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Message from Per Staffan: Webpage update, March 31st, 2018


Dear Lightwarriors,

We are making progress with out webpage changes, including membership and email subscription.

First there are some of you who have problems accessing the webpage plain and simple. You get a message to try later or something to that extent. Because of the changes we have gone through you need to empty your browser and start fresh. So, get rid of cookies, empty caches and even erase history. This is also true for those that use smart phones to access the site.

Membership registration worked for a while, but then a problem appeared and it was no longer possible to register for membership or subscription. In order to solve the problem we had to reload the plug-in in question. We were not able to avoid erasing the existing sign ups for membership. I apologize, but it is necessary for all that had successfully registered for membership to do so again, and of course all those that tried but could not because of the bug we had prior to reloading the plug-in. The good news is that it should all be working now, my IT support person tells me. If you have any questions or issues please write to me (

I have also received emails expressing admiration for the new look of the webpage. Thank you for this.

Light and Love,

Per Staffan