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“Liberte” – Intel SITREP – Saturday – 00:00 EST – March 4, 2017

“Liberte” – Intel SITREP – Saturday – 00:00 EST – March 4, 2017

Received via email at 12:00 AM EST for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles

Now that I have your total, undivided and thoroughly annoyed attention…

HSBC has put my consortium on continuous notice for receiving 800#s as of 8pm EST this evening.

They have done this three times in the past week so be aware and alert.

When I have numbers, I’ll of course forward them to D.C., so that you have them in short order.

I work for all the people who declare God as Lord, not the banks nor the NPTB just to be clear.

And I don’t tolerate injustice period, even if it scars my own reputation, race or country. The truth is truth. And we all must learn to deal with inconvenient facts.

China pulled away their system override at 07:00 EST 3/3/17 on Friday. They tested some specific structural performance elements one last time before markets opened today.

That’s why the American stock market was so flat for a Friday, as all the hedge funds were told to stand down while they did a final reconfiguration of the algorithm and stress test of the new blockchain trading system in real time.

Everything will be ready come Monday morning we are told.

We’re also told to be ready anytime Saturday for number release and appointment scheduling.

The banks and exchange locations are staffed and ready. They know what’s going down, and have put out several memos instructing staff to be ready to work through the entire weekend and week.

HSBC has redeemed existing clients in both Hong Kong and Zurich locations today, with in hand ZIM currency, at visible screen rates to the client.

So we know now without question that the ZIM 2008-2009 currency is again a useable and thus redeemable international currency at the T4 level (cash and coin).

We believe all final system and personnel checks are being reviewed at this hour.

We know tonight VP Pence is with Speaker Ryan in a secure location for the RV.

Trump is no longer a major security concern post joint session of Congress speech, as it is well known tin the beltway that he’s now being slowly and public lynched/impeached.

The GOP held back their Obamacare repeal until after the RV had come and gone over the weekend we are told.

Russia intentionally allowed themselves to take the blame for Trump’s downfall. G

This gives the American public a familiar Cold War enemy to direct their anger for their sitting President’s troubles. Bad cop.

Yet all the while China sits back and pulls the strings in relative obscurity. Good cop.

Wise plan yes? Both conceived and hatched well before our election ever began back in 2016.

Planted line items on Trump’s 2015 & 2016 tax returns will ultimately bring down his administration in the media, but it’s the sensitive “personal material” the Russians have on Donna that will be his/her tragic end.

Such material will force an early resignation well before impeachment proceedings can even begin.

They shamed us with Trump. And we’re prepared to do the same with Clinton–so it didn’t matter who won.

The question now is does Pence get thrown out with Trump as to make way for Ryan, or does Pence get to spend some time on the Presidential throne (2 years) before Ryan is given the keys to the American kingdom.

No matter. Enjoy your life wherever it may lead you and remember to surrender and bless the poor first.

God is with us.