just like on a normal day.

Meaning, traders can only trade what is eligible to trade based on hours of operation wherever a market is domiciled.

The “Legos strategy” does not include futures necessarily, so the RV began at Sunday 2am in terms of buying the advanced market properties–but nobody really knows how their going to swing the market post RV so it’s a crap shoot bet either way.

So as markets open worldwide… securities, commodities and currencies are then buyable and tradable. Again the American markets are last, Dubai was first per a normal trading week.

Same pace as always, but the currency values obviously are different on bank screens. And certainly the assets and philosophies backing those new values are also different– but who would know that?

Less is more. Ingenious master plan.

The 800#s we’ve all been seeking will be seen on the same digital web format with maybe a few additional numbers added to handle the initial volume, then removed within the first 72 hours.

They will alert Dinarland when it’s time. If you’re paying attention or know someone who is, you won’t miss it. If you’re not, you won’t notice the RV.

Some will get a heads up they’re performing a little early and be told where to look. But that’s about it. No special privileges.

Patrick will be sending out a TETELESTAI alert email as soon as we have confirmed global system activation for T4s.

No drama, nothing overtly new, different or special. Just few new numbers added on participating banking websites. Very subtle. Very simple. Beyond dynamic.

Ho hum — another day, another RV.

All RV bells and whistles will be handled in the back of the bank, and you’ll be routed to specific exchange centers/locations based on your location, currencies held and profile (chalk marks).

They will space out appointments out so some will not get immediate or even same day appointments based on the currencies they hold.

ZIM holders will be given priority in terms of appointment setting for reasons of exchange volume to the banks, and safety to the customers.

Other than that… there’s not much to report. It’s here. And it’ll be gone in a few days. Sobeit.

You’ll see new rates once you are inside–and only if you ask btw–the general public will only know once they have been told.

The goal for the redemption staff is to settle your exchange based on your personal needs and steer clients away from obsessing over rate wherever possible.

As for the necessity and/or length of a structured program, that’s entirely up to you.

Basic NDAs will accompany every structured program because it’s a private contract–no different than in any other industry where they don’t want trade secrets revealed.

Banks will certainly offer everyone the structured program option, and honestly, most to all should accept because managing this scale of wealth is a 24/7/365/multi-continent job… that few if any in the world are intellectually qualified to handle.

That includes old Yosef.

So let the professionals do their job so you can do yours as a humanitarian.

Best of luck Dinarland. It was an honor to serve humanity’s greatest good in Christ’s name with each of you.

To God be all the glory.

Aloha Ke Akua