Message from Per Staffan: RV/GCR, July 6th, 2018

Dear Lightworkers and Lighwarriors,

These days I think Lightwarriors is the most appropriate description for our role. It is a role of struggle and perseverance. For most of us who are not among the white hats or play other direct roles in the battle it might be likened to the suffering of women and families, while the men are away fighting the war on the battle front. Both sides require much courage and a warrior spirit, in line with Archangel Michael’s use of his sword.

What has prompted me to write this message is the many emails I have received from people who wish to know when the RV will take place. These are mostly people who are in dire need and they pin their “last” hopes on being funded by RV to take care of a critical operation, find a home again and more. They are truly in need.

They read about dates from various guru’s who seem to be in synch with each other and everybody is convinced and or convince themselves that RV or something big will happen by so and so date. The date comes and goes and much disappointed follows. We have had many such gurus over the years, including Yoseph, One Who Knows, Tank and now more lately the ones who write Operation Disclosure on Inteldinarchronicles.blobspot. The latter clearly states that the information is based on rumors, which is to their credit, and which other  previous gurus did not make clear.

I believe the Operation Disclosure messages with specific targeted dates are done to convince us, the readers, that it is happening. When we are convinced we become a weapon for the cabal in the negotiation with the cabal. It is like holding a gun to their head. Or, so goes the theory anyways. This has gone on for several years now and it is doubtful that the cabal fall for this any more. They have more immediate things to worry about, such as what is Trump up to. In the meantime the casualties from the “friendly fire” so to speak is great, some times referred to collateral damage in military jargon.

Do not get me wrong. I am as convinced as ever about the coming of the RV “soon”. However, as the galactics have pointed out “our soon” is different from “their soon”, and this is a galactic event. We do not know the timing, but we know that RV is coming and we know that the old system is breaking down.

The one’s who suffer the most during these times are the ones who suffer and pin their hopes on RV happening within their time frame of soon. I would want to give the advise to not pin such hopes on RV happening within your time frame. The Galactics and the Ascended Masters have a bigger picture in mind and will not take any risks of acting too soon. Our job as light warriors is to find ways to persevere and to not sell our currency. The currency will be our economic insurance to prosperity for ourselves and for others. However, we will have to survive till such a time arrives.

Put differently, the continuing dragged out time frame, relative to “our soon”, should not be taken as a reason to develop doubt or mistrust. Even our gurus do what they think is right and are not trying to be deceitful. Instead, we need to develop enough trust and steel yourselves for the short term and manage our own particular situation the best way we can. I realize this can be more easily said than done, but what is important is the attitude or spirit.

From my point of observation I rejoice in the geopolitical developments and domestic politics in the US, which all seem to bring us closer to chaos. The reason for rejoicing is that the RV is going to be introduced in secret to Tier 4, or the internet group, under cover of chaos. RV will be followed by GCR a few months later and GCR will be introduced publicly as the solution to the chaos.

Obviously, if you are going to introduce a new system it is much better to do this as a response to a failing old system, rather than it looking like a take over of a well established and functioning system, which is the predominant view or illusion among the public, absent any chaos.

So, I say rejoice in Trump’s escalating trade war with the rest of the world, the looming impeachment in Washington that are coming closer and closer, the stepwise dismantling of European Union, peace with North Korea and many other achievement by the Trump administration and the alliance.

Of course, once GCR is introduced and NESARA/GESARA is introduced a new election will have to be called within four months, according to NESARA law for the New Republic. Trump will not be eligible to enter into this election and will leave office. For the time being he is our general, selected by the military to take down the global cabal. As a good general he will then step down, after the work is done and allow a new election.

Per Staffan