Love is our new reality

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Message from Father and Mother God via Galaxygirl, March 14th, 2019

Message from Father and Mother God (3/14/19) | Galaxygirl

Father & Mother God 3/14/2019

Hello children, this is your Father God speaking. Throughout the ages we have worked together in a myriad of ways, but this is this first experience we have had together that is quite like this! This is a special time of evolving, of clearer understanding, of deep questions, as you clear and clear and clear away old understandings of broken concepts and paradigms. For too long Earth has been a place of disharmony, unbalance, and that was why finding your own inner balance within was so critical, and still is. For you have been surrounded by chaos, by the unbalanced masculine, by alien invaders and misguided humans, it is true. All has not been what it has seemed and now the truths are coming to light and it can be a scary time, but it need not be. I would encourage you to look at these things through my eyes, through the eyes of love and see them as the unraveling of a great mystery of how far love could fall into the depths and then rise again. For that is what is occurring.

My love for you has always been there, rock steady. For I am your Father God and you are all my favorites, the joy of my heart! I am excited every day to see what you will do next and who you will love unexpectedly. There is so much potential for joy here in this realm that it thrills me. And so as things are falling apart, and massive social injustices are brought to light and governments implode, stop. Breathe and feel me holding your hands with you, experiencing it with you, for I am. Great loss precedes great change. For you are losing all that you thought you knew and understood. It is time to see Earth, now Gaia, with new lenses, with the lense of heart, and to see all things for that matter through the eyes of your heart space that is growing ever wider, more full of love daily. You are expanding further into your preordained roles of leadership for this new age of love, of unity, of balance. It is tremendously exciting!

I would like to speak more about balance of the divine masculine and feminine. For it has been a topic of great interest for many lately. For you have not had a great example of it on your Earth plane. Yeshua and Mary were an excellent example but that relationship was erased out of your holy scriptures and so you did not see the divine feminine holding hands and holding space with the divine masculine, working alongside in perfect harmony and great love. Of course there have been many lovely divine marriages but those don’t make the history books in your cultures and relationship balance and deep love have not been the focus of this time. Rather instead of focusing on balance and unity we see from up here rallies for equality, which is good in its own way, but the energy emitted became more of a fight than a peace treaty. For the vibration of a “no-war” rally has the energies of war, just as the rally for inequality awareness has the energy of inequality. Remember in this universe you must ask for what you want, go for what you want, not for what you don’t want, so that you are not mislead in your creations. These lessons will be greatly understood in a more meaningful way for they will become the stuff in your schools as they should be. How to love, how to be in inner harmony will be the focus of your schooling for when we are in balance, your world, your governments, your marriages, your relationships, your communities, your homes – all will be in divine harmony.

Your Mother and I are a team. You have probably heard this in your homes when your parents are trying to work something out or are perhaps mad at each other. It is a good start. But it is much more than teamwork. Teams come in many sizes and shapes. But the teamwork of divine union is being totally in the flow, in the divinity of perfection with your other half, with your soulmate. With the one who is you and yet not (they are better!). The one that knows you deeply and yet there is always a bit of a hidden mystery there – the kind that makes you want to ask questions and know more, for you are intensely in love and yet, there is a peaceful union of total acceptance for whatever their answer will be. For you feel safe in this divine union, this twin flame bliss. You feel safe, you feel connected and yet long to know more, for the chemistry is intoxicating. We see many of you longing for this.

Children, this is your Mother God and yes, I see your hearts longing for this twin flame relationship and darlings you already have a twin, and yes, everyone has one, and yes, it is a lovely thing, the loveliest gift in the universe, I believe! But you will not be able to fully appreciate it until you are at peace with yourself, with your own inner demons transmuted and your butterflies of the Christed consciousness running through you like a river, strong and clear. For then and only then are you really ready for what is to come. This is your homework beloved. This is what you have been diligently, subconsciously or consciously, working on for so long. You must clear the Earth sludge of the pain that you have had with your twins in many lifetimes before you can truly enjoy and appreciate and unlock the bliss and deep trust of the higher dimensional relationships of the twin flame union. And so loves, be at peace, knowing that all good things are not only coming, they are here, and that your Father and I are with you every step of the way. The Arcturians recently said that your lower chakras are coming online more and so you will be feeling more of the kundalini energies (1). You will be feeling more sensual. But this must be grounded in balance and deep love of your self to travel this passageway safely, strongly, with purity. Ask me to help you, I am more than willing. Please continue, Father, dear.

There, she has done it again! Said it so much better than I ever could and with such love. There is a perfect example of give and take, of balance, of the divine joy that accompanies the divine relationship. Think of your ping pong game at your Olympics where the ball just keeps going and going back and forth and back and forth and just when you think it is an impossible reach a shot the expert player is able to hit it back. Although in the Olympics they are trying to win and outsmart the other player with their expert moves. In the divine relationship you long to assist the other and so if they awkwardly shot you the ball you can impossibly return it lovingly to them, not aiming for a point or their forehead (laughing). No, you lovingly return it to them like a gift of a bouquet of roses, for you love them and you want to serve them with all of your heart. Your entire being pulses with delight at the thought of serving and returning their love. Many of you have been apart from your twin, for this was not the lifetime for that discovery yet, for you had too much to learn, to clear, to process. It would have been disastrous to be together when doing this.

The universe has perfect timing. It is hard to appreciate this while within a human body, but it does. And we, your Mother and I , see you as perfect already. Perfect, beautiful, so worthy of great love, the greatest of loves, and children you have our love. Now ask us to purify you with the divine fire of reconciliation so that your chakras are burning, spinning the brightest they can to withstand this upcoming love wave that will bring all to the light that is not of the light. Be ready. Be clear. Be cleansed. Your Mother and I hold a great copper bowl of light, of the Christed light over your heads now. Ready? One, two, three! We gently pour it over you like a baptismal font of pure light, of pure perfection, burning away all that no longer serves and revealing only the radiant Christed being that you already are! This will assist you greatly with your reunion with your twins, for this is your own reunion with yourself, and your twin is an aspect of your higher self. You share the same higher – higher self. It is complicated, suffice it to say! Invite us every morning, every evening – every time you feel flustered in the slightest – to baptize you with this bowl of light of infinite love, of the twin flame reunion. This light is a part of you now, surrounding you, clinging to you. It does not drip off and fall away. It is you. It is a new layer of you that emboldens, enlivens, restores, clears. It becomes you.

There Mother, I think we have done a good work for today, do you? (Yes, most certainly dear, excellent work, darling). We love you so much. We are your Father and Mother God and we hope that you have had a clear insight into what the divine union of joy and bliss should be and will be for you, dears. Feel our embrace and be at peace. We are your Mother and Father.

~ galaxygirl