Love is our new reality

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Message from Per Staffan, Possible Reasons for RV “Delays”, December 9th, 2017

Dear Companions,

As the Ascended Masters, the Galactics, earthly based light warriors and all who patiently or not so patiently follow the release of the RV have understood we are co-creating this new world. Our words and our thoughts create the basis for the new world that is emerging. We are leaving the 3D concept of separation and judgment of others behind. This does not belong to the higher 5th dimensional world that we all aspire to reach and create. Everybody does the best they can. Some are more advanced in their understanding than others.

The RV is not just going to create wealth for many and save many suffering souls from the very challenging lives they currently lead. It will do this. However, it is also be the start of a new world on Earth, with the RV rapidly followed by GESARA/NESARA and new governance in the united States of America and many other countries. This will give us all the opportunity to shape the world we want to see being created. Currency holders who after RV will be tremendously wealthy will have more responsibility to shape and co-create this new world than others who have less resources.

Before RV can happen the Ascended Masters, The Galactics and the Divine who are ultimately in charge must feel confident that currency holders are ready to assume this responsibility and create a righteous world for all. More than anything else it is up to us to show ourselves worthy and capable to assume this responsibility. I would ask each currency holder if this is what is foremost in there minds. For many it clearly is. It is now a time where taking the high road is required.

Contemplate the possibility that the constant “delays” in the RV release and the “pump fakes” are part of a deliberate approach by the divine to reduce our ranks, which has been taken place this year. The reason for this would be that they only wish to have completely trustworthy light warriors and light workers left who are following developments and will quickly exchange when the opportunity presents itself. Others who have dropped off or never caught on will miss the “window”. This might very well be desirable from the perspective of the divine. How many people does the world really need with assets superseding 100 Trillion USN/USD, not to mention levels of tens of Quadrillions? The answer is not very many. And the other answer is that only the right kind is needed. Some estimates of the wealth of the Rothschild family have been set to 100 Trillion USD. In other words we as a community will by orders of magnitude supersede the old rulers in wealth. However, again, we need to be of the right kind in order to serve in God’s Plan.

In light of some of the comments and “strategies” I read on various blogs it might be that the higher beings in charge will determine that we are not ready for this responsibility. They might conclude that more “delays” and “pump fakes” and culling out are needed in order reduce our ranks and end up only with those with the most belief and trust in God’s Plan. I do not have the answer of course, but it is a possibility.

For those who wish we can surrender in the belief that RV is part of God’s Plan and it will come and we will not succumb to the emotional upheavals on a daily basis by focusing on dates.

In Light and Love,

Per Staffan