Dear Lightworkers and Lightwarriors,

We are now ready to start our webinar series for this year. Our plan is to hold 1-2 meet-up webinars per month this pivotal year of 2019. Our first one is now schedule for January 27th at 5 pm GMT, 6 pm CET and 12 noon US East Coast time. 

We received a good response from our previous post regarding volunteer hosts. However, we have decided to only have one physical location host for this first webinar. The location is London, UK: Many are very excited about having a chance to meet like-minded people on line and in person.

Our agenda for the 4 hour webinar is as follows:

Per Staffan will welcome all participants and give a short background of the Sananda site and its mission

Guided meditation #! by Christina Santesson

Guided meditation #2 by Karen Vivenzio

Per Staffan will speak about God’s plan and where we are now as we enter into the Era of Light.

We will then open up for questions. Those with questions will be able to speak in the order questions were entered into the webinar system. As a muted participant you are able to write your question to the organizers.  Once you have been unmuted and before you state your question please give a short one minute introduction of yourself, name, location in the world….

At the end of the session we will also allow everybody who wish to share email addresses to the group as a whole. You will enter your email in the message section for everybody to read. This is by no means mandatory, but for those who wish to do so only.



We will use a ZOOM webinar software, which provides high quality Video interaction. Once a participants has registered with us to participate we will send a link back by email in advance of the event. Please send an email to perstaffan@yahoo.com to register your intention to participate.  The link we will send out will be active at the time of the start of the webinar and you simply click on it and confirm who you are.



We are keeping the price for the webinar low in order to service a large number of people. We also want to give a discount to our members who support the work on this site. We also hope to increase our membership base.

Registering participant who is a member – 10 USD

Registering participant who is not a member – 20 USD

Payments are done to the following Paypal account – perstaffan@yahoo.com. All payments need to be received at least 24 hours before the start of the even to give us enough time to respond and send out the zoom webinar link. Please give your name and refer to the date of the webinar meeting with your paypal transfer.

In principle we can receive a large number of participants. However, this being our first webinar we will most likely cap the number in order to have time to get to know each other better.


Location in London

The private home is located in Kensington London. The exact address will be given to those who register their interest in attending the meeting in person, once payment has been made.