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Merlin via Galaxygirl, October 28, 2022

Merlin via Galaxygirl | October 28, 2022

Merlin 10/28/2022

Hi-ho students, what a pleasure to see you all this evening! For it is evening where galaxygirl is, and it is almost time for your lessons, is it not? Have you been studying, and preparing? Why yes indeed you have, every day here on your earth field is more of a minefield at times and so of course you are learning how to work with these highly cosmically charged energies! It is invigorating, isn it? This one just took a bath with Epsom salts and enjoyed a shot of whiskey. While that may not be the most contemporary approach to cleansing, it worked! We see the creativity of you Lightworkers on our side of the curtain and it is most entertaining! Your tenacity, your determination to succeed and to blast light wherever you are and in whatever situation. It is most remarkable indeed.

That is why the earth school is such a marvelous playing field, and it is a hologram, and we are watching from the holodeck in a way, although there are so many holodecks watching right now it would be mind boggling to you. And isn’t that a wonderful word? Boggling. To boggle. To boggle the mind. Hm. Most interesting. Words fascinate me. (He is sitting in his tall scholarly upholstered chair, fiddling with his long wizard’s pipe, which he always seems to have with him.) I most certainly do not always have it with me, galaxygirl (he winks) but I do like my pipe. It gives me comfort, and provides busy hands something to toy with while my mind is unraveling life mysteries. Oh my, I do go on.

Where was I? (He puffs purple glittery smoke in a cloud above his head. Pictures begin to form. He is showing me a young planet, earth. I am seeing peaceful galactic civilizations land their craft and lovingly bring plants and other seedlings from their own star systems, and they are showing me books, encoded in with their plants. I am seeing this is like a genetic library from the cosmos, that is why we have so many variations of species. I am seeing humanity’s growth, and fall of Lumeria and Atlantis. I am seeing a grey smog fill the sky and am sensing a plunge into darkness. I am seeing Yeshua and others come as comets of light from the stars and they illuminate their areas around them on the planet. I am seeing a great flash of light eject out from the sun and bathe earth in light. I am hearing cheering, a great celebration. The purple glittery smoke begins to fade away.)

Now then, galaxygirl, was that too extravagant for an old wizard? See, this pipe can be quite a useful teaching tool. (His eyes crinkle around the edges and he is smiling at me.) You Lightworkers have not much yet to go, you know. And yet in the eternal scheme of the eternal, why the hurry? Why the rush? Oh many of you will get their feathers in a wrinkle about that one, but really, each day, each moment is so precious. It is a gift from the Great Scientist, after all. There are so many questions to ponder, it is delightful to have the time. I am here if you have any further questions after class. Your lessons tonight begin sharply on time. But I see you have all well prepared. Perhaps you will teach me a thing or two? (He puffs on his pipe and I see a blue shining butterfly with pink edges burst forth followed by another and then another. They are landing the foreheads of those who welcome them. A little gift from Merlin. Thank you Merlin.)

The pleasure is all mine, it is a delight to spend the time together. Your bodies and minds must be upgraded for the great unraveling. Experience is the greatest teacher. And you have experienced so much on the earth plane. So much sadness for ones so small. But only in the depths of the darkness can one truly see their light. I see many lights shining brightly for you have found yourselves and your purpose.

(He blows out the candle in an antique holder on his desk and stands to leave, pauses and lights the tip of his pipe as a light. I see his illuminated wizened face.) A parting remark, as the excellent students that you are, you are well prepared. You have studied, and practiced. Many of you are wondering what to expect? What will happen? Why do you think that I would know? I am witnessing your graduation, and the graduation of all that we have known, really. It is a marvelous time to be alive, marvelous. Do not worry, you have taken many tests, and done very well. You will do well again, and as always I am available for tutoring, although know that you are becoming the tutors to us all, that is true. The enlightening ones awaken the others, and so it will be. And so it is. I am Merlin. Thank you for listening to an old man’s thoughts tonight.

~ galaxygirl