Love is our new reality

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“Love Love Love” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Sunday – May 21, 2017

“Love Love Love” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Sunday – May 21, 2017



From nothing everything comes.

So if there’s nothing new to report, then everything must be coming, right.

So let it come by doing nothing and just exuding love, love, love… euphorically.

That vibration helps the RV manifest as it perfectly matches the benevolent frequency emanating from Heaven.

Intel flow was eerily slow on Saturday night into Sunday morning after being wildly active all week.

That’s progress believe it or not. Less intel in my world actually means more is happening.

So remain vigilant today, Sunday, as we’re still in the weekend window until markets open Monday morning.

Remember, GESARA requires 120 days to implement and today is the 121st day of the Trump Presidency.

The false flag car accident this week in Times Square was predicting the Trump Administration would crash on day 122 of his presidency, as did cabal agent Alex Jones.

Also, last night Saturday Night Live did an obituary song (Hallelujah) exactly as they had done for Hillary Clinton after she lost the November 2016 election. Literally the exact same song even!



Clearly the cabal is trying to alert remaining members of when they believe the financial transition, to the day, will occur.

All such informal announcements are done to activate a plan to stop the RV which will not be successful–but scorpions sting and they must even though they have no venom left in their barbs. Keep in mind cabal members don’t think like humans.

As stated here before, Mercury Retrograde comes out of its “slingshot” post shadow tonight at 8:58pm EST–right before all Chinese markets open at 9am CST. This is done to maximize the revaluation’s energetic impact to create the greatest possible good.

Monday 5/22 in China begins at noon 5/21 in the United States.

The sovereign asset submission period was extended one more day until midnight Saturday, as a courtesy to a few slow adapting sovereign families in Latin and South America who own more IQD than you can imagine and authenticators are rushing to verify and count it all.

Converting as much IQD to the new digital financial system benefits the Nation of Iraq’s economy because it’s put onto the CBI ledger as digitally being sold.

Once physical IQD is verified and counted, it’s credited digitally and burned instantly on the spot.

Iraqi Special Forces announced on Saturday that Mosul was completely liberated Saturday. This is happening right before Ramadan is scheduled to begin on Friday, May 26, 2017 when they basically shut the country down for a month.

OG means Original Grandmother (aka Quan Yin).

God is with us.