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Major Intel Updates From Bruce & Yosef, May 19th

Major Intel Updates From Bruce & Yosef “The Big Call” – May 19th, 2016

Bruce’s Website:

Intel highlights from The Big Call Thursday Night 5-19-16

Transcribers Artneto, LocoFelipe:
Bruce call starting.

Bruce, Ken , Yosef and Sue.

Bruce; it is now thrusday may 19th… glad everyone is here. and want to thank everyone for their coming in and listening to us.

Bruce; everyone is staying very occupied, but continue to move forward…. opening with prayer

Bruce – teaching ending. Now moving to the Praise Report, then Prayer Request, then intel at the end

Bruce; intel now

Bruce – the Blessing is at our door. No rates or dates, but rates are higher than we thought

Bruce; we don’t rates and dates but I can tell you this blessing is far greater than anyone thought

Bruce – Let’s first start to speak about general information that was learned today

Bruce; talk in general terms about what we learned today and the Sue will have some points that we will talk on tonight

Bruce – Bank redemption centers are ready and well staffed, ready for this to happen anytime now

Bruce; we know announcements were made in Iraq yesterday….. we know that the lower denoms are out

Bruce – announcement was made in Iraq yesterday – lower denoms are out and being used – Key cards are being used internationally, even in the USA – Iraq has been freed and they are ready to go with new dinar and new rates

Bruce; what this tells us is that Iraq is off and running and that is great, but we know it is more than iraq. so now we are seeing the world being levelled out and all currencies being asset backed

Bruce – we will be gold backed

Bruce; that makes the value of everything going up as well as our confidence in these countries

Bruce – our currency will be called USN – not USD – (notes are gold backed, dollars are fiat)

Bruce; joseph- thank you, it is an honor…. at this last and final stage… we certainly hope so

Bruce, you did an awesome job laying it out there

Bruce/Yosef – This is our last and final phase of the RV

Bruce/Yosef – so much has happened since last call on tuesday.

Bruce/Yosef – we are in a GO situation from banking , diplomatic, military, security, political positions. If we are not there, we are awfully close

Bruce; hard intel, I think it is best to understand that we are a ‘go’ in a banking persective, the diplomatic perspective, the govermantal perspective, and they have all been checked off

Bruce; it is lovely to have Sue and her beautiful voice to be on this call

Bruce; Sue- disclaimer…. no rates, no pay outs, not lawyers, bankers, or actors who play them on tv

bruce/Yosef – we want to tell you everything, but it would take too long. We have a list … we will not do the bank’s job of discussing rates and structured payouts

Bruce; WF is the lead bank…. but there are other banks that are a great part of this as well

Bruce/Yosef – There are other banks besides WF, Chase – RBC, Scotia, TD Banks

Bruce not only here but banks in Canada as well…. and our brothers and sisters in

Bruce/Yosef – Bruce says, in spanish, that he loves Mexico

Bruce; thanking the bank to make this a relationship thing…. not a us verses them scenario

Bruce/Yosef – we are partnering with the banks, we are being blessed and we will be good stewards

bruce; all the people and governments, banks, all the organizations who are participating in this event

Bruce/Yosef – we are more than dinar, dong and zim. We are a community of dinarians.

Bruce; we are all working together even the currency community. it is good taht we have community, where we can reach out and say ‘well done’

Bruce/Yosef – Sue to bring list ..
Bruce – 14 points – #1 – Per IT engineers working on Bric financial system. They are now comfortable with their control over CIPS mechanism

Bruce:  1- per IT engeneers they are now comfortable with the system, and ahve given the final release to go forward

Bruce/Yosef – this means all codes for every country in the world!!

josef– all the people who have done all the work for this to happen… decades of work of strategy updates and programming

josef, these are the ones who are now happy with t he release..
Bruce #2 – over 20,000 service staff at 5,500 exchange centers – were still on duty as of Tuesday

2- over 20K office site have been deployed to sites to help out….. are still on site to help us transmission

Bruce – #3 – at 1:06am EST reset satellites, one for each hemisphere so that new system could be calibrated

3- 1:06 eastern on THursday two satilites were activated to coordinate the transactions

Bruce – The engineering portions are being worked out globally! This is historical and amazing

Bruce – that was 1:06 am on Thursday/today

4- some transactions will take 23 seconds to complete, and some will take 53 seconds….. the swift system would take up to 10 days to complete… and this system has now been unplugged

Bruce – #4 – Under the new CIPS system, some transactions may that 25 seconds to complete. But the SWIFT system, which took 10 days to complete a transaction, has been rendered non-functional

5- Thrusday mid morning…. the entire system was reset and all redemtion centers and banks have been reset

Bruce #5 – Thursday mid-morning (today) the entire banking system was re-set

Bruce #6 – Thursday afternoon WF sent memos to all redemption centers to be ready

7- partial glabla liquidity has already been realeased. in order to do final tests to the new financial system

Bruce #7 – Partial global liquidity has already been released including prosperity packages

Bruce/Yosef – this is like a soft opening of a business to ensure that everything works

Bruce #8- Cabal leadership are now being arrested, or sought out anywhere in the world for their crimes against humanity

Bruce/Yosef thanking special forces who are carrying out the arrests around the world

9- the globel rv has never been closer than it has been right now… as memos went out to tell all staff to be prepared.

Bruce #9 – global RV has never been closer than we are now. Memos have gone out to bank branches and redemption centers. We are just waiting for 800##

Bruce:  10- we know all necesary that alll military, and staff are ready and prepared to welcome over 30 million investor

Bruce #10 – military and security is staffed, trained and prepared to receive the currency redeemers. 30M redeemers around the world, not just USA

Bruce – we no longer have to worry about having a regular job. Our new job is learning to be a philanthropist

Bruce #11 – Prudent to look for RV after markets close Thursday evening and initiating by Monday

11- therefore it is prudent to look for the rv to roll out after markets are closed on Thursday evening and Monday morning

12- official hisorical bonds redemtion is scheduled to begin THursday 8p/m eastern

Bruce #12 – official historical bond redemptions scheduled for Friday morning China time, which is thursday evening in USA

13- be at peace because the rv is still happening and in real time. permanently and abundantly…

Bruce #13 – Be at Peace. This is permanent. Do not think that rug will be pulled out from under you after the RV

Bruce – Release bad habits, forgive people. this is an opportunity to be redeemed in Christ. This is a spiritual blessing. You have been released, so release other people and release bad habits. Go into bank asking God for guidance. God have been there when you had nothing. He will be there during and after RV

Bruce – be open to a whole-new-you to create the kind of life for yourself and for others, that you have always dreamed of

Bruce/Sue – God is the light in everything that you create

Bruce – We are jumping into a new life this weekend. Adopt new habits

14- all is well, and thank you to all intel providers. a whole list of people that I want to shout out to…
Bruce #14 – All is Well. Thank you intel providers. There are so many! Christopher Watkins (the actor?? – his voice sounds familiar)

josef— if you don’t think we have lost it after so many calls, I am going to go to the corner to sell bananas…. we have gone bonkers

Yosef – if they don’t RV this weekend, I will sell bananas on the street. I’m also selling my currency!! LOL!!

Bruce tried to impersonate Marlon Brando and now Inspector Clouseau

josef- someone needs to pray us out, we are getting ridiculous

Bruce/Yosef – help as many people as you can. Do your part

Bruce – hope to celebrate on Tuesday

Bruce – looking forward to a great weekend

Bruce – Pastor Steven closing prayer

Bruce’s conf replay is 605-562-3198 and 123456#

BJ:  Great job locofelipe and Artneto!!!!!