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Membership price changes by Per Staffan, April 13th, 2023

Dear Lightworkers and Members,

You most likely have noticed the general decline of true channeled messages that are available from various sources on the internet.  I do not have a good explanation… maybe the time line has been stretched beyond what was intended. Maybe some trusted channelers have tired after many years of service. Maybe the education of the few, the starseeds, who can assimilate the information, has already taken place to a degree. They are the ones that later will support the masses. We are now just waiting for the masses to wake up.

Here at we are doing our best to identify trustworthy and true channeled messages from all around the world, translate them to English and share with you. They are mostly presented as channeled messages for members only. We plan to continue this work, in spite of the difficulties the site has experienced over the last six months, which for the most part is behind us now. I believe you agree with me of the desirability of continued operation of this site.

However, it is now necessary to increase the membership fee to 12 dollars per month. This will be done shortly. We are obliged to introduce this price change due to higher costs, including strong website protection against hacking. We seem to have some antagonists that do not wish us well. Also, we have lost a portion of our membership base, due to our recent website problems. The previous price of 9 dollars per month had remained the same for the last 5 years and costs are going up in general due to inflation.

We count on your understanding and continued membership support.

Blessings to all,

Per Staffan