Love is our new reality

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Message from Centaurs via Galaxygirl, January 2nd, 2018

Centaurs 1/2/18

Greetings Humanity! Rise up and be counted, for we are the Centaurs, appearing here now at this precipice of ascension to offer our assistance to you in this Now of great fervor and activity. Nothing is truly quiet. All is active behind the scenes as many, many brave ones prepare and project and redirect and work endlessly for the great unfoldment and upliftment of you!

We are warriors. You are warriors. It is time for you to remember this. You have come from many systems, star clusters, galaxies, space times and continuums to be here in this Now. Do not be found asleep or wanting. Be fully present here in this Now moment of collective and planetary ascension. For this is why you came! Own it. You all have many marvelous plans for bettering your societies. Keep your heart your center. For battles without heart are soon lost. Do not lose your own in the midst of it.

There will be turmoil, yes, but also great peace to those who can find the stillness within and connect deeply with the All that is. We Centaurs have been a most patient race but when provoked into great action there must be a great need and currently Humanity has called out to the omniverse for support and here we all are in massive and enthralled support of you and your achievements.

We warn you do not become complacent with wealth or with time. For you never truly know how much you have of either. It is a great deception. Do not fall into it. You only have this moment and the person beside you to love. Be that love. Stretch it. Grow it from your heart to encompass all within your vicinity and make your energetic stamp on this glorious world!

It is happening. Can you feel the momentum of incredible influx of light, from the great central sun that rocks your cells through and through so that they vibrate all together with a different frequency from fear to love? Allow it! Enjoy it! Bask in it! Breathe it in. And be the change. Be the light! Embody these glorious light encodements and remember your joy! Be the joy and more and more will immediately be attracted to you so that suddenly your life is so full of light and joy and others who are joy filled that you will be astonished and delighted at your own metamorphosis of yourself and your life and your community. This is how change happens; when you embody it, you become it. There is no more time left for indecision. You have been warned / alerted.

We Centaurs are really quite a peaceful race. We are very strong in protecting our families and communities, and mark our words we will defend it with every breath if needed. But this doesn’t mean that we are always warring – not at all! Only unenlightened – perhaps developing – societies behave in this way. Nor does it mean that we are weak when we choose peace. Not at all! For societies at peace are strongest, for they are a cohesive force for creation and growth and nurturing of the young and the aged. Peace begets joy, and joy begets harmony and harmony creates numerous opportunities for growth of both a personal and collective nature.

It is time that Humanity discovers these truths at a heart level. It is time for true inner peace of the heart to be expressed outwardly. It is time for the minions’ reckonings. It is time for the leaders both current and future to stand tall and brightly shine their love light for all to see. Do not hide your talents and strengths; the world needs them. And you need each other. We see flickers of understandings as you read these words. These truths will be foundational if you allow.

You will have assistance but you must do it. You did not invite us here to do it for you, but to watch you create it – your new world, your new society where children are safe and not exploited! Where men and women are treated with great equality and respect – reverence – for each other and function in perfect harmony. Where communities band together and support and create loving community environments where every one has just exactly what they need. Where there is time and great joy and appreciation for the arts. Do you see how much there is to create and how much fun this will be?

Now that we have given you a pep talk, know that cultivating peace within will absolutely manifest outwardly. Send your inner demons to the light for rendering and be free. Be at peace. Be healed. Of course we are happily here to assist you. Our home world is not too far away. We offer healing energy from our planet to yours. We are sending you a delicate pink flower with a crystal center. Utilize it within your field whenever you wish for balance and ease in this time if great transition.

That is all. We are the Centaurs and it has been our pleasure to connect. It has been a long time.

~ galaxygirl