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“Master Plan” – GCR/RV Intel Update – Tank – 12.21.17

“Master Plan” – GCR/RV Intel Update – Tank – 12.21.17

12:59 PM EST 12/21/2017


  • The system was reinitiated last night and it’s now possible for liquidity to take place. The Bankers have been holding the codes since yesterday and they’ve had the CORE groups funds for a week unable to distribute them.
  • I thought this was already completed before but one of the key components to move forward is to get the budget to be extended into January 19th, 2018.
  • By doing this President Trump will sign the Tax Reform Bill today.
  • When DJT signs the Tax Reform the RV, GCR can begin exchanging on the Tier 4 Level without restrictions around the world, and
  • President Trump has done exactly what he came to accomplish. I have to say he’s won me over with this move.


  • That being said, his actions in this case are heroic and this also might be the sacrifice he has willingly and knowingly agreed to.
  • To implement GESARA there has to be a peaceful transition of power and whether you love Trump or not this might be the way it’s set up to happen.
  • Trumps attorneys meet with Mueller’s team of prosecutors on Friday, where they will be asking for the investigation to be stopped.
  • The DOJ will most likely refuse, which could prompt President Trump to fire the Assistant General and possibly Mueller himself. I don’t believe this could have all collided so perfectly any other way.
  • President Trump fulfills his mission in delivering the final death blow to the Cabal by getting the Tax Reform passed that releases all of man kind from by removing the shackles of money from the people, then willingly takes the heat through actions that make it look as though he is covering something up and thus obstructing justice. All the while this is a necessary sacrifice to transition into GESARA and the Republic.


  • Meanwhile, the United Nations General Assembly is meeting to vote on the actions of acknowledging Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel today.
  • This will acknowledge the Two State Solution that should have been enforced since 1967,which demanded Israel to leave land previously occupied by Palestine when the 711,000 Palestinians were driven out as a result of the the 1948 Arab-Israeli War.
  • On Saturday Netanyahu will be called on the carpet for crimes against Humanity by the prosecutors which will result in many charges that will force him to be removed as the Prime Minister of Israel.
  • This is only made possible because the Cabal is completely neutralized due to the initiation of the Global Currency Reset, which will have disabled them enough that they can no longer fight back with enough force to win.


  • Also very significant is that the Federal Reserve went into Bankruptcy in 2012.
  • The Creditors had 5 years from December 23rd, 2012 to finish resolving that transition and get the old USD off the books.
  • So you have a complete Government shutdown that could take place without a budget,
  • with a complete devastation of the American economy looming when the USD no longer has any value, just two days before Christmas.
  • That means that actions need to happen now to avoid such a catastrophe, or rather that things need to continue exactly according to plan.


  • My money is on the Alliance that this has all been carefully orchestrated to happen right now. The budget extension will pass to allow the peaceful transition into the Republic. We will finally be allowed to redeem today and go have that legendary Christmas we’ve always dreamt about.
  • The USN, at least digitally, will be reinstated and Gold backed.
  • They had expected to finish these things yesterday so true to from I’m sure the Cabal still thinks they have a chance to pull off the victory, but I’ve already seen it and I know they don’t win.
  • Hold on tight folks you’re about to be redeemed. Notices will come out any time after you hear about the budget being extended, and Trump signing off on the Tax Reform. This is the day. Carpe Diem.

Anything can happen I’m just putting the pieces together for you. You can draw your own conclusions but this is pretty close to right.

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