Love is our new reality

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Lord Melchizadek via Victoria Cochrane, August 2nd

Victoria Cochrane’s Channellings From the Masters: Instinct


The sea is a mass of swirling currents flowing in and out of the different oceans, running into the land and drifting all over the world. The seas of the Earth sustain a vast array of life forms, all of which exist in unison and in symbiosis with each other.

The depths of the sea contain many unknowns and the life that lives in the cold and dark survives on instinct. Man also has an instinctual nature which he uses in times of fight and flight and when he or she is in danger. Instinct is inbuilt into all living things, mammals in particular; unfortunately, humans do not rely on their instinctual nature enough, preferring to rely on physical symptoms or the advice of science, which is based on facts and figures rather than emotion and feelings. However, instinct can be useful for when you are uncertain as to which path to take, whether people are trustworthy or not or if you are lost and need to find your way home. All humans have an instinct but very few trust it or listen to it often enough.

Instinct is your inner knowing and your connection to your higher self, your spirit and your soul. It is akin to your intuition but not exactly the same, as intuition comes from your guides where instinct comes from within your being. It is an innate knowingness that has been inbuilt into every living thing’s DNA structure to enable survival of the species without the need to specific knowledge of skill acquisition. Instinct will tell you when you are not safe and when to run, when someone is not trustworthy or when to cut your losses and retreat. Instinct will keep you alive, if you listen, but it can also help you to connect to your spiritual self and to your higher path.

Humans instinctively know that they are spiritual beings, but this instinct in mostly hidden in religious rigmarole that actually hinders rather than enhances one’s spiritual growth and path to enlightenment. The need to connect to the Supreme Source is innate in all humans, but culture and indoctrination through upbringing align people to certain belief systems that usually involve a religious structure. While religion serves its purpose in many ways, the true nature of God’s love, which is unconditional and therefore non-discriminatory in every respect, is lost and tainted by unrequired boundaries and expectations that can cause separation rather than connection, discrimination rather than tolerance, judgement and condemnation and, worst of all, recriminations. None of these actions are in the energy of oneness and are therefore not connected to the Creator’s energy at all, for the Creator loves everything and everyone on Earth the same. All is connected and all is loved; everything in the Universe makes up the ALL that is connected by the unconditional love of the Creator, the Supreme source.

If your connection to God has previously been through religion, use your instinct to feel into the love He’She has for you. Does it matter what race, creed or colour you are, whether you are gay or straight, fat or thin, black or white, male or female? Has he judged you for the ‘sins’ or even crimes you have committed? When you consider where the judgement comes from your will see it is not from our Father/Mother God. It is from yourself, your family, your friends or from society. Humans are the most judgemental race of all and they do it in the name of God! Too many people have been tried, judged and executed in the name of God or Allah when the true judges are mortal, not ethereal. Do not give into the illusion that God is your judge, for you are only fooling yourselves and perpetuating the illusions of life on Earth.

We do not ask you to let go of religion if that is what you believe in or need to help you to feel connected and that you belong. All we ask is that you listen to your intuition (the whisperings of your guides) and to your instinct, that gut feeling that helps you listen to your inner truth. God is love and you are one with Him/Her.  He/She does not judge you nor require you to revere him through any kind of religion. Just be true to yourself and love yourself unconditionally, then send that love out to others. When you do that you will be in His/Her energy, one with the ALL and a light for the world.

I AM Lord Melchizadek.