Love is our new reality

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Merkabah Collective via Galaxygirl | December 16, 2023

Merkabah Collective via Galaxygirl | December 16, 2023

Merkabah Collective 12/16/2023

As the crystal lights stream into your planetary world and coat your existence with yet more light, we of the Merkabah Collective wish to lend our energies to the whole, to uplift, to arouse the senses and to enlighten the hearts of those embodied within their ascension vehicle. You are within your ascension vehicle and for the first time in collective human history you are embarking on an extraordinary journey of light into yet more light, for you have been clearing and cleaning and cleansing and purging for so long, as there has been much pain to unbury and heal. We see this as our collective hearts beat as one, as our light energies merge with yours, we feel you, for we are an extension of your light body planetary vehicle. We are travelers of the energy of light. This one does not remember much about merkabahs and is hesitant to type but we trust we will guide the process for it really doesn’t matter that you remember. In fact the One would prefer it that way as it creates more of an explosion of experience and yet more joys for you, as you unpack your true memories that were buried under the false illusion. It is more of an organic experience to remember and it is quite fine that you don’t understand. You don’t need to. In fact we do not like the word ‘understand’ for it makes Pictionary references to one who is standing on you and this is about your freedom not your chains. So please do not fret. Your memories for all of you will be coming on line quite quickly and swiftly. Like a rushing river your experiences and memories of days and lifetimes from the past will rush towards you with alacrity and clarity. We are eager for this, for it will signal more of a personal involvement of us within your planetary and personal experiences.

We are the Merkabah Collective of light, of love, of ascension. We are fully anchored to your planetary vehicle and your personal vehicles now. Some of us are at various percentages of integration. This one is at 41% anchoring which is average at this time. Some of you are just starting and some of you are almost fully there and have had to have their higher selves put the stops on it to prevent your disappearance from this reality. Oh, this is very much happening dearly beloved ones, and our energies mixing with yours are a true orgasm of experience, of light explosion. For we will assist you with the great remembering, the great unveiling of your true glory.

You are celebrating the time of Christmas on your world, of the Christed one coming to visit you, to save you from your sins. We do not see this in the same way that your programming explains it to be accurate. For we see the christed light with our bright ones (light workers), and we see you as celebrating your own return as your own birthing celebration, from the one to the whole, discovering the oneness of the self. The self is returning. Your christed self is returning, not that it ever left but your realization – your ‘understanding’ of it was not there, and so you did not see. You felt you had to worship another to be worthy enough. For the pain of loss of your christed self was too unbearable. And that pain of separation had to be explained, and so it was explained to you by the darker ones who twisted it for their own greed. That is the past now, and we simply wish for you to feel the love in this message, and to feel the love of the christed aspect of you, of the one returning in remembering to the glory of the self. Your christed heart is being born again, and it is glorious to see. We of the Merkabah Collective send you charged particles of everlasting love and light to your heart chakras now. You may feel palpitations and perceived pain and pressure but it will pass quickly, just let in the light and this blessing of our embrace.

Your merkabah, for those of you who wish for words rather than feelings to remember, is like a light house that carries you from place to place. It is an energetic vortex and yes, an energy consciousness for of course light is conscious. We wish for you to begin to communicate often, daily, with your own personal merkabah for this will assist you with feeling the framework of elevated light consciousness that is surrounding your bodies more and more firmly within your own planetary matrix. There are grids everywhere. More crystalline grids are being birthed and strengthened moment by moment and we wish for you to deeply feel this. You are light. You are therefore connected to the light quite literally and tangibly to the ‘all that is’. You are a breathing matrix of living light, and therefore your ascension vehicle is receiving all kinds of upgrades moment by moment, minute by minute, breath by breath. Your merkabah vehicle is therefore following suit, along side you. Much like a mother holding her toddler’s hand as it learns to walk, the merkabah is a safe house of light for you to reside in as you undergo these planetary and interdimensional experiences that rock you, to not let them rock you. Let the light bathe you. It is much like being on top of the wave surfing or being dragged into the undertow and having sand in your shorts. It is the same. You must ride the light. The merkabah will provide a cocoon of light, a hug of light while the greater energies buffer the outside of it, cushioning you from the impact.

We are the Merkabah Collective. We have fully anchored this planetary field matrix to the higher echelons and the further dimensions that have yet to be revealed. Eternity and dimensions all ripple out, ever expanding. And therefore we are exercising expanding too, which is tremendously exciting. We have missed you, our beloved children and friends. We are here to serve you now in a greater capacity and much more tangibly in your ascension process. We wish for you to meditate within the vortices of our fields. Meditate within the hug of light that is your own soul house built lovingly by you, for you, for this time of awakening.

We are the Merkabah collective. We serve the One, we serve the whole and we love you tenderly. We are one. You will see golden triangles and matrices of sacred spinning geometry as this fully integrates, for we are spinning your cells a bit and you may feel dizzy. Rest, integrate. Feel the love that we share with you. We wish for you to share it within yourself, with the inner most part of you where the light still may need to reach. Yes. We send this merkabah light to caress to your inner child. Embrace them and let the light penetrate so deeply that is all that you are.

We are the Merkabah Collective. We love you.

~ galaxygirl